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Summary of Dreams and Dream Interpretation - Edgar Cayce's ARE

A lthough it is true that many of us do not consciously remember our dreams, everyone dreams. During the early part of this century, while psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were demonstrating the clinical importance of dreams, Edgar Cayce was providing average individuals with guidelines for working with what has become one of the most practical approaches to dreams. Hundreds of Cayce’s readings deal with the subject of dreams and dream interpretation. Perhaps the most important insights gained from the wealth of this material is the fact that each of us is aware of much more—about ourselves, our physical bodies, our sur- roundings, even our lifestyles—at subconscious levels than we realize. There is really no such thing as a “bad” dream, because all dreams have the poten- tial of helping the dreamer. For example, dreams of disastrous events may simply be advice to us to change our diets or our attitudes, or they may be emotional releases from various situations in our lives. Dreams of birth and death are often symbolic, pointing to new beginnings or perhaps the end of doing something the old way. Dreams can diagnose the causes of our physical ailments, point out the thoughts and emotions that we’ve tried to overlook, and often make suggestions for improving our relationships with others. While dreaming, we can gain awareness about our entire being: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Three Tips for Remembering Your Dreams 1. Get enough sleep. 2. Think about dreaming as you’re falling asleep and expect to remember your dreams. 3. Keep a notebook by your bed and make an effort to record whatever is on your mind when you first wake up. Five Steps to Working with Your Dreams 1. Write down your dreams each day. Remember to take note of how the dream made you feel as you consider the details of the dream. 2. Every character in the dream represents a part of yourself. Watch the actions, feelings, expressions, and conversations of these characters in your dreams and measure them against the activities in your waking life. 3. Watch for reoccurring symbols, characters, and emotions in your dreams, and be- gin a personal “dream dictionary” of these symbols and what their importance is to you. 4. When working with dreams, remember, first of all, that your dreams can be ex- tremely helpful even if you don’t recognize immediately what they mean. 5. Lastly, remember to practice, practice, practice! Edgar Cayce on Dreams and Dream Interpretation Join Our Online Dream Group Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. has an online, interactive dream group for sharing and inter- preting dreams on Facebook. The Group is called “Dream Interpretation with Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.,” and a link to the group can be found at EdgarCayce.org/dreams. Join our dream group (it’s free), and you can simply post your dream to the group wall for discussion with other group members. You will be required to join Face- book (also free) to be a member of the group. Download Our Dream Dictionary App Regardless of your level of expertise or knowledge of dream interpretation, this dream app will provide you with the tools you need to successfully and enjoyably work with your dreams. Search your app store for “Edgar Cayce” and look for Edgar Cayce’s Dream Dictionary, or visit EdgarCayce.org/apps. For more information on dreams and dream interpretation, or to access our online dictionary of dream symbols, visit EdgarCayce.org/dreams. Invest in your soul and explore topics of spirituality, personal development, and overcoming life challenges with online resources including an extensive health da- tabase, dream interpretation app, a meditation course, and more. You’ll also be joining a community of people who are striving to do as Cayce suggested, and “Make the world a better place, because you live in it.” All members enjoy a full year of benefits including exclusive online access to the member-only section of Edgar Cayce.org featuring: • Complete access to all of Edgar Cayce readings in a searchable online database (more than 14,000 readings and 24 million words); • Quarterly Venture Inward magazine; • Cayce Quarterly newsletter with member experiments; • Free online audio files and videos from recent events; • Members save 20% on all products at ARECatalog com. We promote the oneness of God, the spiritual nature of humankind, the purposefulness of life, and the connec- tion of body, mind and spirit. Learn more at EdgarCayce.org/membership, or call 800-333-4499 to discuss membership options. New members receive a free Gift! JOIN OUR SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY Printed and distributed by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.—Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. • 215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061 Telephone: 800-333-4499 • Local: 757-428-3588 E-mail: [email protected] • Website: EdgarCayce.org