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Summary of Android Application Of Study Time Management for Eighth

PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1st STEEEM 2019 Volume 1, Number 1, 2019, pp. 364-370. Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta-Indonesia, December 30, 2019 364 Android Application Of Study Time Management for Eighth Graders in Junior High School 12 Yogyakarta Emilia Nurpitasari, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Muhammad Alfarizqi Nizamuddin Ghiffari Department Guidance and Counseling Department, Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia E-mail: [email protected] Abstract: The purpose of this article is to develop and design the android application for study time management needed by class VIII students at junior high school 12 Yogyakarta. Data collection is carried out to identify the problem at hand and to devise solutions. The technique of collecting data through literature studies. Management of time is a self-regulation for using time as effectively as possible. Time management is also a problem for most children up to adulthood. The role of time management is needed in learning activities, for time management is one of the internal factors that influence learning and achieve success. So in this case there should be a media helping students in study-time management, here the writer is interested in developing an android application on study time management. This android application will provide an interesting description and design while at the same time helping individuals, particularly junior high students, understand and apply learning time management in daily life, it is hoped that the development of this time-study android application may provide good insight to students. 1. Introduction The success of a study can be seen in many ways. Success in a Learning is fundamentally not only a learner receiving a learning from a teacher, but gain more understanding and knowledge [1]. Students' success in living the study is not only the result of learning, but there are several actively fulfilled achievements in learning, students are able to reach learning targets and beyond. Elisa (2015) says that a learner must be required to be active in learning and retrieval of new information beyond what a teacher tells you [1]. Besides that protege student is said to be successful if it has good performance of study and as expected goal [2]. Based experts' opinions can be deduced that knowledge is not only material but knowledge can be gained from the experience and skills one has is deceptive student success achieves the study. Study time management is self-management by making the most effective use of time by planning, scheduling, having control over time, always making priorities in their own interests, and a THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 365 desire to be organized that can be seen from learning behavior of a student [3]. Students show the management of learning time starts by doing a planning to up to surveillance. The role of time management is indispensable to learning. Because time management is one of the intangible factors of learning. Reinforced by research done by Risfandi (2014) suggests that the management of student time significantly affected the results of studying mathematics of class VIII B junior high school students XX-6 kendari [4]. Thus, study time management is one of the key points in realizing students' success in quality study. Developing study time management certainly needs to be done in a systematic and planned way. Carefully planned, simplified and interesting study time management will be easier for learners and implemented. The activity needs to be detailed and done by learners more clearly and simply. Ideally, every aspect of time management needs to be met by students. However, according to Pusaribu (2019), however, students do not understand and are not able to implement time management in their daily lives [5]. Use of good time for example was to regulate between study time, extracurricular activities for play, and other activities in the community or area where they lived. Sometimes students tend to spend more time playing than they do learning. According to Bhakti (2015), to attain maturity, individuals need guidance, for they still lack understanding of their abilities, environment and experience to achieve a good life [6]. Some factors make atusy time management constraints, such as delay, unrealistic estimates of time, unclear goals, underprioritization, low job organization, crisis management, ineffective meetings or meetings, delegating failures to others, text and E-mail lines, uninvited visitors, inadequate knowledge and skill said "no” [7]. Here is where the guidance and counseling teacher plays an important role helping students in learning time management. As the suggestion, Wardati (2011) states that the purpose of guidance and counseling is to help individuals in achieving personal happiness as god's beings, productive and effective lives in society, to live together with other individuals, a harmony between their ideals and their certainly developed abilities, school counselor play a role in training students to master and optimally invest in learning time [8]. A professional guidance teacher is required to continue developing competence according to the needs of the students, demands of the community, development of The Times, especially now facing a new era in which Internet technology is present. Guidance and counseling today in rendering services, is required to utilize technological elements as media. Strengthened with Setiawan (2016) states that the role of an information technology school counselor in guidance and counseling teacher is vast, some of which make it easier to plan and design guidance and counseling services, to create applications for counseling services, data processing guidance and counseling services, and many other things that are helpful to effective guidance and counseling [9]. Given the growing technological advance, it should require a school counselor to be creative and have technological skills and collaborate with the media which is then used as one way to provide services Guidance and counseling. The use of technology and media in learning can shape the learning atmosphere in which students can actively participate (Zamroni & Rahardjo, 2015). But it is not easy for the school counselor to operate technology, it can be used for school counselor to learn to use technology. According to [10] that the use of technology and media in learning can be present for information technology and communication in counseling and counseling should supplement the teacher's insight and knowledge to search for references, discussions and so forth. Development of information and technology also affects the learning media in which today it is widely available. One media that has the potential to develop is smartphone based media. According to [10] website media has a characteristic, which is easy to use has a principle of secrecy, practical, and accessible anywhere. Thus, it is viewed as viable media to apply to counseling services to replace facial counseling counseling. According to a survey conducted by in-country smartphone users in 2016, 41% are students, 23% are office workers, 12% are housewives, 3% is factory workers, 3% is retired, 2% is engineering/doctor/teacher and 3% is other workers. This certainly supports the inclusion of the android based media study application. Furthermore. Acording Bhakti (2017) guidance and counseling services should use information based techniques and media communications to deliver a number of messages THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 366 [11]. Supported by Winkel (2012) the claim that success of the service is affected by one of the most important is the appropriate use of teaching media and varies in teaching procedures [12]. According to Yusuf (2015) the excellence of the application is multitasking [13]. Simple notifications, a variety of smartphones can be selected, available applications generally free for life. Android applications may be alternatives to the delivery of materials for some schools, especially those with limited hours of guidance and counseling services. In this article, the author will develop android based study time management applications that are expected to be able to help students in study time management. That in the end there will be an impact on optimal learning outcomes. 2. Literature Review 2.1 Study Time Management According to the Humes [14], time management is the art of scheduling, managing or managing time to make the work more effective, and organizing time. Where as according to Purwanto [15], it states that time management is a daily process used to divide time, make a schedule of lists of things to do, the delegating and other systems that help to use time effectively. According to Puspitasari (2013) study time management is self-management by making the most effective use of time by planning, scheduling, having control over time, always making priorities in their own interests, and the desire to be organized that a student's learning behavior can perceive [3]. Tiger [15] mentions aspects of time management as: (a) setting goals and priorities of setting goals and priorities in relation to the duties and responsibilities students carry at the time. (b) a time management mechanism that is, an ordinance or measures that must be done by time management from planning to evaluation. (c) control over time is done by supervision of the planned time-per activity application to the beginning of whether allocations fix what is targeted for activity or not. According to Rosita [16] there are several time-management strategies according to: 1) getting used to preparing a list. This list includes everything that needs to be done and prioritizes at a level of importance. 2) planning certain activities ata given time also involves disciplining oneself. 3) find optimum time at work to complete maximum tasks. 4) prioritizing tasks based on their level of importance such as vital, vital. It has to be today or can be done tomorrow. 5) organization, a person needs to choose or organize the environment in accomplishing a task. In this case, it may require a required atmosphere or environment, such as to be free and unnecessary materials, reducing distractions (phone calls to the presence of others) or ward interference (music and noise). 6) delegating. One needs to be selective about tasks or activities that allow others to rejoice over. 7) the distinction between urgent and important. 2.2. Aplication Android Android is a very popular operating system developed by Google [17]. In Indonesia, it is used by 94% of smartphone users [18][19]. According to Kuswanto (2018) [20] quoted from Satyaputra & Aritonang (2016), an android is an operating system for smartphones and tablets. Operating system can be deployed as a bridge between the device (device) and the user so that the user can interact with the pulse and run the application are available on the device. Whereas according to Safaat (2011), the android is An operation for a linux based mobile device that includes information systems. Middleware, and the application. Androids are a Linux based operating system for mobile phones. Androids provide open platforms for developers to create their own apps. Next (Murtiwiyati & Glenn lauren, 2013) the android is an operating system for an Linux mobile device containing the operating system, middleware and application. Some of the android's length According to Safaat (2014) as follows. : 1) multitasking, 2) ease in notification 3) accses, 4) multiple mobile choices, 5) were able to install modified roma, 6) widget, 7) Google maniac [21]. This android based learning media has both the advantage and the android's strengths and weaknesses according to EMS team (2015) : 1) overload: a) multitasking. Which means the android can run multiple apps simultaneously; b) there are notification when there is a call; c) the support of thousands of updated applications via Google play, Google sadaka Sana Google PLA (android market) THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 367 for android users to get the necessary applications [22]. Widget hosting DJ on the home screen, so it will facilitate and accelerate the user when opening an application. 2) weakness: a) waste on battery users. B) Google senstralization, since andrid isa product of Google's open source, most of the android's applications merge with Google services. C) denied the use of j2me, this resulted in a Java programmer having to start all over again. The low level of security, the amount of malware attacking apps. 3. Research Method The method used is Research and Development. This research doing in several stages. In this study, we are still in the stage of the design and concept. Then, after making the design and concept, we will resume at the stage where our application development using an application android studio to create applications. Then we do early trials and mass trials continue. From this study is based on a review of literature which is obtained from journals, books and some other literature. In addition, we conducted an analysis of data collected from the literature. From here look for a correlation between every aspect and indicators. 4. Result and Analysis This android application of learning time management, it contains both material and plan in study time management. The creation of this time-management android application is based on the technological advances that are currently developing with rapid. It is expected to be able to contribute significantly to its custom smartphone use among middle - school students. So the use of the smartphone can have a positive effect on the students. It's a design design from the development of the time- management android application, which is a description of the design of this android application. This application has several features, as for the parts compiled in an android based learning time management application: these include the opening part, the material part, the evaluation/quiz section, the activity /worksheer section. a. The opening section, contains homesreen, usage guidelines, applications, development and profil. b. The material section, which contains materials relating to study time management taken from those aspects of study time management. As for material that is delivered is not too much, interactive and activity illustrations. Therefore, the material section is only a few simple things that feel the need to be known and understood by students. c. The evaluation/quiz section, contains a recurrence of materials from each section of the activity to measure students' understanding in the materials presented. d. The end contains the cover, the reference list and the writer's profile. The development of an early product that researchers had prepared before revising according to the materials expert test and the media experts as follows. e. Worksheet activity section, which contains customized activities to the standard aspect of learning time management is priority. As for the kind of prioritized activities that take place on a daily basis and discuss. f. The end contains the cover, the reference list and the writer's profile. Based on the explanation above, we will develop a media with the following android application is a design design for the android application for learning time. THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 368 Figure 1 design the initial part of the android application Figure 2 design the initial part of the android application The study is still in the early stages of design and concept, so what the author does now is develop and strengthen the concept of learning time management asa basis for creating applications. It is hoped that when this application can be used, School counselors can provide optimally needed student body services in study time management. Based on the above results, the author will continue to develop applications that will help students in learning time management. The application can be expected as an effective medium, especially for the implementation of guidance services and counseling. That way, students are easier on Study time management on Suggestions and recommendations. THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 369 5. Conclusion In conclusion, the development of the study time management android application is critical for students. So it can be a solution for students to better study time management in everyday life. For further research, the previously compiled time-management android app has a wide range of points to pay attention to. Thus, to keep its optimum and quality intact, further research will need to keep up with relevant materials as the age develops. In addition, it is expected to be tested by experts and field trials. From the experiment, will determine how effective the applications were previously made. References [1] Elisa,S. , Junaidi H. Matsum, Warneri. (2015). Efektivitas Penggunaan Model Kooperatif Tipe Stad dalam Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Siswa di SMK. jurnal pendidikan dan pembelajaran, 4( 7): 1-14. [2] Marhaeni ,Nisa. (2016). Emotional Intelligence Relationship With Learning Achievement Math Class V Primary Cluster I Wates Sub Kulon Progo Regency Academic Year 2015/2016. Jurnal Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar, (4) 5: 334-343. [3] Puspitasari, W. (2013). Hubungan Antara Manajemen Waktu Dan Dukungan Sosial Dengan Prestasi Akademik Mahasiswa Yang Bekerja. EMPHATY Jurnal Fakultas Psikologi, 2(1). [4] Risfandi, (2014). Pengaruh Manajemen Waktu Terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Pada Siswa Kelas VIII SMP PS Kartika XX-Kendari. Universitas Hallu Oleo. [5] Pusaribu, (2019). Penggunaan Manajemen Waktu Terhadap Peningkatan Prestasi Belajar di SMP Araisiyah. Universitas Pamulang. [6] Bhakti, C.P, & Nindiya, E,S. (2015). Implementasi Permendikbud RI Nomor 111 Tahun 2014 Dalam Pengembangan Layanan BK di Sekolah Menengah. In Proseding Seminar Nasional bimbingan dan konseling (pp. 55-61). [7] Reza, J J. (2010). Manage Your Time for Success Cerdas Mengelola Waktu untuk Mencapai Sukses. Yogyakarta : ANDI. [8] Wardati dan Mohammad Jauhar. (2011), Implementasi Bimbingan dan Konseling di Sekolah,Jakarta: Prestasi Pustaka. [9] Setiawan, M. A. (2016). 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PSIKOPEDAGOGIA Jurnal Bimbingan Dan Konseling, 5(1), 24-32. [16] Fitriah, Naila. (2014). Manajemen Waktu Belajar Mahasiswa Keperawatan Dalam Melaksanakan Metode Problem Based Learning (PBL) Di Universitas Islam Syarif Hidayatulllah Jakarta. Skripsi Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta [17] A. Prabowo, U. Rahmawati, U., & R. P. Anggoro, "Android-based Teaching Material for Statistics Integrated with Social Media WhatsApp", International Journal on Emerging Mathematics Education, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 93-104, 2019. THE 1st STEEEM 2019 ISBN: 978-602-0737-35-5 370 [18] A. Prabowo, R. P .Anggoro, R. Adiyanto, & U. Rahmawati, "Interactive Multimedia- based Teaching Material for Trigonometry", IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1097, pp. 1-9, 2018, doi :10.1088/1742-6596/1097/1/012138 [19] A. Prabowo, R. P .Anggoro, U. Rahmawati, N. Rokhima, " Android-based teaching material for straight-sides solid ", IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1321, pp. 1-8, 2019, doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/1321/3/032097 [20] Kuswanto, J. dan Radiansah F. (2018). Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Android Pada Mata Pelajaran Sistem Operasi Jaringan Kelas XI. Jurnal Media Informasi, Vol. I, No 14. [21] Safaat, N. (2014). Android Pemrograman Aplikasi Mobile Smartphone Dan Tablet PC Berbasis Android. Bandung: Informatika [22] Tim EMS (2015). Pemprograman Android dalam Sehari. Jakarta: PT elex media Komputindo.

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