Interfaith Spiritual Care

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Summary of Interfaith Spiritual Care

The twofold overarching concern of the project leading to this publication is to foster reflection and enhance the practice of inter- faith spiritual care in health care institutions and beyond. Endorsed by the Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling, the book meets the following goals: • to explore the dynamics of interfaith spiritual care as a work of practical and pastoral theology; • to identify reliable guidelines for com- petent practice and duly contextualized interfaith spiritual care; • to invite further conversation and collaboration among practitioners and scholars. This book is intended for chaplains, pastors, Clinical Pastoral Education students, and other caregivers such as counselors and psychotherapists, both in training and al- ready in practice. Coming from Pandora Press in March 2009 Understandings and Practices Daniel S. Schipani and Leah Dawn Bueckert, editors Interfaith Spiritual Care Introduction Part I — Practical and Pastoral Theology of Interfaith Spiritual Care An unprecedented collaborative study involving a theo- logical school and a regional hospital. Windows to pastoral care in interfaith situations 1. A journey of soul companioning: personal, vocational, and ministry reflections Joseph F. Viti 2. Stepping into the borderlands: prayer with people of different faiths Leah Dawn Bueckert Bases of a theological framework for interfaith pastoral care 3. Biblical foundations: challenges and possibilities of interfaith caregiving Daniel S. Schipani 4. A Lutheran chaplain’s nine theses on interfaith care ministry John D. Peterson Other windows to competent ministry practice 5. A chaplain reflects on caring for a Jewish family William Griffith 6. Explorations I: Applying an interpretive framework Daniel S. Schipani and Leah Dawn Bueckert 7. Explorations II: Hawaiin chaplains reflect on interfaith care A group contribution 8. Explorations III: An exercise in pastoral-theological imagination Daniel S. Schipani and Leah Dawn Bueckert 9. Interfaith care in public and faith based hospitals Cornel G. Rempel Part II — Interfaith Spiritual Care in Diverse Cultural Contexts The expanding field of interfaith spiritual care and the commonalities and differences encountered in a variety of culturally-specific settings in diverse countries. 10. Different lyrics but the same tune: Multifaith spiritual care in a Canadian context Pam Driedger 11. Competencies for pastoral work in multicultural and multifaith societies Anke Flohr 12. Interfaith spiritual care: A view from Brazil James Farris 13. The sacralization of identity: an interfaith spiri- tual care paradigm for chaplaincy in a multifaith context Lindsay B. Carey, Ron Davoren, and Jeffrey Cohen 14. “How is it that you, a Jew, ask a drink of me ...?”: A study of interfaith care in a Norwegian context Iselin Jørgensen 15. Interreligious and intercultural pastoral care and counseling: Notes from a German perspective Helmut Weiss 16. Individualization—Migration—Globalization: A Protestant perspective on interfaith spiritual caregiving in the hospitals of Switzerland Tabitha Walther 17. The junction of the seas: Interfaith spiritual care in the Netherlands Ari van Buuren, Mualla Kaya, and Bart Ten Broek Epilogue Interfaith Spiritual Care Understandings and Practices Daniel S. Schipani and Leah Dawn Bueckert, editors