How to Encourage Healthy Body Image at School

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Summary of How to Encourage Healthy Body Image at School

How to Encourage Healthy Body Image at School • Introduce students to a variety of images that reflect diverse • physical abilities • body sizes • outward appearances through reading materials, posters and homework assignments. • Continue to reinforce the message that bodies come naturally in all shapes, sizes, weights and colours – and that all bodies are to be respected. • When discussing bullying, include examples, such as: • a child being excluded from the group • a child getting teased about his/her weight or shape • When teaching about puberty, discuss the natural weight gain that precedes major growth spurts for boys and girls. (The average weight gain can be included in the discussion.) • Teach children that all bodies are good bodies. Encourage them to accept their bodies and care for them by practising healthy habits and being kind to themselves. • Compare food to fuel (ex: Just like a car needs “fuel” to continue operating, you need “food” to continue growing and developing in a healthy way). Explain the importance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a healthy diet. Teach kids to eat for energy, health and pleasure. • Promote physical activity because it is fun and supports good mental and physical health. Changing children’s body shapes and sizes should never be the goal. • Avoid using measurements of body size (ex: scales, calipers, weight tables) as indicators of health. • Choose respectful language when discussing bodies and health. • Examine your own values and beliefs about body size and weight. Model a healthy body image and a flexible approach to eating and exercise. Teacher Resources • Beyond Images (National Eating Disorder Information Centre, Canada) Lesson plans for Grades 4-8 exploring key issues around body image and self-esteem as well as media messaging and critical thinking skills. • Body Image Friendly School Resources (Australia) • Healthy Bodies: Teaching Kids What They Need to Know (Kathy Kater, USA) Lesson plans for Grades 4-6 teaching about body image, eating, fitness and weight concerns. Adaptable for all ages. curriculum/ • The Student Body: Promoting Health At Every Size (Ontario) Teacher Training Modules About Media and Peer Pressure, Healthy Eating, Active Living, Teasing, Adult Role Models, School Climate

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