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Summary of Fiction-Catalogue - Srishti Publishers

Srishti stands for creation, and has been referred since time immemorial to the creation of the world by Brahma. Srishti Publishers was set up with the objective of creating a unique set of books to provide unmatched reading pleasure to people across the country. In the last twenty-five years, Srishti has come a long way, having added myriad feathers to its cap. It has not only given a platform to budding, debutant authors, but also made quality books available at affordable prices across India. Some of the current crop of bestselling authors like Preeti Shenoy, Novoneel Chakraborty, Ajay Pandey, Arpit Vageria, Prachi Garg, Keshav Aneel, etc., are published under the Srishti banner. Today, Srishti has on board children, teens, women and aged people, not just as readers, but authors too. With more than five hundred titles to boast of, Srishti specializes in publishing books in genres as diverse as Astrology, Biography, Children’s Literature, Culture, Health and fitness, Fiction, Management, Philosophy, Plays, Self-Help, Translations, among various others. With the firm faith that everyone has a story to tell, Srishti proudly continues to give a platform to budding authors and making their stories heard to the world. Quickies - An imprint for people on the go, these short reads are power-packed and electrifying. Bluejay - A wider spectrum of self-help and motivational books from across the country and the world. Cuckoo Tales - The children's imprint, which offers a wide range of motivational and adventurous reads for children. Fiction WHEN LOVE CAME CALLING PREETI SHENOY Puja is 19 – energetic, fiery and confused. Arush is 20 – studious, careful and shy. When they meet, it’s like East meeting West, literally. Despite their stark differenc- es, they fall in love. But when disaster strikes, they are forced to think if love is enough. An intensely gripping novel on young love, dreams and discovery. ISBN: 978-9387022911 Pages: 288 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Indian subcontinent, except Hindi WAKE UP, LIFE IS CALLING Ankita has fought a mental disorder, and survived two suicide attempts. Now in Mumbai, everything seems idyllic. Until she discovers a book in her college library that consumes her and sends her into a terrifying darkness. To make matters worse, a past boyfriend resurfaces, throwing her into further turmoil. Will Ankita survive the ordeal again? Opened at #1 Bestseller on release. A Nielsen Top 10 Bestseller. Opened at #1 Bestseller on release. Fastest selling YA novel of 2020 in the Nielsen Bestseller list. ISBN: 9789387022607 Pages: 256 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback; Published: April 2019 ������������������Indian subcontinent, except Hindi 5 PREETI SHENOY She is among the top five highest selling authors in India, and is also on the Forbes India longlist of most influential people in India. She has a very popular blog and her books have been in the top 10 of HT Nielsen bestseller list for years since release. Lakhs of readers have read and loved her books till now, which have also been translated into many languages across the world. LOVE A LITTLE STRONGER ISBN : 9789387022133 Pages: 176 It is a heart-warming, hilarious and inspiring collection of true anecdotes from the author’s life, telling us to Love A Little Stronger, no matter what happens. A Nielsen Bestseller. True stories from the author's life MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback �������������������Indian subcontinent, except Hindi LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT ISBN : 9789380349305 Pages: 224 MRP : `150/- Format: Paperback The story revolves around Ankita, who has a past haunting her like a nightmare. It is a story of her struggles, her decisions and her will to survive. In Nielsen Top 10 for almost 10 years, a motivational bestseller. More than a million copies in print. ������������������Indian subcontinent, except Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Turkish,Telugu, Odia 6 AJAY K PANDEY THE GIRL IN THE RED LIPSTICK Arun is a bestselling author, and the heart- throb of thousands of readers. While on a book promotion tour, he meets Lalita, a survivor of human trafficking. A single encounter with her makes Arun risk everything for her, his own life too. The Girl in the Red Lipstick is a charming story of friendship, life and finding love where we least expect to. ISBN: 9789390441310 Pages: 216 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World A Nielsen Bestseller. Based on true events Roshan and Soha had given up on their love in the face of a religious divide. Now, years later, they wish to find a way back into love. But this time, they need to fight not the society or religion, but their own family. ISBN: 978-8194790853 Pages: 216 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU #1 Bestseller since release. A Nielsen Bestseller. 7 AJAY K PANDEY He has won the hearts of readers ever since his first book released in 2015. Having sold lakhs of copies, his books have been translated into other languages and continue to leave a mark. HER LAST WISH Vijay is seen as a loser by the world, but for his wife who gives him strength. It is only when he is losing her to destiny, that his heart breaks to bits. A GIRL TO REMEMBER ISBN : 9789387022393 Pages: 224 Neel is a self-proclaimed demon, a slave to his desires, putting at stake even the purest of relationships for it. He first sets his eyes on his widow landlady,until he bumps into Pihu. Opened at �����������������������������A Nielsen Bestseller. Featured in Nielsen Top 10 fction bestsellers, based on a true story ISBN : 9789382665878 Pages: 216 MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������World, except Hindi, Audio-visual rights sold MRP : `195/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE ISBN : 9789382665540 Pages: 248 You Are The Best Wife is a story about how people find true love and comfort in dissimilarities; about how two people with absolutely different ideologies meet and fall in love. More than 3 lakh readers, true love story MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������World, except Hindi,Marathi, Chinese Audio-visual rights sold 8 THE GIRL NEXT DOOR ARPIT VAGERIA ISBN : 978-8194241461 Pages:216 Ishaan is forced to return to his hometown after the horrible fight fifteen long years ago, when the nation goes under lockdown. There, he falls in love with a choreographer, who is also the CM’s daughter. This extraordinary story of love will melt your heart and make you believe in the power of true love. Opened at�������������� in pre-orders. A ������������������� MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi BE MY PERFECT ENDING ISBN : 9789387022089 Pages:220 Armaan and Sara meet in filmy style and cannot help but fall in love. The passionate new romance in his life throws everything else aside. Be My Perfect Ending is a story of love that knows no bounds, of endings that are far from ordinary, and new beginnings that hold a promise of LOVE. ������������� on release. A ������������������� MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi 9 ARPIT VAGERIA I STILL THINK ABOUT YOU ISBN : 9789382665700 A story of love, brotherhood, passion, dedication, pain, and the depths to which a heart can go to win back lost love. A writer of scripts for Indian television, he writes romance stories for the sheer love of it. Bestselling author of three such novels, his next is coming soon, with characters that you’ve once loved . YOU ARE MY REASON TO SMILE ISBN : 9789382665885 Ranbir leaves his high paying job for pursuing his passion for writing, but his girlfriend leaves him too. He is still wondering whether her love was true when Pihu walks into his life – like a breath of fresh air. Is this the love he has been waiting for? Opened at #1 Bestseller on release. A ������������������� MRP : `195/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World Pages:185 MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages:184 10 A THING BEYOND FOREVER NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY ISBN : 9788188575674 Dr. Radhika Sharma is what girls of today aspire to become. But within, she is broken by the sudden death of her first love, Raen. When a nine-year-old patient comes under her treatment, she finds herself in the middle of an unusual situation. THAT KISS IN THE RAIN ISBN : 9789387022638 Pallavi, an air hostess by profession, is vivacious and venomous. She is still not over her first love, Haasil. Haasil is a successful entrepreneur, devastated by the loss of his true love. Swadha is in love with Haasil. That Kiss In The Rain happens when all three are touched by the sublime power of love in different ways. Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of ten romantic thriller novels and one short story collection. Popular for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists, he is also known as the Sidney Sheldon of India. MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages: 224 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages: 240 MORE THAN 1 LAKH COPIES SOLD 11 NOTHING ELSE MATTERS VISH DHAMIJA ISBN : 9789382665793 Luv Singh carries out assassinations for an underworld don. One night, he awaits his target to climb out of the car and sees his target accompanied by a beautiful girl Zoya, his college girlfriend. Failing to take a shot, he pledges to save her husband. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER ISBN : 9789380349244 Raaj Kumar died in a fire incident, Inspector Michael D’Cunha is convinced that it is an arson. A close friend of Raaj dies soon after. Love, deception, murder, suspense; no secret can stay buried. Vish Dhamija was born and raised in Ajmer, Rajasthan, but his nomadic inclinations made him encamped many places. He is currently living in Manchester, UK. His first book, Nothing Lasts Forever, a crime thriller, was published in 2010 and was long-listed for "Vodafone-Crossword Book Award 2011. MRP : `250/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World Pages:240 MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World Pages:272 POPULARLY KNOWN AS THE JOHN GRISHAM OF INDIA. 12 THE JOURNEY OF OUR LOVE THE DIARY OF MY LOVE ISBN : 9789390441433 Anushkaa and Ayush work together, and are trying to chase their dreams. Their lives look well-planned when they part ways. But things have changed quite a bit when we meet after years. This is a motivational story of how they pick up lost threads to change their life. Anushkaa is trying to chase her dreams after fate broke her heart. She meets Abhimanyu along the way and sparks fly! They fall in love with each other’s imperfections. "Inspirational, soulful and deeply romantic ..." - The Times of India DEESHA SANGANI MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World Pages:208 ISBN : 9788194790815 MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages:176 Based on true events Will love claim Anushkaa's heart again? Will she accept Abhimanyu? There are many surprises in store for Anushkaa and Abhimanyu as they venture into The Journey of Our Love. 13 DEESHA SANGANI A LOVE STORY BY DESTINY ISBN : 9789387022676 Avanni Singh is amazed when she meets Kiran Kapoor, her lover’s namesake. But even more astonishing is, that his beloved shares her name. It seems like some prank by fate but becomes an adventure they would never forget. She is a bestselling author of six books and is based out of Bangalore. She is a certified Personal Empowerment Coach, Relationship Affinity Coach, a motivational speaker and podcaster. She is an inspiration for many who want to live their dreams while balancing a successful corporate life. MRP : `199/- Format: Paperback ����������������� Audio-visual; World Pages:192 14 NOT WITHOUT YOUR LOVE ARVIND PARASHAR MESSED UP! BUT ALL FOR LOVE ISBN : 9789382665847 Neil and Gauri are a doting young married couple, whereas Drishti and Somesh are bored of their mundane lives. A meeting with Neil and his friends in Cuba changes everything. Messed Up! But All For Love. Opened at #1 Bestseller in pre-orders; bestseller since release ������������������������ MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages:200 ISBN : 9789390441556 Kabir agrees to go to Afghanistan as a spy, but his real motive is to unite with the love of his life – Noosh. After multiple setbacks and betrayals in a war situaiton, he takes it upon himself to fight for love. Spread over years, Not Without Your Love is a story of unresolved hatred and lasting friendships, of suspicions and unwavering faith, and of the power of true love that beats all odds. MRP : `225/- Format: Paperback ������������������World Pages:224 SOON TO BE A MOTION PICTURE 15 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE ISBN : 9789387022423 Neil and Gauri are holidaying in Cuba, not knowing that the selfie they send back to their daughter in India will be their last, before they are attacked by mysterious men. LOST IN LOVE ISBN : 9789387022119 Dumped by Arya, Neil was completely shattered. Till one fine day, when Gauri entered his life. Arvind Parashar is a best-selling author and painter hailing from Dehradun. He has been a corporate leader in various firms. He enjoys road trips and gives motivational lectures at various educational institutes. MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World Pages:176 MRP : `175/- Format: Paperback ������������������Audio-visual; World, except Hindi Pages:176 16