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Summary of Job Interview - Success Series

ph: +61 3 9686 9677 fax: +61 3 9686 7577 free call (Aust.): 1800 774 777 14 DVD set SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE AU$1995 JISSSET 1-3 AU $275 each 4-9 AU $220 each 10-13 AU $187 each A practical and comprehensive library resource for schools, institutes, universities and job centres. This dynamic new series uses a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information to help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. A must for everyone wanting to succeed at job interviews, especially young people and those who lack confidence. 1. Job Interviews – No Surprises JISS1/ISBN 978-1-921409-03-5 Young job seeker with no experience, unemployed or wanting a better job? Find out what to expect like question types, panels, role plays, work tests and even group challenges. 2. Positive Mindset for Interviews JISS2/ISBN 978-1-921409-04-2 Learn some strategies for developing a positive attitude for interviews. Use positive scripts to build confidence and overcome anxiety. See the benefit of coaching and find out how dressing for success and using positive body language will always give you an edge. 3. Skills for Answering Questions JISS3/ISBN 978-1-921409-05-9 Job interviews are based on a wide range of questions. Learn how to give winning responses and create an opportunity to weave in your strengths and sell yourself. Hear some good answers to difficult questions, including behavioural based scenario questions. 4. Show Enthusiasm & Confidence JISS4/ISBN 978-1-921409-06-6 There are lots of ways you can show your enthusiasm and confidence – even walking in off the street, or lacking experience. Be proactive, know about the business, show interest, provide examples and remember to ask great questions. 5. Receptionist Interviews JISS5/ISBN 978-1-921409-07-3 Kirra, Charlotte and Rochelle lack experience, but try for the job of receptionist. They get experience in job interviews – but none are successful. The employer provides valuable advice about how to improve. 6. Café Interviews – Mistakes & Success JISS6/ISBN 978-1-921409-08-0 Young job seekers will smile at the 12 classic mistakes made by Tasha, Kirra and Charlotte. See how they overcome their lack of experience and turn their interview performances into success by showing enthusiasm and initiative. 2008 Job INtERvIEw SuCCESS SERIES NEw 2008 release! Developed by psychologist Eve Ash. Job Interview Success Series ph: +61 3 9686 9677 fax: +61 3 9686 7577 free call (Aust.): 1800 774 777 7. Event Assistant Interviews JISS7/ISBN 978-1-921409-09-7 Dustin, Kirra and Charlotte are three young job seekers with virtually no experience. They are interviewed for an event assistant job and have a lot of questions to answer, and that’s not all they will have to do! 8. Customer Service Role Plays JISS8/ISBN 978-1-921409-10-3 Tasha, Dustin, Charlotte and Sally are put to the test when they are each confronted by an unexpected role play scenario as part of their interview. Learn how to do well even in challenging situations, and even if you have never before been to an interview. Sally’s coaching session gives excellent advice for first time interviewees. 9. Cadetships – Students Face a Panel JISS9/ISBN 978-1-921409-11-0 Cam and James are school-leavers who have been successful with their online cadetship applications, but did not expect to walk into such a large interview panel with a minefield of questions. See them struggle through a barrage of scenario questions. 10. Group Assessment Interview JISS10/ISBN 978-1-921409-12-7 Five very different applicants are thrown into a group interview in an assessment centre with on the spot performance challenges. Hear the panel of five assessors compare the performances of Mat, Anna, Sally, Stu and Dustin. Learn more about what to expect and how to present. 11. Graduate Interviews JISS11/ISBN 978-1-921409-13-4 Mat and Anna perform extremely well in their corporate interviews with a panel of two interviewers. It’s a close result – but what will determine who succeeds in getting the job? 12. Office Interview – Confidence & Persistence JISS12/ISBN 978-1-921409-14-1 Ben demonstrates the importance of confidence and persistence. After missing the closing date for an office administration job, Ben calls and convinces the manager to interview him. His persistence pays off and he presents extremely well, demonstrating a range of excellent skills. 13. Success at Every Level JISS13/ISBN 978-1-921409-15-8 Three experienced applicants apply for different jobs in the same company – all being interviewed by one HR manager, and all doing very well. Erin goes for a reception job, Sofia is interviewed for a Property Manager’s job and Simon wants the job of Senior Sales Agent. 14. Pitching Your business JISS14/ISBN 978-1-921409-16-5 Learn 20 practical tips when pitching your business – with no brochures, AV or previous referral – to someone who does not need or want what you are offering. Whilst this interview is face to face it could also be done by phone. Find out how to turn objections into opportunities. Job Interview Success Series 2 2008 Job IntervIew SucceSS SerIeS