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Course Syllabus SPIRITUAL DIRECTION PRACTICUM SPIR 0710 & SPIR 0711 Fall 2011 & Winter 2012 SECTION 1: THURSDAY, 9:30 AM-12:30PM SECTION 2: THURSDAY, 4:30PM- 7:30PM INSTRUCTOR: SANDRA J. BROADUS, MDIV, CSD Phone: 905-334-7263 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Available Wednesday/Thursday afternoons I. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will train mature students in the art and science of spiritual mentoring through the supervised practice of spiritual direction. Students will provide weekly sessions of spiritual direction to an acceptable number of directees as well as receive weekly supervision from the professor. Through this experience, both students and supervisor(s) will continue to learn about the persons, process and practice of guiding fellow pilgrims deeper in their love for God, others and self. Enrollment is limited. The two courses run consecutively from September to May and students must register for both courses. Prerequisites include courses in Spiritual Formation and an interview with the course instructor by the end of May of the preceding year. Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 6 students per section. Prerequisite: Successful completion of an interview process and final permission of the practicum committee II. LEARNING OUTCOMES By the end of this course, students will be able to: · identify character attributes of a spiritual director in their own lives; · formulate key assumptions and essentials about the process of spiritual direction; · identify and develop skills pertinent to the practice of spiritual direction. III. COURSE REQUIREMENTS A. REQUIRED TEXTS Fryling, Alice. Seeking God Together. An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction. Downers Grove: IVP, 2009. ISBN 978-0-8308-3524-9 Lindahl, Kay. Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening. Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1-893361-85-3 Hay, Leslie A. Hospitality The Heart of Spiritual Direction. Harriburg, NY: Morehouse Publishing, 2006. ISBN 978-0-81922181-0 In addition, students will be responsible for formulating their own reading plan. B. ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADING STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND AND FULLY PARTICIPATE IN SCHEDULED GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL SUPERVISORY SESSIONS IN ORDER TO ACCUMULATE A SATISFACTORY NUMBER OF HOURS. 1. Students are required to prepare and present for peer review during group supervision: (a) case studies; (b) structured reflections on their experience of giving spiritual direction; (c) centering exercises; (d) class presentation or essay. 2. Students are required to meet regularly with 15 directees over the Fall and Winter Semesters in order to accumulate a satisfactory number of hours of individual spiritual direction. 3. Students are required to participate in the Retreat In Daily Life, offered in the Fall – over the course of 5 weeks. 4. Students are required to lead a Spiritual Direction Group in the Winter Semester as an addition to their ongoing individual spiritual direction in order to accumulate a satisfactory number of hours of group spiritual direction. 5. Students are required to participate as directors in the Retreat in Daily Life as offered to the Tyndale community in the Spring. 6. Students are required to complete and demonstrate that they have done a satisfactory number of hours of advanced formational and informational reading in the field. In this regard they will draft a Learning Agreement at the beginning of the Fall Semester and a Learning Summary after the end of the Winter Semester. COMPONENT EST. FALL HOURS ACTUAL HRS EST. WINTER HOURS ACTUAL HRS Individual Supervision 3: (6x1/2hr) 3: (6x1/2hr) Group Supervision 18: (6x3hr) 18: (6x3hr) Individual Direction 90: (7hr/wk) 90: (7hr/wk) Group Direction 12 Formational Reading 10 10 Informational Reading 20 20 Personal Direction 6 6 Personal Retreat 18 6 Approved Events 12 12 Class preparation 13 13 TOTAL 190 HOURS 190 HOURS 7. Students need to complete all other required documentation. 8. Please note that during the course of supervision, individuals &/or the group will be required to do preparatory or reflective work as an integral part of their learning. 9. Students are required to continue receiving spiritual direction on a regular basis. Students completing/not completing all of the above requirements in a satisfactory manner will receive a pass/fail grade. IV. COURSE SCHEDULE, CONTENT AND REQUIRED READINGS During the first session of the Fall and Winter semesters a timetable will be worked out to accommodate individual and group supervision on alternate weeks. At this time students will also schedule preparatory and or reflective work due dates, as well as their responsibilities for supervision: e.g. leading centering exercises, presenting case studies. Students should be aware that the practice of supervision is derived from an adult learner-centered model of education. As such, students are expected to take personal responsibility for their learning in order to gain maximum benefit from the course. V. SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY SPIRITUAL DIRECTION Bakke, Jeannette. Holy Invitations. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2000. Barry, William A., and Connolly, William J. The Practice of Spiritual Direction. New York: Harper, 1986. Benner, David. Care of Souls, Revisioning Christian Nurture and Counsel. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1998. Benner, David. 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