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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Lovina Bater, Ph. D. & Katherine Drees, LPC Bothersome Dreams/Nightmares ★ Everybody dreams every night, but some people do not recall their dreams ★ Dreams happen mostly during rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep approximately every 90 minutes during the sleep cycle ★ Dreams help us: ○ Maintain information by consolidating new memories and refreshing old memories so they don’t die out and ○ Solve problems ★ The exact reason we have nightmares is unknown… ○ The developmental stage of life is often reflected in our dreams (e.g., toddlers dreaming about being separated from their parents) ○ They may relate to the scary movie, book, or news story they have heard ○ After negative stressful experiences, we may experience more frequent bothersome and vivid dreams… these unpleasant dreams tend to go away with time When bothersome dreams continue for more than 1 month after the stressful event happens, it’s time to take action to make sure they don’t become the automatic or “default” dream pattern. Bothersome Dreams: Negative feelings, images, and unwanted memories of the dream during the day Sleep Disturbances Problems falling or staying asleep Problems going back to sleep after bad dream Avoiding sleep to avoid bad dreams Daytime energy, mood, and functioning fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, depression Impaired performance BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Lovina Bater, Ph. D. & Katherine Drees, LPC Sleep Hygiene Suggestions Do... Don’t... Have consistent bed and wake times Nap during the day or evening Have a consistent bedtime routine that focuses on calm and relaxing activities Eat heavy meals or drink large amounts of liquid before bedtime Create a quiet, clean, comfortable, and dimly lit environment (consider your senses) Watch TV or play on your phone in bed or in bedroom Keep your bedroom on the cold side (68℉ is recommended) Dwell on or discuss heavy thoughts or feelings before bedtime Use your bedroom (especially your bed) for sleep only Lie in bed for long periods of time (after 20 mins get out of bed and do something boring) Exercise regularly Avoid screens for 1 hour before bed Eat well throughout the day Use the bedroom for timeout or punishments Getting rid of Bothersome Dreams ★ Changing bothersome dream patterns is just like changing any other pattern/habit ★ When we create and repeat your new dream, it will eventually replace your nightmare 3-Steps to Manage Bothersome Dreams: 1. Identify the bothersome dream ○ Write a summary of the bothersome dream down using first person 2. Create a new, positive or neutral dream scenario to replace the bothersome dream ○ Write down or draw a new dream ■Change anything you like from the original bothersome dream! ■Write it in 1st person and add as much detail as you would like 3. Practice your NEW dream!! ○ Mentally rehearse your NEW dream before bed and a couple times throughout the day by: ■Sitting comfortably in a quiet place ■Closing your eyes ■Mentally creating images of your dream ■Utilizing all your senses to fully place yourself in the dream (i.e., what do you see? hear? feel? smell? taste?) ■Practice the new dream for 5 minutes, repeat it again and again ■When the time is over, open your eyes *Practice no more than 2 new dreams each week until the bothersome dreams are eliminated*