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Books with eternal significance... 1-800-91focus www.focuspublishing.com 2019 www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 2 CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS New Titles 2-5 Domestic Abuse 6 Wayne Mack 7 Addiction Resources 8-11 Gospel Growth 12 Bible Studies 13-15 Biblical Counseling Resources 16-18 Marriage 19-22 Young Adult 23 Booklets 24-30 Sale & Limited Quantities 31-35 Jay Lickey Discipleship Reboot A Handbook for Biblical Disciple-Making DISCIPLESHIP REBOOT A Handbook for Biblical Disciple-Making Jay Lickey Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19 are called The Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples …” If Jesus said it, we need to do it. Take the challenge to go out and make disciples. Here is a practical handbook to teach you exactly how to disciple others. Endorsed by John MacArthur ISBN 978-1-936141-48-7 Retail: $10.95 Softcover, 88 Pages www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 3 NEW TITLES SANCTUARY Hope and Help for Victims of Domestic Abuse Sydney Millage Oppressed, hurting women continue to look for help and safety, but there is a disconnection between their need and provision. Women are seeking help. Church leaders, many of whom are volunteers, want to help. Individuals are concerned. Why, then, are women failing to find help in local churches? What prevents our churches from effectively helping women who are abused by their husbands? The missing piece is an understanding of domestic abuse and how to apply the good news of Jesus, His Word and character to what has remained unseen, unknown, and misunderstood. “…(Sydney Millage has) provided comprehensive hope and help for victims of domestic abuse, counselors and friends who come alongside them, and churches striving to shepherd members righteously and compassionately.” Dr. Brent Aucoin, President of Faith Bible Seminary, Pastor and Counselor at Faith Church in Lafayette, IN WITH THE MASTER ON THE MOUNT A Ladies’ Bible Study of the Sermon on the Mount Susan J. Heck We are living in an age of apostasy; anage of a great falling away from the life of holiness that God requires of kingdom citizens. We rationalize and minimize our sin and we rarely confess it, much less mourn over it. Jesus, in His Sermon on the Mount, leaves no doubt as to what He expects from those who profess to be His children. ISBN 978-1-936141-45-6 Retail: $15.95 Softcover, 358 Pages ISBN 978-1-936141-50-0 Retail: $14.95 Softcover, 224 Pages www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 4 NEW TITLES HOPE & HELP FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS Mark E. Shaw with Allison Griffin Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada Periods of extreme physical pain and mental fatigue can plague any one of us. From the medical perspective, chronic illness is defined as “an illness that last three months or more” but practical help and eternal hope is available for those who are physically suffering. Find out the wrong and right responses to dealing with chronic illness. Be encouraged to reach out for help from the beautiful blessings of the body of Christ. God made each of us dependent upon Him and His body, the local church. ISBN 978-1-936141-46-3 Retail: $5.00 Booklet, 50 Pages HOPE & HELP FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS Encouraging by Love Transforming by Truth MARK E. SHAW with ALLISON GRIFFIN Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada THE MOST ENCOURAGING PROMISE IN THE BIBLE Encouraging Words for Discouraged Souls Armand P. Tiffe The valleys of life are dark places. We all experience black clouds of discouragement from time to time on our journey through life. There are times when we feel overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness and the inability to deal with the pressures and problems we face in life or ministry. Even so, we may be sure that we will at some point. Jesus warned us: “In the world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33). ISBN 978-1-936141-47-0 Retail: $2.00 Booklet, 12 Pages The Most Encouraging Promise in the Bible Encouraging Words for Discouraged Souls Armand P. Tiffe WHETHER BY LIFE OR BY DEATH Julie Gossack We all know we are going to die sometime, but we are stopped in our tracks when a medical diagnosis tells us it will be soon. Life changes immediately and drastically in an attempt to come to terms with the shocking news. But for the Christian, it does not have to bring despair. ISBN 978-1-936141-49-4 Retail: $5.00 Booklet Booklets 50 or more $1.00ea. www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 5 NEW TITLES A Biblical Perspective for Hope and Help PTSD HENRY BEAULIEU PTSD A Biblical Perspective for Hope and Help Henry Beaulieu Current literature on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder asserts that anyone who has gone through a life-threatening event can develop the symptoms associated with what is commonly known as PTSD. Psychological and medical models say that everyone subjected to the stress of ongoing combat operations will experience some degree of PTSD. However, the disorder goes beyond the scope of military action. Terrorist attacks, sexual or physical assault (in childhood or as an adult), mass shootings, and a range of natural disasters may also produce debilitating long-term effects. Here you will find a list of symptoms of PTSD, common therapeutic models, and then a valuable contrast with biblical and long-lasting answers. You can experience genuine “rest” and relief from the crippling fear and stress of PTSD symptoms. ISBN 978-1-936141-44-9 Retail: $5.00 Booklet, 36 Pages HOPE BEYOND DESPAIR Finding Truth after a Loved One’s Suicide Julie Gossack There is no heartache equal to that of losing a loved one. Unanswered questions, despair and perhaps self-blame can leave those left behind with feelings of hopelessness. But true hope and help can be found in Christ alone. Julie Gossack shares from personal experience how the truth of Scripture and the hope of the Gospel can bring comfort to those who are living in the aftermath of a suicide. “Suicide is one of the most destructive sins imaginable. The question is where we can possibly find hope after the suicide of a loved one. Julie rightly points us to hope in Christ and His sufficient Word.” Dr. Brian Borgman, Pastor of Grace Community Church, Minden, NV ISBN 978-1-936141-42-5 Retail: $5.00 Booklet, 42 Pages HOPE BEYOND DESPAIR Finding TRUTH after a Loved One’s Suicide Julie Gossack www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 6 DOMESTIC ABUSE In the Aftermath Past the Pain of Childhood Sexual Abuse Pamela Gannon Beverly Moore IN THE AFTERMATH Past the Pain of Childhood Sexual Abuse Pamela Gannon and Beverly Moore Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse have tried looking for answers within themselves or other people’s thoughts and theories, but have not found the hope and help they are seeking. That is because the only true and lasting hope, joy and peace are not found within us, but in God who created us. This book will point you directly into God’s Word where you will find His comfort and peace. ISBN 978-1-936-141-36-4 Retail: $14.95 Softcover, 196 Pages THE HEART OF DOMESTIC ABUSE Gospel Solutions for Men who use Control and Violence in the Home Chris Moles Domestic abuse and violence are on the rise in our culture today. With an estimated one-fourth of women in the church living with abuse, pastors and biblical counselors need to have the resources to offer hope and help. With vast experience in batterer intervention, and training in biblical counseling, Chris Moles encourages godly men in the church to call abusive men to repentance and accountability through the power of the Holy Spirit. “Here is a treatment protocol for men who abuse that helps us see whether genuine heart change is taking place.” Leslie Vernick, Author, The Emotionally Destructive Marriage Heart of The GOSPEL SOLUTIONS FOR MEN WHO USE CONTROL AND VIOLENCE IN THE HOME Domestic Abuse CHRIS MOLES ISBN 978-1-936141-27-2 Retail: $14.95 Softcover, 150 Pages www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 7 WAYNE MACK CHRISTIAN LIFE ISSUES, VOLUME 2 The Christian Journey Continued and Concluded Matthew 28:19 gives us one of the last recorded commands that Jesus left for us, and that is to go out and make disciples and teach them how to live the Christian life. These two volumes, based on John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress present a comprehensive manual for personal spiritual growth and discipleship lessons. ISBN 978-1-936141-41-8 Retail: $17.95 Softcover, 344 Pages, 100 Pages Q and A CHRISTIAN LIFE ISSUES: THE BEGINNING OF THE JOURNEY A Commentary Based on John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress It has been said that a complete understanding of The Pilgrim’s Progress is equivalent to a seminary degree. Bible scholar and counselor Wayne Mack presents an exhaustive and practical application of this time-tested allegory to the Christian life today. Endorsed by Dr. Joel Beeke and many others. ISBN 978-1-936141-34-0 Retail: $17.95 Softcover, 269 Pages, 150 Pages Q and A christian life issues Based on John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress VOLUME 1: The Beginning of the Journey Dr. Wayne A. Mack This may yet be Wayne Mack’s most enduring work! -Dr. Conrad Mbewe A CHRISTIAN GROWTH AND DISCIPLESHIP MANUAL A Homework Manual for Biblical Living Wayne Mack with Wayne Johnston A Homework Manual for Biblical Living, is designed to help people grow in their Christian lives and assist them in finding God’s solutions to various problems they encounter in life. This workbook is an excellent practical resource for study groups, personal spiritual accountability, growth in marriage, and a wide variety of topics. Nearly 70 lessons on marriage, parenting, overcoming anger, forgiveness, death and dying, temptation, singleness and many more. Each lesson is one or two pages in length. ISBN 1-885904-57-6 Retail: $19.95 8.5 x 11 / 212 pages SALE! $10.00 www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 8 ADDICTION RESOURCES THE HEART OF ADDICTION A Biblical Perspective Mark E. Shaw Sin is rebellion against God; it is a heart set on having its own way. Christians are not powerless to truly overcome an “addiction” if they have the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to enable them to say ‘no’ to choices that will mentally enslave them. This book makes the distinction between what the world terms a “disease” and what Scripture demonstrates is a life-dominating sin nature problem. Here you will find biblical tools to help you examine your heart’s motives at the root of the “addiction.” The Heart of Addiction is being heralded as the leading, practical book on addictions from a biblical perspective today. ISBN 1-885904-68-1 Retail: $13.95 255 Pages THE HEART OF ADDICTION WORKBOOK ISBN 978-1-885904-69-0 Retail: $9.95 THE HEART OF ADDICTION LEADER’S GUIDE ISBN 978-1-936141-13-5 Retail: $14.95 RELAPSE Biblical Prevention Strategies Mark E. Shaw This workbook is for the Christian who has experienced God’s grace and forgiveness but finds himself drawn back into the lure of sin. Here you will find valuable tools and insight into your temptation to return to any “addiction.” Endorsed by Dr. Tedd Tripp, Steve Gallagher and many others, this hands-on workbook is an important component of Dr Shaw’s biblical addiction curriculum. He gives down to earth, practical explanations of the problem from God’s perspective as revealed in His Word. ISBN 978-1-885904-91-1 Retail: $12.95 8.5 x 11, 112 pages MARK E. SHAW www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 9 ADDICTION RESOURCES Dr. Mark E. Shaw is Founder of Truth in Love Ministries. He has extensive experience in biblically counseling men and women caught in various “addictions,” and travels internationally training biblical counselors. Mark serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY. CROSS TALKING A Devotional for Transforming Addicts Mark E. Shaw A 45-Day devotional book designed to transform your thoughts that lead to addiction of many types into gospel thinking that brings glory to God. We are too easily conformed to this world, and these daily readings will transform your thinking and direct you away from the temporary pleasures of self to victorious living in Christ. ISBN 978-1-885904-84-3 Retail: $9.95 104 Pages SALE! $7.00 DIVINE INTERVENTION Hope and Help For Families of Addicts Mark E. Shaw Friends and family members are often amazed at how this book describes the “addict” in their lives. But more than a description, Mark Shaw clearly spells out what to do and how to interact with that person. It is divided into three sections that prove helpful for loved ones of those who are caught in the snare of addictive sins: • What to do with Unwilling and Unrepentant Addicts • What to do with Willing and Repentant Addicts • What God wants you to Learn ISBN 978-1-885904-63-8 Retail: $10.95 114 pages FAMILY SUPPORT www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 10 ADDICTION RESOURCES ADDICTION-PROOF PARENTING Biblical Prevention Strategies Mark E. Shaw What has happened to parenting in America? Even within the Body of Christ we have forgotten what it means to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Mark Shaw has vast experience in helping people struggling with addictive-type sins. With a solid biblical foundation, he explains what God has to say about addiction in the Bible, making this book unique in the field of parenting resources. Are you raising an “addict”? Dr. Shaw details 5 mentalities that we unwittingly tend to foster in our children, and they may surprise you. But take heart, there is hope and strength found in God’s Word, and power from His Holy Spirit to assist you in addiction- proofing your children. ISBN 978-1-885904-88-1 Retail: $13.95 212 Pages SALE! $10.00 HOW NOT TO RAISE AN ADDICT Mark E. Shaw No one can predict if a child will grow up to be an “addict” of some kind. A child becomes addicted by personal choice and is 100% responsible for the first decision to abuse an addictive substance. Often parenting skills have a direct impact upon your children. This booklet gives an overview of the five basic mentalities of “addictive” thinking. There are dangerous mindsets that children can develop that will likely lead to addictive choices and behavior. Most often, parents acting in love for their children, don’t realize how much they may be contributing to the mindsets described here. Written in the spirit of C.S. Lewis and his “Screwtape Letters”, here is a “What Not to Do” for parents in training their children at any age. It is never too late. Endorsed by Dr. Tedd Tripp. ISBN 978-1-936141-35-7 Retail: $5.00 Booklet, 50 Pages Biblical Prevention Strategies MARK E. SHAW How Not to Raise an Addict EATING DISORDERS Hope for Hungering Souls Mark E. Shaw with Rachel Bailey and Bethany Spence God’s Word has much to say about modern day problems, and that includes the spectrum of eating disorders. Life-threatening problems as a result of disordered eating are at epidemic proportions today. Thankfully, there is real hope and practical help available through Jesus Christ—the only One who offers real solutions to hurting souls. ISBN 978-1-936141-22-7 Retail: $7.95 75 Pages EATING DISORDERS Hope for Hungering Souls Mark E. Shaw with Rachel Bailey and Bethany Spence SALE! $5.00 With drug over- doses and death on the rise, this may be the most important booklet you read. www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 11 ADDICTION RESOURCES CHURCHES Here is a Biblical Alternative to other Popular Addiction Programs THE HEART OF ADDICTION BUNDLE One each of the following: The Heart of Addiction Book BOOKLETS - Workbook Hope and Help through Biblical Counseling - Leader’s Guide …For Gambling Relapse Workbook …For Cutters and Self-Injurers Cross Talking …For Sexual Temptation Divine Intervention …For Video Game, TV and Internet “Addictions” Addiction-Proof Parenting Understanding Temptation Strength in Numbers How Not to Raise an Addict Eating Disorders: Hope for Hungering Souls $75.00 ($125 value) HOPE AND HELP FOR VIDEO GAME, TV & INTERNET “ADDICTION” Mark E. Shaw Sinful heart desires of escape, pleasure, power and love of control lead people to seek the temporal pleasures of excessive gaming, internet surfing and TV watching. Worldly thinking lets us excuse these activities by calling them an “addiction.” Learn the difference in this practical resource. ISBN 978-1-936141-05-0 Retail: $5.00 Booklet NEW WINE A Biblical Approach to Substance Abuse Mike Cleveland and Jeff Perry Freedom from the abuse of drugs and alcohol can be a reality in the life of anyone who will apply biblical principles to their life. The teachings in this workbook have been used in the lives of many to set them free from their bondage to substance abuse. You will read some of their testimonies here. New Wine is a 60-day interactive course that will help you drink deeply of the “New Wine” that satisfies the heart, and thereby find freedom from drinking and drugs. It is possible, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can do it. ISBN 978-1-936141-19-7 Retail: $19.95 190 Pages SALE! $15.00 www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 12 GOSPEL GROWTH A GOSPEL PRIMER FOR CHRISTIANS Learning the See the Glories of God’s Love Milton Vincent To the Christians in Rome, the Apostle Paul said, “I am eager to preach the gospel to you who are at Rome” (Romans 1:15). Evidently, Christians need to hear the gospel even after conversion; and A Gospel Primer for Christians is designed to help you do just that. In this little primer you will find short passages of biblical truth to help you savor the glories of God’s love and experience the life-transforming power of the gospel in all areas of life. Use this book to preach the gospel to yourself daily and be amazed at the difference it can make in your life! ISBN 978-1-885904-67-6 Retail: $10.95 97 Pages LEATHERBOUND EDITION ISBN 978-1-885904-93-5 Retail: $19.95 AUDIOBOOK Retail: $12.98 PROSE BOOKLET Retail: $2.00 SPANISH PROSE BOOKLET Retail: $2.00 Booklets 50 or more $1.00ea. From GOSPEL HOPE FOR PARENTS OF PRODIGALS Heartbroken SHIRLEY ELLIOTT Hopeful To FROM HEARTBROKEN TO HOPEFUL Gospel Hope for Parents of Prodigals Shirley Elliott Christian parents faithfully train up their children in the love and discipline of the Lord. But what happens when adult children make a conscious decision to live an opposite way from God’s instructions? All too often, when this happens parents begin to believe they have failed God and their child. This book will help parents realize they are not responsible for the decisions and actions of their prodigal son or daughter, and will point them to biblical hope. ISBN 978-1-936141-28-9 Retail: $14.95 Softcover, 170 Pages Leader/Study Guide, 68 Pages ISBN: 978-1-936141-40-1 • Retail: $10.95 Now Available SALE! $10.00 www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 13 INDIVIDUAL/SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES PRAYER Coming to the Throne with Purpose, Passion and Praise Kristie Gant Here is an inductive Bible study workbook written specifically for believers who desire to pray more passionate, purposeful and God- honoring prayers. This 11-week course uses the Lord’s Prayer as a foundation to address such topics as: • The Names of God Specially Related to Prayer • The Role of Holy Spirit in Prayer • Pleading and Confession in Prayer • Fasting • Praying for the Glory of God, and many more Ideal for individual or group study. ISBN 1-885904-71-1 Retail: $18.95 Spiral 8.5 x 11, 197 Pages 11 Week Course SALE! $10.00 GETTING TO THE HEART OF FRIENDSHIPS Amy Baker Does your heart long for approval? Does it long for control? Does your heart desire comfort or pleasure? The longings in our hearts are reflected in our friendships. Study this book and learn to have relationships that reflect the deep love, joy, unity and delight God designed for us to know in friendships. Getting to the Heart of Friendships goes to the heart, equips you to leave behind the things that turn relationships sour, and then brings you to friendships that bless you and glorify God. ISBN 978-1-885904-87-4 Retail: $13.95 204 Pages Amy Baker Getting to the of Friendships MEN OF HONOR Men’s Group Study Mike Cleveland Men of Honor are noble, holy, useful and prepared. The invitation of this study is for each man to take seriously the challenge to “cleanse himself,” that he might be highly useful to God and effective in his service to others. This 4-week study includes: • An Invitation to the Thirsty • Foundations for Freedom • Repentance Vs Remorse • Walking in the Light ISBN 1-885904-61-4 Retail: $7.95 8.5 x 11, 68 Pages Leader’s Resources at the end of each book SALE! $10.00 www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 14 BIBLE STUDIES A Ladies’ Bible Study of the Epistle of James School of Tested Faith With the Master susan J. heck In the WITH THE MASTER . . . IN THE SCHOOL OF TESTED FAITH A Ladies’ Bible Study of James Susan Heck Christians will face temptations and times of testing in their daily walk. In this book, James teaches that genuine faith works in a practical way in the Christian’s life. Learn how to be victorious in difficult times as you gain a thorough and complete understanding of this challenging epistle. Includes study questions in each of 24 lessons. “Susan Heck’s study of the Epistle of James is refreshingly solid and thought provoking.” - Martha Peace, Author of The Excellent Wife ISBN 978-1-936141-37-1 Retail: $15.95 Softcover, 336 Pages, 24 Lessons with Study Questions Susan Heck’s expository Bible Studies are for those who desire to dig deeper into the word of God, exploring scriptural passages verse by verse. A Ladies’ Bible Study of Ephesians In Heavenly Places With the Master susan J. heck WITH THE MASTER . . . IN HEAVENLY PLACES A Ladies’ Bible Study of Ephesians Susan Heck Ephesians 2:6 promises that Christians will sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. In this letter Paul often mentions the heavenly places, and he wants God’s children to know that if we could see ourselves as we are in Christ in the heavenly places, it would “revolutionize our lives and change our whole outlook” (D.M. Lloyd-Jones). What we believe determines how we will live for Him. What we believe about Heaven will determine how we live for the life to come. Search the Scriptures and see the spiritual resources we have at our disposal in Heavenly Places. ISBN 978-1-936141-33-3 Retail: $15.95 Softcover, 296 Pages, 22 Lessons with Study Questions www.focuspublishing.com 1-800-91focus 15 BIBLE STUDIES With the Master BEFORE THE MIRROR OF GOD’S WORD Susan Heck The book of First John is a letter of self-examination to see if you are in the faith and living the example of the life of Jesus Christ. Susan lovingly expounds on this book as a spiritual mother, with the same tone John used when he wrote this letter to “little children” of the faith. ISBN 978-1-885904-04-1 Retail: $15.95 343 Pages, 23 Lessons with Study Questions With the Master IN FULLNESS OF JOY Susan Heck The news headlines today can be cause for worry and despair, but the book of Philippians is about joy and rejoicing in the midst of difficult circumstances and difficult people—about being joyful even when you don’t have anyone but Christ! Endorsed by John and Patricia MacArthur ISBN 978-1-885904-90-4 Retail: $14.95 351 Pages, 26 Lessons with Study Questions With the Master ON OUR KNEES Susan Heck Here is an exciting in-depth study which promises to equip Christians for a deeper and more meaningful life of prayer. It will challenge you to develop the discipline of prayer, and show by example how Old and New Testament saints prayed. ISBN 978-1-885904-78-2 Retail: $13.95 330 Pages, 17 Lessons with Study Questions

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