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Summary of Continuing Personal Development (CPD) - British Orienteering

1 of 4 Continuing Personal Development (CPD) Update No 1: August 2011 Introduction As part of the introduction of a Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programme, British Orienteering agreed to produce a series of updates to assist coaches in accumulating points for their CPD. The aim of this newsletter is to give you some suggestions and ideas of material, courses, reading material, web sites etc that you may find of interest and which will add to your coaching knowledge and help you to improve your coaching. We are indebted to those who have already written to members of Coaching Committee with ideas and suggestions and would welcome further thoughts and references. There is a wealth of good coaching material out there, especially in the increasing number of web sites, so if you come across something that you think would be of interest please let us know. Feedback from Coaching Committee At the last meeting of Coaching Committee a number of possible items for inclusion as CPD were considered. These were items drawn to our attention by Coaches who wanted to know whether they could be included as part of their CPD. Here are the items and the feedback from the Committee: The introduction of the new British Orienteering Event safety course can now be included. (attendance to be worth 3 pts ) Attendance at a National Navigation Award scheme (NNAS) course will not count but delivery of a course will count. (3 pts) General outdoor education will only count if there is an element of coaching orienteering. (points on a case by case basis) Coaching other sports. This will be a value judgement as to its worth by the reviewer ie is it relevant to orienteering. (Care must also be taken that a coach is not allowed to ‘double-count’ with another governing body’s scheme.) Attendance at a Regional Development Conference will only be counted if the reviewer is persuaded that the content is relevant to the development of coaching skills. (3 pts) Attendance at a Regional Coaching Conference can be included. (3 pts) Membership of British Orienteering committees/groups, other than coaching, are not included. Taster O sessions are included if coaching orienteering. (points on a case by case basis) Planning and organising school ‘O’ festivals. These can count but only if there is coaching involved and the CPD reviewer is persuaded that there is value relevant to the development of coaching skills. (points on a case by case basis) 2 of 4 Training Courses In the documentation introducing the CPD programme the courses developed by sportscoachUK were mentioned. These courses are generally organised on a county wide basis through the County Sports Partnerships (CSP). The full list of courses available from sportscoachUK is as follows: Workshop Titles Coaching – Minimum Standards for Deployment Safeguarding and Protecting Children Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2: Reflecting on Practice Safeguarding and Protecting Children (16–18) How to Coach Disabled People in Sport Equity in Your Coaching Inclusive Coaching: Disability Planning and Child Development An Introduction to Long Term Athlete Development Coaching Children and Young People Planning and Periodisation Coaching the Young Developing Performer Multi-skill Club Induction Multi-skill Clubs in Practice Multi-skill Inclusion Coaching the Whole Child - Positive Development Through Sport FUNdamentals An Introduction to the FUNdamentals of Movement FUNdamentals of Agility FUNdamentals of Balance FUNdamentals of Coordination Coaching Craft Analysing Your Coaching Positive Behaviour Management in Sport A Guide to Mentoring Sports Coaches 3 of 4 For more details access the web site at Details of your local CSP are also available through sportscoachUK. Videos sportscoachUK has produced a series of Coaching Children Videos which have been uploaded to the YouTube channel sports coach UK TV. The clips look at the craft of coaching from a children's coach perspective and are themed on: Why coach children? Planning and organising Coaching methods Observation, analysis and evaluation Coaching the whole child Creating the learning environment Communicating with children The videos are designed with coaches, parents, clubs, governing body staff, and sport development professionals in mind - and are suitable for any audience. More videos and things Another web site worth logging into is the UK Athletics web site ( and in particular the Ucoach section. Try for various news, videos and other information. For instance, if you are interested in athlete nutrition try: Other reference material For more reference material, this time in written form, have you tried the following: Paul Murgatroyd’s excellent articles ‘Fitness for Orienteering’ which have appeared in CompassSport. If you missed them then back copies are available through As many of you have noticed Carol McNeill has produced a new version of her book Orienteering. The Skills of the Game. Published by Crowood Press Ltd, Wiltshire. The ISBN number is 978-1-84797-206-4. And while we’re talking about orienteering books here is a selection you may like to refer to: Braggins,A (1993) Trail Orienteering, An Outdoor Activity for People with Disabilities Perthshire, Harveys. ISBN 1 85137 0900 The only readily available book on the subject of Trail Orienteering. Bird,S (1996) Get Fit for Orienteering: The New Guide to Training for Success. Nonington Press. ISBN 0 95273 510 5 Written by an orienteer, this book concentrates on the physical aspects of Orienteering training. 4 of 4 Bird,S, and Underwood,G (1997) Orienteering, A Mental Training Workbook. Nonington Press. ISBN 0 9527351 1 3 The only workbook aimed at helping the Orienteer to develop their mental skills. Byl John (2004) 101 Fun Warm-up and Cool-down Games, Leeds, sportscoachUK Full of ideas for starting your coaching sessions. Harvey, R Map-making for Orienteers. Harveys, ISBN 1 85137 0013 The definitive guide to Orienteering map survey and drawing. McNeill,C, Ramsden,J and Renfrew,T (2nd ed. 1998) Teaching Orienteering. Harveys, ISBN 1 85137 020X The most recent Orienteering teaching manual with 150 pages of exercises and work plans. Norman,B and Yngstrom,A (1991) Orienteering Technique from Start to Finish. Sweden, ISBN 91-87468-27-1 Classic Swedish guide to Orienteering technique. Palmer,P and McNeill,C (1993) Orienteering: Key Stages 3 and 4 in the National Curriculum. Harveys, IBSN 1 85137 010 2 A guide to how Orienteering relates to the National Curriculum in a range of subjects. Palmer,P, McNeill,C and Martland,J (1998, 2nd ed) Orienteering in the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 to 3. Harveys, ISBN 1 85137 399 3 A guide to how Orienteering relates to the National Curriculum in a range of subjects. Palmer,P (ed) (1997) The Complete Orienteering Manual. Crowood Press Ltd. Wiltshire, IBSN 1 86126 095 4 First published in 1997, a wide ranging book with contributions from a number of well known orienteering coaches. Palmer,P (1994) Pathways to Excellence, Orienteering. Harveys, ISBN 1 85137 015 3 A handbook looking at more advanced Orienteering techniques. Renfrew,T, McNeill,C and Palmer P (1993) Orienteering for the Young, Guidelines. International Orienteering Federation, Sweden, Recommendations made regarding the coaching of juniors in Orienteering. Renfrew,T and Michie,D (eds) (1994) Orienteering in the Scottish 5 – 14 Curriculum. Harveys, IBSN 1 85137 241 5 A guide to how Orienteering relates to the Scottish Curriculum. Finally If you have seen items that you consider possible valuable sources of interest to coaches please let us know and we will include them in the next newsletter due out in December. You can do this by contacting your Coaching Regional Representative. Their name and e- mail address are available through the British Orienteering web site at: