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Summary of GRIEVING - CAMH

If any of this information is incorrect or outdated, or if there are additional organizations or programs that would b e helpful to include, please e-mail the information to us at [email protected] This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. GRIEVING Where to go when you’re looking for help What is grief? Grief is a natural and necessary reaction to loss. People can experience grief when a person or pet dies, but grief can also be felt after any important loss, like the loss of a job, relationship or independence from a disability. It is also common to feel grief after being diagnosed with an illness or health problem. Grief can cause strong, and sometimes overwhelming, feelings. Normal symptoms of grief can be similar to those of depression, except that these symptoms normally pass within a few months of the loss. Grieving can also cause a range of reactions. People often say they feel numb for the first month after a loss, when they have difficulty feeling any emotion. Or they may feel relief if the person who died has been suffering. Grieving can also elicit a stabbing pain that lessens, but doesn’t completely disappear, with time. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross identified five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance; more recently her co-author, David Kessler, has added meaning as the sixth state. These stages aren’t felt in any specific order, and they aren’t the same for each person. People don’t have to experience each stage, but if they do, how long and intensely they experience each stage will vary. What are some options? Many people process grief with the support of loved ones and other strategies for self-care. But some people many need extra support from a mental health professional. Grief counselling helps people through the unique difficulties of grief. Peer support groups and family therapy may also be helpful. Bereaved Families of Ontario – Toronto 250 Merton St., Toronto, ON 416 440-0290 [email protected] Page 2 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. Services offered: Eight-week bereavement support groups for parents, spouses, young adults and adults: open groups are held throughout the year, and closed groups run at least three times a year Eligibility: Bereaved family and friends; you must complete an intake before your first group Referral: Self-referral Bereaved Families of Ontario 12 locations across Ontario, see website for details [email protected] Services offered: Six-week closed groups for adults, seven-week groups for children four to 13, one-day teen workshops for ages 13 to 19, one-on-one support, lending library, reading material package on various topics can be mailed out; programs facilitated by trained volunteers who are grieving themselves Eligibility: Ages four and older Referral: Call the affiliate in your area: phone numbers and e-mails of each area office available on the website Catholic Family Services Toronto See website for locations 416 921-1163 ext. 2227 Services offered: Parish-based peer support and counselling for bereavement, separation and divorce (New Beginnings) Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing (GRASP) St. Bonaventure Church, 1300 Leslie St., North York, ON 647 274-3224 [email protected] Services offered: A community of help, compassion and understanding for families or individuals who have had a loved one die as a result of substance misuse or addiction; groups held Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Referral: Pre-registration is required for new attendees Note: This is a non-denominational group; although it is in a church, it is not church-based Jewish Family and Child 4600 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON 416 638-7800 ext. 6234 (intake) Services offered: Six-week bereavement groups: one for widows and widowers over the age of 65, another for widows and widowers under the age of 65 and a third for people who lost a parent as an adult Eligibility: All are welcome Fee: $100 per person, but available on a sliding scale Hospital-Based Counselling Page 3 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. Most hospitals provide grief counselling through their spiritual care department. Centre for Addictionand Mental Health 100 Stokes St., room 5274, Toronto, ON 416 535-8501 ext. 32175 Services offered: One-on-one grief counselling for clients and families Referral: People who are not currently CAMH clients can be referred by their psychiatrist or GP if services are required for more than two or three sessions Eligibility: Current CAMH clients or family members who have experienced a loss Scarborough and Rouge Hospital 3050 Lawrence Ave. E., Scarborough, ON 416 438-2911 ext. 5334 [email protected] Services offered: One-on-one support counselling during the grief and bereavement process, which is offered by a spiritual care practitioner who is also a psychotherapist Eligibility: People who have experienced the death of a parent, partner, child or friend Referral: Self-referral or referral through a doctor Support Services The HOPE Program 1 800 883-6094 [email protected] Services offered: Program that provides confidential support to military families who have lost a loved one Eligibility: Military family members Referral: Self-referral Soaring Spirits International 2828 Cochran St. #194, Simi Valley, CA 877 671-4071 [email protected] Services offered: A widowed community offering widowed men and women understanding, friendship, inspiration and encouragement after the loss of a partner; provides information, resources, a widowed forum with 24/7 chat and forums, Camp Widow and a pen pal program Eligibility: Contact them by phone or e-mail above Turner & Porter: Community of People Extending Support (COPE) Page 4 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. 2357 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON (and other locations in Mississauga and Etobicoke) 416 767-6793 Services offered: A six-week support group for people who have experienced the death of someone near to them, and then monthly group meetings for additional support Eligibility: People over the age of 18 Referral: Call or go online to register Fee: None WoodGreen Community Services 815 Danforth Ave., main floor, Toronto, ON 416 645-6000 ext. 5260 Services offered: Individual and group bereavement support (includes service referral, service navigation and co- ordination when required) to individuals and families Referral: Call to register Fee: None Suicide and Bereavement CMHA Middlesex Suicide Bereavement Support See website for locations in Middlesex 519 434-9191 ext. 244 [email protected] Services offered: Support by telephone or in-person (in Middlesex), including one-on-one counselling, support groups, workshops and education Eligibility: People affected by death by suicide Toronto Distress Centres, Survivor Support Program 10 Trinity Sq., Toronto, ON 416 595-1716 [email protected] Services offered: One-on-one counselling and support for individuals or families provided by trained and supervised volunteer teams, follow-up group meetings, telephone support, consultation and debriefing for professionals and community members affected by suicide or homicide Eligibility: Adult family members and friends who have experienced a death by suicide or homicide Referral: Self-referral Note: Support sessions held at various locations, including in-home Page 5 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. Children and Youth Bereaved Families of Ontario – Toronto/What’s Up Walk-In 1200 Markham Rd., suite 200, Toronto, ON 416 440-0290 Services offered: Services for those who are grieving a homicide, suicide or death due to natural causes; groups are held Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Eligibility: Youth between the ages of 13 and 19 Referral: Drop-in Dr. Jay Children’s Grief Centre 250 Davisville Ave., suite 405, Toronto, ON 416 360-1111 [email protected] Services offered: Grief counselling to dying children and to children whose parent or sibling is dying; bereavement program services also include family events, therapeutic groups and Camp Erin, a weekend bereavement camp for children and youth age six to 17; counselling is provided in the home while the family member is palliative, and at their centre once the person has died Eligibility: Families with children under 21; for children age 4 or younger, support is offered mainly to parents and/or caregivers (all parents and caregivers are eligible for parenting support) Referral: Referrals are accepted from any source, including self-referrals; download the referral form from their website Regesh Family and Child Services 149 Willowdale Ave., lower level, Toronto, ON 416 495-8832 [email protected] Services offered: Play therapy program for children coping with grief and loss, serious illness of a family member, adoption or foster care, bullying, abuse, violence and/or poor self-esteem Eligibility: Children ages four to 12 Referral: Call for an appointment Fee: Sliding scale based on income Hospice and Palliative Care Canadian Virtual Hospice [email protected] Page 6 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. Services offered: A Canada-wide website that provides information about palliative care associations, drug/benefit programs, home care programs, residential hospices and other programs and services The Dorothy Ley Hospice 220 Sherway Dr., Etobicoke, ON 416 626-0116 Services offered: Bereavement care; one-on-one or group support for caregivers, families and friends anticipating a loss or dealing with the aftermath of a death; referrals to other community services as needed Hospice Palliative Care Ontario 2 Carlton St., suite 808, Toronto, ON 416 979-9779 ext. 28 Services offered: Information and links to Ontario-based palliative care services and bereavement support groups The Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care 60 Murray St., 4th floor, Toronto, ON 416 586-4800 ext. 7884 [email protected] Services offered: Physical, emotional and spiritual support to adults who are dying at home Eligibility: People in certain areas of the GTA; see their website for a map outlining their service area Referral: No referral required for a patient already being seen at the centre; if new to the centre, they need a referral from a doctor or CCAC for palliative care Resources For additional resources, see listings on grief and bereavement provided by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO): Understanding Grief CMHA Ontario. Understanding and coping with loss and grief. Retrieved from CMHA. (2014). Grieving. Retrieved from web.pdf Wolfelt, A.D. (2003). Understanding Your Grief: Ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart. Fort Collins, CO: Companion Press. Page 7 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. Wolfelt, A.D. (2004). The Understanding Your Grief Journal: Exploring the ten essential touchstones. Fort Collins, CO: Companion Press. Grieving the Loss of a Child Fox, S. (2010). Creating a New Normal . . . After the Death of a Child. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse. Rosof, B.D. (1994). The Worst Loss: How families heal from the death of a child. New York, NY: Owl Books. Wolfelt, A.D. (2002). Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart: 100 practical ideas after your child dies. Fort Collins, CO: Companion Press. Meditations on Grief Devine, M. (2017). It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand. Boulder, CO: Sounds True. Feinberg, L. (1994). I’m Grieving as Fast as I Can: How young widows and widowers can cope and heal. Far Hills, NJ: New Horizon Press. Kessler, D. & Kubler-Ross, E. (2014.) On Grief and Grieving: Finding the meaning of grief through the five stages of loss. New York, NY: Scribner. Kubler-Ross, E. On Death and Dying. New York, NY: Scribner. Rando, T.A. (1988). How to Go on Living When Someone You Love Dies. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books. Samuel, J. (2018). Grief Works: Stories of life, death and surviving. Toronto, ON: Doubleday Canada. Whitmore Hickman, M. (1994). Healing After Loss: Daily meditations for working through grief. New York, NY: Avon Books. For Children For ages four to 11, see: 11.pdf Buscaglia, L. (1982). The Fall of Freddy the Leaf: A story of life for all ages. Thorofare, NJ: SLACK Inc. Thomas, P. (2012). I Miss You: A first look at death. New York, NY: Barron’s Educational Series. For Youth and Young Adults See reading list at 11.pdf Fitzgerald, H. (2000). The Grieving Teen: A guide for teenagers and their friends. New York, NY: Fireside. Page 8 of 8 This resource list is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by CAMH or guarantee any particular outcome. For Women Who Have Lost their Mothers Edelman, H. (2014). Motherless Daughters: The legacy of loss. Boston, MA: Da Capo Press. Suicide Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. (2011). Hope and Healing After Suicide: A practical guide for people who have lost someone to suicide in Ontario. Toronto, ON: Author. This book can be downloaded for free at: en.pdf Fine, C. (1997). I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving the suicide of a loved one. New York, NY: Broadway Books. 2018 5686n-06/2018

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