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YEAR TO SUCCESS Written By BO BENNETT Copyright 2011 Bo Bennett, All rights reserved. Published for the Internet by ISBN-13: 978-1-4566-0003-7 No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author. The only exception is by a reviewer, who may quote short excerpts in a review. To my mother, who always knew I would make it, but didn’t live long enough to see that she was right. I love you mom. Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Day 1: Why Success? Day 2: Remembering and Using People’s Names Day 3: Inspiration from Henry Ford Day 4: General Life Purpose Day 5: Positive Mental Attitude Day 8: Using Humor Effectively Day 9: Perseverance, Persistence and Determination Day 10: Inspiration from Benjamin Franklin Day 11: Specific Purpose Day 12: The Power of Choice Day 15: Making Excuses Day 16: Enthusiasm! Day 17: Inspiration from Bill Gates Day 18: Avoid Exaggeration Day 19: Remembering Numbers Day 22: The Words You Use Make All the Difference Day 23: You ARE a Salesperson Day 24: Inspiration from Donald Trump Day 25: Time Mastery: Part 1 Day 26: Time Mastery: Part 2 Day 29: Separating Performance from Performer Day 30: The Subconscious Mind Day 31: Inspiration from Oprah Winfrey Day 32: Self-Esteem Day 33: What Do You Want? Day 36: Think HUGE Day 37: Responding vs. Reacting Day 38: Inspiration from George Burns Day 39: Fear of Success Day 40: Fitness Basics Day 43: Livin’ the High Life Day 44: Failure is the Seed to Success Day 45: Inspiration from J.K. Rowling Day 46: Write it Down! Day 47: Analogies, Similes, and Anecdotes Day 50: Customer Service Day 51: Gratitude and Appreciation Day 52: Inspiration from Jack La Lanne Day 53: Trying New Things Day 54: The Pain and Pleasure Principle Day 57: Create a Win-Win Situation Day 58: Project a Positive Personality Day 59: Inspiration from Arnold Schwarzenegger Day 60: How Success Works Day 61: Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Day 64: Building Another’s Esteem Day 65: Success is a Lifestyle Day 66: Inspiration from Helen Keller Day 67: Create a Stressless Lifestyle Day 68: Your Dream Collage Day 71: Today is a New Day Day 72: Baby Steps Day 73: Inspiration from Thomas Edison Day 74: Luck Day 75: Why Aren’t You Rich? Day 78: Going the Extra Mile Day 79: Thank God It’s Any Day Day 80: Inspiration from Abraham Lincoln Day 81: The Law of Diminishing Returns Day 82: Getting Better Every Day Day 85: Read or Listen to Motivational/Educational Material Day 86: Brighten Up, Sunshine! Day 87: Inspiration from Sam Walton Day 88: Carrot or the Stick? Day 89: Introduction to Goals Day 92: How To Set Goals Day 94: Inspiration from Eleanor Roosevelt Day 95: Advertising, Marketing, and Sales Day 96: Is It Right To Make So Much Money? Day 99: The Power of Belief Day 100: The Money Machine Day 101: Inspiration from John F. Kennedy Day 102: Taking Risks Day 103: Everyone has 24 Hours in a Day Day 106: The “Good Ol’ Days” Day 107: Financial Freedom Day 108: Inspiration from Albert Einstein Day 109: Business Systems Day 110: An Extra Hour a Day Day 113: Having It All Day 114: Accepting Criticism Day 115: Inspiration from Sir Winston Churchill Day 116: Dealing with Peer Pressure Day 117: Ideas for Wealth Day 120: Using Questions Effectively Day 121: Avoid Criticizing and Complaining Day 122: Inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld Day 123: Get a Job? Day 124: Learning to Fish Day 127: Dependability Day 128: The Subject of Money Day 129: Inspiration from Warren Buffet Day 130: A Better Way To Save Day 131: How To Get a Raise Day 134: Integrity Day 135: Knowledge Is Only Potential Power Day 136: Inspiration from George Foreman Day 137: Power of Networking Day 138: Welcome Frustration Day 141: Express Sincere Interest in Others Day 142: Always Look for Opportunity Day 143: Inspiration from Ray Kroc Day 144: The Use and Misuse of Pronouns in the Workplace Day 145: Success is Health Day 148: Let it Go Day 149: Never Be Wrong Again Day 150: Inspiration from Walt Disney Day 151: Let’s Make $1,000,000.00 Day 152: Intuition Day 155: How To Lose a JOB in 10 Days Day 156: Speed Reading for Success Day 157: Inspiration from Mary Kay Ash Day 158: What ELSE Can I Do? Day 159: Good Things About a Bad Economy Day 162: Learn How to Say NO Day 163: Smile Day 164: Inspiration from Andrew Carnegie Day 165: Taking Advice Day 166: Avoiding Arguments Day 169: Winning Others To Your Way of Thinking Day 170: Should You Commit? Day 171: Inspiration from John D. Rockefeller Day 172: It’s Not Always About Trying Harder Day 173: Ease of Doing Business Day 176: Be Flexible Day 177: Using Practical Knowledge To Get the Job Day 178: Inspiration from J.P. Morgan Day 179: Happiness: Part 1 Day 180: Happiness: Part 2 Day 183: When To Live Day 184: Avoid Offending Others Day 185: Inspiration from Debbi Fields Rose Day 186: Using Negative Words Day 187: Building Rapport Day 190: Never, Ever Lie Day 191: Creative Negotiation Day 192: Inspiration from Steve Jobs Day 193: Recognition Day 194: Being Popular Day 197: Hostile E-mails Day 198: Just Ask Day 199: Inspiration from Charles R. Schwab Day 200: Fear of Rejection Day 201: Do It Yourself? Day 204: Random Acts of Kindness Day 205: Be a Trend Spotter Day 206: Inspiration from Ralph Lauren Day 207: Show Respect for the Opinions of Others Day 208: View Life from a Different Perspective Day 211: The Importance of a Good Vocabulary Day 212: The Importance of Good Grammar Day 213: Inspiration from Dale Carnegie Day 214: Dealing with Spam: Part 1 Day 215: Dealing with Spam: Part 2 Day 218: Solving Business Problems Day 219: The Word “But” Day 220: Inspiration from Sir Richard Branson Day 221: Three Rejections = Success Day 222: Preventing Worry Day 225: Eliminating Worry Day 226: Key Contacts Day 227: Inspiration from John H. Johnson Day 228: Using the Web Day 229: Spend Less Than You Earn Day 232: Self-Sabotage Day 233: Are You Buying or Selling? Day 234: Inspiration from Fred Smith Day 235: Mastermind Alliance Day 236: Multiple Streams of Income Day 239: Success is Learning Day 240: Inspire Others Day 241: Inspiration from Jim Henson Day 242: Having Power Day 243: Incentive Partnership Day 246: Control the Conversational Climate Day 247: Having the Edge Day 248: Inspiration from Michael Bloomberg Day 249: Reality is Perception Day 250: Active Listening Day 253: Sell It To Yourself First Day 254: Self-Discipline Day 255: Inspiration from Steve Martin Day 256: A Quick Guide to Public Speaking Day 257: Getting to YES Day 260: Follow Through Day 261: Under the Wing of a Millionaire Day 262: Inspiration from J. Willard Marriott Day 263: Competition is Good Day 264: Sell Solutions Day 267: Three Seconds: The First Impression Day 268: Rewards and Contributions Day 269: Inspiration from George Lucas Day 270: Facing Your Weaknesses Day 271: The Art of Praise and Compliment Day 274: Finding Balance Day 275: Contentment Day 276: Inspiration from Marc Andreessen Day 277: Making Successful Decisions Day 278: Sacrifice Day 281: Experience Day 282: Keep an Open Mind Day 283: Inspiration from Madam C.J. Walker Day 284: Does Money Change People? Day 285: Sell Yourself First Day 288: Trust Day 289: Teamwork Day 290: Inspiration from Jackie Chan Day 291: Articulation Day 292: Patience Day 295: Being Your Best Day 296: Make the Best of a Bad Situation Day 297: Inspiration from Michael Dell Day 298: Little Courtesies Day 299: Priorities and Procrastination Day 302: The Squeaky Wheel Day 303: Create a Successful Website Day 304: Inspiration from Arthur M. Blank Day 305: Dealing with Difficult People Day 306: Reading Body Language Day 309: Resolutions Day 310: The Martial Arts Day 311: Inspiration from Dave Thomas Day 312: The Referral Day 313: Hope Day 316: Dare To Be Different Day 317: Building the Perfect You Day 318: Inspiration from Bruce Jenner Day 319: Modesty and Self-Promotion Day 320: Six Words To Successful Communication Day 323: Believe in Yourself Day 324: Help Others Discover Their Own Gifts Day 325: Inspiration from Jeffrey P. Bezos Day 326: Words of Wisdom: Part I Day 327: Words of Wisdom: Part II Day 330: Words of Wisdom: Part III Day 331: Importance of Customer Feedback Day 332: Inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.