Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

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Summary of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset Warm Up • Write down: • One thing you have always been good at • One think you think you’ll never be good at • One thing you weren’t good at but became good at over time. Fixed Mindset Common Phrases by people with Fixed Mindsets: I’m bad at… I’m not as smart as… I’ll never understand… I’m going to fail… People who believe their basic qualities, like intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. Growth Mindset Common Phrases by people with Growth Mindset: I can… I will… I want to… I am determined to… I work hard at… I believe… Brains and talents are just the starting point People believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset Intelligence is fixed. Intelligence can change. Angered or discouraged by criticism. Active and responsive to criticism. Valuing only the end results. Valuing the entire process. A desire for approval. Satisfaction from the growth along the journey. Failure is the worst thing ever. An opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Avoids Challenges. Views Challenges as an Opportunity. Activity What Happens When Someone Has Growth Mindset?? They keep trying until they succeed They learn from feedback They put forth effort They view mistakes as opportunities They love new challenges They are not afraid to fail They get inspired by others They ask for help They know progress takes time They love learning The “Yet” Challenge The word “yet” can change disparaging sentences into positive ones, promoting growth. Add the word “yet” to sentences that include “can’t” or “Don’t,” because it reverses the negative connotation Challenge Add yet to the end of any sentences like these: • I can’t do algebra. • I don’t have the skills to run for an entire mile. • I don’t understand MLA format. 1 Write down in a notebook every time you say something similar and add the word yet to the end. 2 Read them back to yourself 5 times after writing them down. 3

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