Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset

Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset (PDF)

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Summary of Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset

Feedback Structures that Foster a Growth Mindset Increase student metacognition and decrease grading time. Kim Struck Peak to Peak Charter School [email protected] Do Now - What is your mindset? Take the quiz in your packet or online. Take the quiz online: Some other Self Assessments to determine mindsets in the classroom Objectives of Session Summarize the idea of a growth mindset. Compare and contrast growth and fixed mindset. Introduce feedback structures that promote the growth mindset by providing the opportunity for students to become more metacognitive about their learning. Introduce structures to increase feedback opportunities for students without increasing grading time for the teacher. Fixed Mindset A belief system that suggests that a person has a set amount of intelligence, skills or talent. Growth Mindset A belief system that suggests that one’s intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence, effort, and a focus on learning. “Becoming is better than being.” Fixed vs. Growth Mindset Grow.aspx Why Mindset Matters Grade Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset K n/a 100% 1 10% 90% 2 18% 82% 3 42% 58% Ricci, Mary Cay (2013). Mindset in the Classroom. Prufrock Press Inc. Growth vs. Fixed mindset Praise and Feedback Feedback that fosters a growth mindset: “You are working hard to understand this. Great job.” Praise the process and the effort. Feedback that fosters a Fixed mindset: “You made that look easy.” “You’re so smart.” Praise of the outcome or the product instead of the effort it took to get there. “Students who are praised for their intelligence, learn to value performance while students who are praised for their effort and hard work value opportunities to learn” Sousa, David (2009) How the gifted Brain Learns. p.34 30 Second Task Brainstorm process-praise statements that you could use with your students or peers. Science Class - Engineering Projects What does growth mindset look like in Science Class? Engineering Projects Rockets Mousetrap Car Student Work Examples Student 1 Student 2 Where do you see evidence of growth mindset on this project? 2 Parts to Metacognition ■ Metacognitive Knowledge ■ Reflection and awareness of one’s own thinking ■ Metacognitive Regulation ■ The ability to manage one’s own thinking process and how we go about learning Metacognitive Knowledge ■ Awareness of knowledge ■ What one knows ■ What one does not know ■ What one wants to know ■ Awareness of others’ knowledge ■ Awareness of thinking ■ Understanding tasks and the nature of what is involved in the task ■ Awareness of thinking strategies ■ Understanding approaches to directing learning Metacognition Strategies ■ Help students become more efficient and effective in their learning ■ Help students evaluate when they need additional resources ■ Help students understand when to apply various approaches to problem Metacognition is… A skill that has to be taught to students 60 Second Question Think of a time when you asked your students to assess their own learning and reflect on their work. ■ How did you structure this activity? ■ What difficulties and challenges did you face trying to make this happen in your classroom? ■ Was the experience successful? ■ How do you know? Where does feedback fit in? ■ In order to accurately self-assess their knowledge, students need a variety of feedback. ■ The feedback needs to be ■ Timely ■ Accurate ■ Relevant ■ Growth Mindset Oriented

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