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Summary of Growth Mindset GÇ£Do-NowGÇ¥ Reflections

Brainology® Do-Nows Copyright ©2007-2014 Mindset Works, Inc. All rights reserved. Growth Mindset “Do-Now” Reflections These prompts are provided as a “Do-Now” activity to begin class with a quiet growth minded reflection at (or before) the bell. Project or post the prompt as students enter the room and provide time to write, reflect, and share. Read students’ “Do-Now”s so that you have a sense of your students’ current mindsets. Student Directions: Take 5 minutes to write a response to the thinking prompt below. Your response should be 50-100 words long. Challenges 1. What is the biggest challenge you are facing today? Explain why and how this is challenging you. What do you intend to do about it? 2. What is a problem you are dealing with right now? If someone were giving you advice about how to solve your problem, what do you think they would say? 3. What is a problem or issue you are dealing with right now? If a friend had the same problem, what would you advise THEM to do? Why? 4. What advice would you give to a student who was struggling with this class? Explain using language from the growth mindset graphic or effective effort rubric. 5. How could you challenge yourself more in this class? Write about a way that you could stretch to improve your performance or get better results. 6. In life, do you want things to be easy or challenging? Explain. 7. What do you dread learning about? How could you take actions that would make it better, easier or more enjoyable for you? Failure 8. What makes you feel like a failure? Why? 9. What advice would you give to a student who tried out for a school sports team and was not accepted? 10. What would you say to a friend who had just failed at something they really wanted to do well at? 11. What is the best mistake you have ever made? Why? Brainology® Do-Nows Copyright ©2007-2014 Mindset Works, Inc. All rights reserved. 12. Why do you think that people lie about their failures? How do you recommend people handle failure? 13. Sabotage is something that people do to destroy or ruin a plan. Have you ever done things to sabotage yourself? Explain. Growth and Fixed Mindsets 14. Write about something you did this week that is a good example of the growth mindset. What did you do/say/think? Explain how the example is growth minded. 15. Write about something you did this week that was fixed minded. What did you do/say/think? Explain how you could have been more growth minded. 16. We have learned about the Growth Mindset. What is a movie or TV character who is a great example of a growth mindset? Explain why. 17. What is a song that has lyrics that are growth minded? Explain. 18. Do you notice anyone in your life who is behaving in a fixed minded way? Describe what they are doing that is holding them back. 19. What have you done today that is an example of the growth mindset? Explain. 20. If you were to explain the growth mindset to someone who had never heard of it, what would you say? Inspiration 21. Who inspires you? Explain why and how. 22. Is there something that you decided as a child that is not within your reach (you think you could never do it?)? What is that thing? Thinking about what you know now about the brain and learning, do you think you could change your expectation of yourself? Why/why not? 23. What makes you feel like a success? Why? 24. Have your goals changed this year? Why or why not? 25. What are you passionate about learning? What do you get excited about learning? Why? 26. If someone were about to give up on a dream, what would you tell him or her? Practice Brainology® Do-Nows Copyright ©2007-2014 Mindset Works, Inc. All rights reserved. 27. If someone could help you to get better at something, what would you want to get better at? Explain why you want to be good at this. 28. Has there ever been something that you were not good at in the beginning, but then through practice you became good at it? Explain. 29. Describe what it feels like to work hard for something. 30. What advice would you give to someone who was terribly nervous about an upcoming event or performance? 31. If you love a topic, subject, or idea, what should you do to make sure that you learn it well? 32. If you need it, do you ask for help? Who from? Why or why not? Case Studies 33. Jacobi has a huge project due in Science class in 8 days. The project includes a 6 page lab report, a visual aide and a 3 minute presentation. Give Jacobi advice for how to prepare for the next 8 days. 34. Rayna needs to perform a new song on the piano in 5 days at a school concert. She knows the song well, but is so nervous to perform it for others that she is thinking about dropping out of the performance. What advice would you give Rayna? 35. Sergio is in a class where the end-of-course tests are worth 50% of the overall grade. End-of-course exams are in 4 weeks. What would you recommend to Sergio as a strategy for performing very well on the exam? 36. Madison is used to getting all A’s (and some B’s) and has just started a new charter school. The classes are more challenging and her grades have begun to slip. This school is focused on the major she planned for college, but she got her first C- on a test and is worried. What advice would you give her?

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