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GOODE’S U N I V E R S A L DREAM BOOK LONDON: T. GOODE, PRINTER AND PUBLISHER, CLERKENWELL GREEN. GOODE’S U N I V E R S A L DREAM BOOK LONDON : T. GOODE, P RINTER AND P UBLISHER, CLERKENWELL GREEN. GOODE’S N E W U N I V E R S A L DREAM BOOK. ACORNS.—To dream of acorns, and that you eat one, denotes you will rise gradually to riches and honour. If you do not eat, and throw one on the ground, you will quickly get rich, but ano­ ther will enjoy your property. ADULTERY.—To dream that you have committed it shows great contentions and debates; but to dream you have resisted the temp­ tation, shows victories over your enemies. ADVERSARIES.— To dream you meet with an adversary, denotes that you will overcome some obstacle to your happiness—if you are a lover, you will conquer some powerful rival, and be happy. ASSES. To dream you ride an ass, that bears your blows, and the more you beat, the slower his pace, denotes that you will be married to a virtuous industrious wife, but your passion will ruin her. If the ass mends his pace under your blows, and throws you she will prove incontinent. ALIAR.—To dream you are at the altar, and receive the holy sacrament. is a very unfavourable omen, and denotes many heavy and severe afflictions. AIR. To dream that you see it cloudy, and afterwards clear and serene, denotes one part of your lifetime will prove unhappy, the latter part the reverse. ANGLING.—To dream you are angling, betokens loose desires in the male; such as seeking opportunities of inveigling some inno­ cent female. ANGER.—To dream that you are in a passion and angry with any one, denotes you have many enemies ! if you are in love, be sure that some rival is slandering you to your sweetheart. If you dream you see another in a passion with you; it is more favourable, if you are in love, your sweetheart will fall sick, and you will ex­ perience some weighty loss. ANGELS.—to dream you see angels, is a sure sign that some one is near you—if a woman with child dreams of them, she will have a good time, perhaps twins. APPLES.—To dream of seeing apples, and they eat sweet and ripe, is a sure sign of prosperity, especially to virgins; if they should eat sour, it signifies much sorrow and unhappiness. GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. APPAREL.— To dream that your apparel is proper and suited to the season of the year, denotes prosperity and happiness. To dream you are dressed in new clothes, is a favourable sign, and portends honour and succsss in your undertakings. A PPA RITION.— So dream you see a ghost, is very unfortunate: if it is of a comely aspect, and dressed in white, it shews deceit and temptation to sin ; if you are in love, it is a sign of your not being beloved in turn, and that you are in the habits of friendship with one who is your most inveterate enemy. A RMS.— To dream that your arms are withered and decayed, shows that the person will decline in health or fortune; if they ap­ pear to be more plump and grow strong, you will meet with un­ expected prosperity; if your arms are broken, you will lose some dear friend by removing to a great distance, if your right arm is cut off, you will loose a near male relation, if the left, a female. A UTHORITY.— It is good always for a rich man to think or dream he is in authority. B ACON.— To dream of bacon, denotes the death of some friend or relation, and that enemies will endeavour to do you a mischief; in love, it denotes disappointment and discontent. B ARLEY- BEEAD.— To dream of eating barley-bread, betokens health and great comfort to the dreamer. B OAT.— To dream you are in a boat on clear water, is very good, and indicates joy and prosperity. B ULLOCK.— To dream a bullock pursues you, beware of some powerful enemy, particular if the dreamer is a female: It a cow, a female is an enemy. B ATHING.— To dream you bathe, and the water seems clear, you are sure to prosper, everything will be well with you; but if the water appears muddy, you will be apt to meet wit h shame and sorow . B ED. To dream that you are in bed, implies that he or she will be married at the end of the month. B READ. To dream you see a great quantity of loaves, denotes success in life. To dream that you are eating good bread, denotes m a n y f r i e n d s . BEES . To dream they sting you, denotes loss of good character, and if you are in love, of your sweetheart. B ALL. To dream of dancing at a ball denotes that you will be addressed by a lover ; the prospect will be a momentary pleasure he will become your husband to a certainty B U RIED . To dream yourself or friend is buried, fortells a seri­ ous fit of illness. C HURCH. To dream that you are in church, and that the par­ son and pulpit are in white, and that he preaches a sermon to your taste, you will soon be married. I f the parson is in black, and the congregation sing a hymn, it denotes grief. C ATS. I f a man dreams of a cat, and he caress her, and she scratches him, his sweetheart is a spiteful termagant. I f a female GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. dreams of a cat that acts similarly, she may rest assured that she has a rival. CLOCK. I f you dream the clock falls or breaks, it denotes dan­ ger, especially to the sick. It is always better to dream of count­ ing the hours of the forenoon than the afternoon. CHEESE. To dream you eat cheese denotes profit. CAKE. To dream that you make a cake signifies joy and pros­ perity. COALS. To dream of clear burning coals, denotes prosperity, especially in love; coals in their natural state indicate trouble and discontent ; extinguished coals, announce the fall of fortune, or the death of some near friend. CLIMBING. T o dream you are climbing a tree, and gain the top, you will rise to preferment, or your love will succeed ; or if you dream you climb a very steep hill, foretells many difficulties in life, CANDLE. T o dream a candle burns bright and clear denotes a pleasing letter from your sweetheart; but if the candle’s blaze gets cull, you will be disappointed. CROWNS. To dream of crowns denotes riches and honour. CARDS. To dream you are playing at cards, it denotes that you will soon be in love. If you hold a great many court cards, if you are single, you will soon be married and happy. CORN. To dream you are gathering ripe corn, promises you success in your enterprise, but if it is blighted or mildewed, you will be a great loser. CARROTS. To dream of them denotes prosperity in life ; if you have children they will all thrive, if you are in love your suit will be successful. DAIRY. To dream you are in a dairy, skimming the cream off the milk, and that your sweetheart partakes of the cream, denotes him inclined to luxury. But if he drinks the milk, it is a sign of frugality. D ARKNESS. To think yourself in the dark, is a token of afflicti­ on, and loss in trade; to get out of darkness, into sudden light, is a sign of rising to eminence, or of escaping out of prison. D EATH To dream of death, denotes happiness and long life. To see him sink into the ground, is a certain death. The married to dream of death, implies a loss or second union. D OGS. I f they fawn and fondle upon you, it is a lucky omen : if they are barking and snarling at you, then depend that enemies are secretly endeavouring to destroy your reputation ; if you are in love be careful of your present sweetheart. D EVIL To dream of the devil denotes many troubles. If he appears in fire immediate misfortunes will befall yau. A widow to dream of the devil, after she has buried a bad husband, is sure to have another—so widows, beware. DANCING. To dream you are dancing at a ball, or entertain­ ment, fortells you will shortly receive some joyful news from a long GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. absent friend : to the sailor, a pleasant and successful voyage, in­ crease of children to married persons ; and to those in trade, much business, and happy in marriage. D ROWNING. To d r e am you are drowning, or see another so sit­ uated, is good to the dreamer, and denotes that he will be preser­ ved through many strange difficulties. D EBT. To dream you are in debt, and pursued by bailiffs, in­ dicates that you will fall into some unexpected difficulties, or great danger. E LEPHANT. To dream of an elephant, is a very fortunate dream it denotes an acquirement of riches, and happy wedlock. EAGLES. To dream you see an eagle or a hawk perched, and they suffer you to caress them, you will be married to a military man, either a officer, serjeant, or private. EATING. To dream you see others eating, is a bad omen. But if you dream you are asked to eat, and partake of those things you like best, some relief, perhaps will follow. EGGS. To dream of eggs, is honourable. whatever you are then about will succeed. To dream of broken eggs, if married, you will have no children. But to dream of eating them, you will have many. EVIL SPIRITS. If you see evil spirits in your dream, it is a sign of sickness, if you seem to exercise them, and they vanish, you will get over your difficulties. E ARTHQUAKE. To dream of an earthquake, warns y ou to be cautious and careful. I f you see houses tumble, your friends will feel a shock, public confidence is lost, or some dire calamity will defall them. FLIES. T o dream of flies or other vermin, denotes enemies of all sorts. To dream of killing them is a very good omen. F OX. To dream of a fox is the forerunner of much difficulties, beware of some designing adversaries. F ALL. To dream you fall into the mire, and you are covered with filth, if a servant, you will lose your character through pilfer­ ing ; if the dirt gets into your eyes, you will experience confine­ ment, most likely be imprisoned ; if you see clouds rapidly moving beware of transportation. To run and fall, then rise, and run a­ g ain, is a sign that you have a litigious temper that will ruin you. But to dream you run without interruption, is a sign of indiffer­ ence, and that you will accomplish your design. F IRE. To dream of fire, denotes happiness, health and marriage, and many children. To dream you see burning lights descending, as it were from heaven, is a very bad sign ; it portends Some dreadful accident to the dreamer, such as being hanged, loosing your head, having your brains dashed out, breaking a leg, or other strange accidents—to the lover, it also denotes the loss of the affec­ tions of your sweetheart.—to the tradesman, bad success in busi­ ness. To dream that you are burnt by fire, denotes great danger, and that enemies will injure you, to the sailor, storm and ship wreck. GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. FORTUNE. To dream you make a sudden fort une, is a ve ry bad omen. FIELDS. If in your dream you are crossing newly ploughed fields, promises some unexpected misfortune from a person who has no children, if the fields are covered with corn, it denotes hav­ ing children. FINGER. If you cut your finger and the blood runs, you will get money where you least expect it; if you do not see any blood yo u will have a quarrel or law suit for money which you paid before. GIFTS. To dream you have any thing given to you is a sign that some good is about to happen to you; it also denotes that speedy marriage will take place between you and your sweetheart GEESE. To dream of geese is the forerunner of good, they de­ note success and riches, also faithful sweethearts. GARDEN. If you are walking in a beautiful garden, you will soon be advanced in fortune, if you are gathering the fruits of it, you will be happy in marriage, and have many children. GALLOWS. To dream of the gallows, is a most fortunate omen, it shows that the dreamer will become rich, and arrive at great honours. GRAVE. To dream you see a grave, fortells sickness and disap­ pointment, if you are in love, depend you will marry your present sweetheart. GIANTS. To dream of seeing giants is ominous of g o o d if you are in trade, you will have a great increase of business. HAIL. Dreaming o f hail, denotes grief and much sorrow. H ATRED. To dream o f being hated, by friends or enemies, is an ill omen. HILLS. T o dream of travelling over steep hills, shows that you will encounter many difficulties. and enter upon some arduous un­ dertakings ; if you descend the hill easily, you will get the better of all your difficulties. HOUSE. To dream of building a house is a very favourable omen; if you are in trade it denotes success, in love, that your sweetheart is good tempered and faithful, and will make you very happy. HUNTING. To dream that you are hunting a fox, and that he is killed, shows much trouble through the pretensions of false friends, but that you will discover them, and overcome all their machinations. INFANTS. To dream of infants shows trouble, and in health, ex­ cept you see them playing, you may then expect to receive great satisfaction from a distant part. ICE. Dreaming of ice is a very favourable omen ; to the lover it shows your sweetheart is of an amiable temper, and faithful ; to the tradesman, it denotes success and riches, to the farmer a plen­ tiful harvest. IRON. For one to dream he hurt with iron, shows he will re­ ceive damage. GOODE'S NEW DREAM BOOK. KEYS. T o dream of keys is favourable, to a person in trade and to a sailor—they denote some gift, and that the dreamer will be­ come rich. KNIFE. To dream you give a knife, indicates you will have much contention ; to give one to your intended, shows he will loose her ; she will cut your acquaintance. LETTER. If you receive a letter in your dream, it betokens a legacy or presents ; if you send a letter, you will shortly relieve a person who is in distress. LADDER. To dream you climb a ladder, denotes a happy mar­ riage with the object of your affections, and that you will become by industry, rich, and settle your children happily. LINEN. T o dream you are dressed in clean linen, denotes that you will shortly receive some glad tidings— if it is dirty, then poverty, a prison and disappointment in love, with the loss of some­ thing valuable LION. To dream of seeing a lion, denotes that you will appear before your betters, accumulate riches, and marry a woman of great spirit. MEAT. To dream you are buying meat, signifies that friends will step forward, and be of great assistance to you, and that you will overcome difficulties, and acquire great riches MONEY. T o dream of paying money denotes success in you af­ airs, the birth of a child, or the gain of a lawsuit; if received, you will thrive. MOTHER. To dream of seeing your mother, is a certain paognos­ tic of some agreeable adventure being about to happen to you, and that you will hear from a friend at a distance. N USIC To dream you hear delicious music, is a very favoura­ ble omen ; it denotes joyful news from a long absent friend. MOON. To dream of the moon is a very favourable omen, it de­ notes sudden and unexpected joy, great success in love, and that the dreamer is tenderly beloved. To dream of seeing the new moon is good for tradsmen, farmers, and lovers ; it is the forerunner of success snd happiness. To handsome women it is a good sign to see a full moon, but not to ugly ones. M ONKIES To dream of monkies is ominous ef evil, they an­ nounce deceit in love, unfaithfulness in the married state, undutiful children, malibious enemies, and an attack by thieves. N AKEDNESS. To dream of nakedness, denotes scandal of cha­ racter, to dream you see a naked woman is lucky; it fortels that some unexpected honours await you. N IGHTM ARE. To dream of being ridden by the nightmare, is a sign of sudden marriage, or to be domineered over by a fool. OYSTERS. To dream of eating oysters, indicates a coming of much w ant; to open oysters shews we stand in need of assiduity in our business. ORANGES T o dream you are eating oranges, implies grief and wounds. GOODE’S NEW D REAM BOOK. OXEN To dream of seeing fair and white cattle, shows virtuous inclination ; to see fat or lean oxen, signifies present gain or mis­fortune. O RCHARD. To dream you are in an orchard, denotes that you will become rich by the inheritance of a good legacy— that you will marry much to your advantage. OAK. To dream of seeing the stately oak, is a sign of long life riches, and great gain. PAPER To dream you write on paper, signifies an accusation will be made against you. PICTURES. To dream you are looking at any beautiful pictures, denotes that you will be allured by false appearances into some very disagreeable situation; if you are mrrried, be sure your part­ n e r deceives you, and prefers another; and that the person who e s tr a n g e d her affections is your most intimate friend. PIT. To dream of falling into a deep pit, shows that some very h e a v y misfortune is about to attend you—that your sweetheart is false and prefers another—to a sailor, it forbodes some sad disaster at the next port you touch at. P LAYS. Dreaming of seeing a comedy, or farce, indicates suc­ cess in business; to dream of acting in a play, seldom indicates m uch god, PURSE To dream of loosing a purse, signifies good, if it be full; but bad, if it be empty. To dream of finding a purse, is a very favourable omen. QUARRELLING. To dream you are quarrelling denotes that some unexpected news will reach you, and that your sweetheart is about to marry another. R AIN. To dream of being in a shower of rain, denotes great success in your undertakings, it is particularly favourable to lovers, it denotes constancy, affection, and a sweet temper. RIVER. To dream of seeing river water clear, indicates good ; but to dream of swimning in the sea signifies great peril and danger. R ATS. To dream of rats, is a sign of many enemies, and that you are exposed to many dangers from pretended friends. READING. To dream you are reading scientific books shows ap­ p r o a c h i n g w i s d o m . S HEEP. To dream you see a flock of sheep feeding, denotes success in life. SNOW. To dream you see the ground all covered with snow, is a favourable dream ; to a young man; shows he will marry a virgin and have children. S HOES. To dream you have a new pair denotes triumph over enemies. SWIMMING. To dream you are swimming with your head under water shows that you will experience some great trouble, and hear some very unpleasant news from a person you thought dear. To dream you are swimming with your head above the water denote s great success in your undertakings, whether they be love, es farming GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. TEETH. To dream you loose your teeth denotes the loss of some friend by death ; and that troubles and misfortunes are about to attend you. TAVERN. T o dream you are in a tavern, feasting with friends, signifies joy and comfort TREASURE. T o dream you find a treasure, shows you will be betrayed by your bosom friends. THIEVES. T o dream you fall into the hands of thieves, shows loss and trouble. THUNDER Dreamimg of thunder signifies affliction to the rich ; but to the poor repose. TREES To dream you are cutting down trees, forbodes heavy losses in business ; to climb them, denotes advancement in dignity. VAULTS. To dream of being in hollow vaults, deep cellars, or at the bottom of coal-pits, signifies that you will match with a widow. VINEGAR. To dream you drink vinegar, indicates sickness. VICTUALS. T o dream of eating victuals, signifies loss of money V ERMIM. To dream of being covered with vermin, such as lice, betokens long sickness, if the lice remain ; bnt if you cast them off yon will be delivered of troubles. WALKING. To dream you are walking in a dirty muddy place, fortels sickness and vexation; to a lover, it denotes his sweetheart to be bad tempered and unfaithful ; to the tradesman, it fortels dishonest servants and loss of goods by fire. W HEAT. To dream you see or are walking in a field of wheat, denotes great prosperity and riches—in love, a completion of your most sanguine, wishes, and fortels much happiness, with fine chil­ dren when you marry. W OLF. T o dream of a wolf, signifies an avaricious, cruel, and despotic person ; if you dream you conquer a wolf, you will con­ quer a designing enemy, who has long endeavoured to prey on you—to dream you are bitten by one, shows you will receive some injury from a pretended friend. W OOD. To dream you are cutting or chopping of wood, shows that you will be happy in your family, and become rich and re­ spectable in life. W EDDINGS. For a man while sick, to dream of wedding a maid, denotes death ; if to a deformed woman, it signifies discontent; to a handsome person much joy, W INE. To dream of drinking wine with absent friend, signifies a speedy meeting ; but to be drinking it by yourself, indicates you will became a great drunkard ; and if you do, you may depend on it, it will speedily prove your ruin. W AR. To dream of war, denotes trouble and danger to all. W ATER. T o dream you are drinking water, denotes great trou­ ble and adversity in trade, loss of business and arrest. W ASPS. To dream you are stung by wasps, signifies vexation and trouble by envious persons GOODE’S NEW DREAM BOOK. WATER-MILL. To dream of being at one is a favorable omen. WOOL. T o dream you are buying or selling of wool, denoted prosperity and great affluence, by means of industry and trade; to the lover it is a favorable omen; your sweetheart is thereby shown to be of an amiable disposition, very constant, and deeply in love with you. WIFE. A man to dream that he sees his wife married to another, it betokeus some change of affairs. W INDS. To dream of high winds, storms and showers of rain, shows you will be crossed in love. YELLOW. To dream of yellow colour, denotes to the married women, great trouble from a female friend, and the loss of her husband’s affections. To the lover it signifies he will marry a vir­ gin, who will give herself up to the first man she likes. Y OUNG. To dream you are young, fortels peace, delight, and fruition of your desire. Y OKE. T o dream of having to bear the yoke, denotes danger, if it be a woman, she will be ready and willing to obey her husband, and careful to govern her family. YEW TREE. An indication of the funeral of a very aged person, by whose death the dreamer will derive some benefit, or a protecting hand among the relations of the deceased person. ZONE. When you dream of zones, fortels much trouble and vexation ; to the tradesman, imprisonment, and loss of goods ; to the lover, unfaithfulness in his sweetheart, and disappointments in his undertakings. TELLING FORTUNES B Y T H E L I N E S I N T H E H A N D . Observe always to choose the left hand, because the heart and brain have more influence over it than the right hand ; and observe further it is better to examine these lines when the body is in good order, for then they appear full. By this the reader will see that one of the lines, and which in­ deed is reckoned the principal, is called the line of life ; this line encloses the thumb, separating it from the hollow of the hand. The next to it, which is called the natural line, takes it beginning THE A R T O F F O R T U N E T E L L E R . from the rising of the middle finger. The table line, commonly called the line of fortune, begins under the little finger and near the forefinger. The girdle of Venus is another line so called, be­ gins near the joint of the forefinger, and ends in the middle finger The line of death is a counter line to the line of life, and is by some called the sister line, there are also lines in the flesey parts, as in the ball or the thumb, which is called the mount of Venus, which are each governed by the several planets, and the hollow of the hand is called the place of Mars. I f the lines which are in the middle of the hand, and are called the table lines, are broad and fair, without being broken, is a sure sign the party will lead a comfortable and happy life. I f the line from the wrist goes straight up to the little finger, it is a better sign than if broken, for then it den otes the party will live a good old age, but on the contrary, should the line want con­ tinuation, they are in danger of sudden death. I f the line of life, which is that which runs from the wrist by the ball of the thumb, and ends under the forefinger, is clear, and ends without breaks, it denotes possession, prosperity and happy old age. Round lines like semicircles, on the inside of the tips of the fingers, promises house, lands, and inheritance. As many lines or crosses as a woman has in her wrist, so many children she may expect to have. I f the middle, or table lines in the hand are very narrow and contracted, it is a sign of poverty and crosses in the world. If a crooked line goes through the table line, it is a sign of death by accident or violence, but if it runs straight and even through, it is a good sign. To know how soon a Person may be Married. Get a green pea-pod, in which are exactly nine peas ; hang it over the door, and then take notice of the next person who comes in, who is not of the family, and if it proves a bachelor, you will certainly be married within that year. On any Friday throughout the year.— Take rosemary flowers, bay leaves, thyme and sweet marjoram, of each a handfull these, and make them into a fine powder ; then take a tea-sp oonful of each sort, mix the powders together; then take twice the quantity of barley flour, and make the whole into a cake with the milk of a red cow. This cake is not to be baked, but wrapped in clean writing paper, and laid under your head any Friday night. I f the person dreams of music she will wed thoes she desires, and that shortly ; if of fire, she will be crossed in love : if of a church she will die single. I f any thing is written, or th e least spot of ink is on the paper it will not do.