Drawing Forth Personal Vision Preparing to do the exercise

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Summary of Drawing Forth Personal Vision Preparing to do the exercise

Copyright 2015 Dr. Carol-Anne Minski Drawing Forth Personal Vision Preparing to do the exercise:  Pick a quiet, relaxed place to write in comfort, with no distractions or interruptions.  Give yourself a block of time, at least one hour on a day relatively free of hassles.  Begin by bringing yourself to a reflective frame of mind. Take a few deep breaths and let go of any tensions, so you are relaxed, comfortable and centered.  You may want to use a new copy book/binder/journal to record your answers. This exercise could lead to a journey of self discovery and you may want to continue to write your reflections after today’s exercise. Step 1: Create the result Imagine achieving a result in your life that you deeply desire. Describe in writing the full manifestation of the result. Imagine everything and anything is possible. Use the present tense: what does it look like, what does it feel like? Step 2: Reflect on any objections For example: “I am afraid of what I want, or I know what I want, but I cannot have it at work.” This is really a question of current reality. Remember this is your personal vision and you do not at this point have to share it with your organization. Continue to clarify your thoughts on any objections. Step 3: Expand and clarify your vision Which aspects of this vision are closest to your deepest desires? Look at elements of your self- image, health, ideal work, personal pursuits, community involvement, life purpose, and tangibles (what material things would you want?) Step 4: Answer the questions If I could have it now, what would it take? Assume I have it now, what does that bring me? You may find that many components of your vision lead you to the same three or four primary goals. Each person has her own set of primary goals, sometimes buried so deeply that it is not uncommon to see people brought to tears when they become aware of them. Keep asking the question “what would it bring me? After the exercise: Take as much time as you like to reflect.

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