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TURNING POINTS Dream Daring Dreams Delivered Worksheet TURNING POINTS IS A PROGRAM BY THE ALLEN STUDENT ADVISING CENTER www.ohio.edu/uc/moving-forward Appreciative Advising Institute Training Manual Daring Dreams Delivered Worksheet 1.) Write Down Your Wildest and Craziest Dreams for Your Future: 2.) Select One of the Dreams Above and Write it Succinctly in One Sentence: 3.) Dream Checklist: Is the dream really mine? YES NO MAYBE Does my dream benefit others? YES NO MAYBE How passionate am I about this dream (Circle One Below) 10-My passion is so hot that it sets other people on fire. 9-I cannot imagine my life without my dream. 8-I willingly sacrifice other important things for it. 7-I am fired up by it and often preoccupied with it. 6-I enjoy it as one of many interests. 5-I can take it or leave it. 4-I prefer not to think about it. 3-I go out of my way to avoid it. 2-I’ve put it on my list of least favorite things. 1-I would rather have a root canal without anesthesia. 4.) Accountability Measure: One thing you can do in the next week to get one baby-step closer to making your dream a reality: List two challenges that you expect to face trying to accomplish this goal. Name two people that you could enlist to help make this dream possible. List two strategies you can use to deal with these challenges. Appreciative Advising Institute Training Manual

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