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Summary of EATING DISORDERS PROGRAM - Silver Hill Hospital

Exceptional Care in an Exceptional Setting EATING DISORDERS PROGRAM Silver Hill Hospital is an academic affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. SILVER HILL HOSPITAL HIGHLIGHTS • A complete psychiatric hospital focused solely on diagnosis and treatment • Expertise and experience in treating psychiatric, addiction and co-occurring disorders • Extensive range of specialized treatment programs • An experienced, licensed staff and a high staff-to-patient ratio • Extensive family involvement and support • Commitment to quality and patient safety • Physical environment that supports recovery • Seven Residential Transitional Living Programs Addiction Disorders Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy Chronic Pain and Recovery Co-Occurring Disorders Dialectical Behavior Therapy Eating Disorders Persistent Psychiatric Disorders Because we are a psychiatric hospital, we can address complex and difficult-to-treat disorders that often occur with eating disorders. HELP AND HEALING Eating Disorders Treatment at Silver Hill Hospital Silver Hill Hospital is an independent, not-for-profit psychiatric hospital — and one of the few such des- ignated facilities in the country. Known for our compassionate and individualized approach to treat- ment, Silver Hill Hospital has been restoring mental health since 1931. Comprehensive psychiatric and addiction treatment services are provided in a team approach: highly qualified psychiatrists work closely with specialized nurses, social workers and other caregivers. Our staff is truly devoted to providing empathetic care for each patient and support for the family. Our beautiful setting — a 42-acre country campus in New Canaan, Connecticut — creates a warm, homelike environment that is further condu- cive to the healing process. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Our new Eating Disorders Program includes both inpatient and residential treatment options for men and women. The program is for adult patients suffer- ing with a range of eating disorders and behaviors, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, emotional eating, body dysmorphic disorder, rumi- nation disorder, and disordered eating resulting from psychotropic medications. Many of our patients also have co-occurring diagnoses of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or addiction that re- quires simultaneous treatment. Patients are provided with opportunities to learn balanced and stable eating and exercise patterns, develop greater behavioral and psychological flexi- bility, challenge unhealthy schemas and core beliefs, and develop a sense of self and values that extends beyond the demands of an eating disorder. Inpatient treatment is provided for those patients who require a higher level of care. Criteria for admis- sion to the inpatient program include: inability to control eating disorder behaviors, low weight with food refusal, and co-occurring disorders such as de- pression, anxiety, substance use or self-harm behav- iors. Other factors include: poor level of motivation, resistance to treatment, impaired insight, inability to control obsessive thoughts, impulsive or opposi- tional behaviors, inability to control exercise and purging behaviors, and inability to follow treatment and gain weight. Silver Hill Hospital participates with many insurance companies that typically cover inpatient treatment. The transitional living program offers a range of therapeutic opportunities and interventions designed to interrupt maladaptive behavior patterns and pro- mote behavioral and emotional growth and change. Treatment is comprehensive and individually tai- lored, with an emphasis on treating all aspects of the individual. The aim is to treat variables that cause and perpetuate the eating disorder. The minimum length of stay is 4 weeks and many patients extend their treatment. The residential program is self-pay. Treatment Includes: • Structured 14-hour daily schedule • Evidence-based treatments: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Accep- tance and Commitment Therapy • Other treatment modalities: Compassion Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Schema Therapy and Art Therapy • Exposure-based experiences: meal preparation, cooking skills, shopping experiences and restaurant outings Patricia Regnemer Main House Terrace • Daily group therapy: mindfulness-based practices, expressive therapies, skills and process-oriented groups • Psychopharmacology • Nutrition counseling and psychoeducation groups • Movement and body-oriented therapies • Recreational activities • Motivational system of reward • Wellness Services (optional) FAMILY INVOLVEMENT Families meet with the patient’s social worker, psy- chiatrist and other members of the multidisciplinary treatment team who are involved in the patient’s care. In addition, patients, family members, and sig- nificant others are invited to meet together for a weekly 90-minute family forum. The weekly family forum provides an opportunity for participants to ask questions, share concerns, and process informa- tion in a safe and supportive setting. Participants will receive information regarding the latest develop- ments in eating disorder research and development, as well as clinically relevant information about eat- ing disorders including communication, conflict res- olution, relapse prevention, and aftercare strategies. The family forum will provide strategies to facilitate the patient’s continued growth and recovery and re- duce the likelihood of relapse. Communication helps to support the patient’s growth and recovery. ACCOMMODATIONS The Eating Disorders Program is located on the sec- ond floor of Main House. Patricia Regnemer Main House RECOVERY SUPPORT AND FOLLOW-UP SERVICE The goals of the Recovery Support and Follow-Up Service are to facilitate a smooth transition from treatment to recovery and to increase the likelihood of continued recovery during the first critical year. We accomplish this through an enhanced process of communication that supports the patient in his/her efforts to cultivate recovery and nurture a rich qual- ity of life. MULTIDISCIPLINARY TREATMENT TEAM • Psychiatrist and APRN • Psychologist and Social Worker • Dietitian and Dietary Technicians • Registered Nurses, Residential Counselors and Psychiatric Technicians • Movement and Art Therapists Exceptional Care in an Exceptional Setting 9/15 ACCREDITATION Silver Hill Hospital is licensed by the State of Connect- icut and accredited by the Joint Commission. ADMISSION To begin the admissions process, please call us at 800.899.4455, ext. 4 to speak with one of our admis- sions clinicians. We will complete an intake and also collect demographic and insurance information. Once completed, the patient will be scheduled for an admission assessment. Silver Hill Hospital 208 Valley Road New Canaan, CT 06840 Toll free 800.899.4455 Admissions ext. 4 Admissions Fax 203.801.3451 or 203.966.1075