Growth Mindset Thinking Scenario Replace fixed thoughts

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Summary of Growth Mindset Thinking Scenario Replace fixed thoughts

Growth Mindset Thinking Scenario Replace fixed thoughts With growth thoughts I get an answer wrong. I am stupid I’ll never get it right This doesn’t matter anyway I can get this I might be able to learn something from this Struggling with this will increase my ability to persist and overcome other challenges A classmate solves a problem more quickly than you. I’m always so slow S/he has more natural ability in math I’m just not good at math I wish I had his/her brain. This is my journey Understanding is more important than speed I’ll be there soon with practice I can ask them how they approach the problem. Teacher asks a question in class If I get this wrong the teacher will think I’m stupid. If I try I may look dumb. If I don’t try then no one will know I can’t do it. No way am I going to get this wrong in front of everyone. There is no harm in trying. This is a great chance for feedback. It doesn’t matter what others think of me when I’m learning. Trying is the first step to learning I don’t know what s/he is talking about—let me ask a question I get an answer right and others get it wrong. Look how smart I am. Ha, that was easy—they are slow. I’m glad I’m better at this than they are. Do I understand? How did I learn this? How can I explain this? How can I change the question to challenge myself? I’m going to fail. People will know I’m a loser. I can’t do this. I don’t think this way. What can I learn from this? How can I improve? How can I help others understand? I can figure this out. I am growing my brain with this different way of thinking. I can’t do this yet. Some Youtube video on Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset (4:05) (5:03) (3:32) Growth Mindset (2:57) Mindsets: Fixed Versus Growth (2:19)

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