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Summary of Creativity Lab! - Berkeley Haas

What is the Creativity Lab? The Creativity Lab is a new course where students will explore and expand their creative skills and practices. Business leaders consistently say they need more creative people in their organizations. How does one learn and hone creative skills? By exploring creative disciplines and methods in a learn-by-doing environment. The Creativity Lab is based on the studio model of exploration and critique. The outcome will be both skill building and confidence building. How does it work? Creativity is not limited to a select few who somehow utilize a secret skillset. Instead, creativity–and the results of creative work–are learnable, knowable and doable processes. One part of the Creativity Lab will work on identifying one’s beliefs around how we think. Another part will work on maker skills; how we capture, collaborate, communicate and build ideas. What will we do? Mostly, make stuff. One can’t read one’s way into creative behaviors and skills. So, the Creativity Lab is based on creating. We will work with words, images, motion, photography, space and ideas. Exercises are designed to enhance student’s creative skills, awareness and creative courage. We will learn new ways of seeing and being. We will talk with designers, artists, musicians, writers and dancers. Who is teaching the Creativity Lab? Mariana Somma is a designer, maker, and artist passionate about exploring creativity and helping others find their creative confidence. Mariana has been teaching the Creativity Lab since it began in 2017, as well as courses in Design Thinking and Innovation. She has a formal background in Architecture, MS in Industrial Design, an MBA, and is an experienced woodworker, welder, cat portrait painter, and treasure hunter. Be prepared to expand your perception of creativity, make tangible art, and have fun along the way! Student Comments: “Being in this class made me so happy.” –Darren “Overall I cannot express how much I have enjoyed this class. Every week I looked forward to the next enlightening activity, and I was never let down.” - Brandon “This class has equipped me to work creatively and have confidence in my creative process.”- Jenny info: [email protected] | Instagram @haascreativitylab Creativity Lab! UGBA 190T.4, 2 Units Prof. Mariana Somma Tuesdays, 10am-12pm in the Haas iLab

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