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Summary of June, 2017 New Age, No. 292

Newsletter June, 2017 New Age, No. 292 Index The voice of the President ....... 3 Event of the month .................. 4 Press Releases .......................... 5 Recommendations ................... 8 Article of the month ................ 9 Book of the month ................. 10 Carta de Novedades, Nueva Época, No. 292, junio 2017, es una Publicación mensual editada por la Comisión Nacio- nal de los Derechos Humanos, Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Delegación Magdalena Contreras, C. P. 10200, Ciudad de México, Teléfonos (55) 56 81 81 25 y 54 90 74 00, Lada sin costo 01800 715 2000, www.cndh.org.mx. Editor responsable: Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH. Lic. Héctor Daniel Dávalos MArtínez. Reserva de Derechos al Uso Exclusivo No. 04-2015-050410012300-203, otorgada por el Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor, ISSN: en trámite. Responsable de la última actualización de este Número, Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH, Lic. Juan Carlos Villalobos López, Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, 1922, 1er piso, Col. Tlacopac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C. P. 01049, Ciudad de México, fecha de la última modificación 30 de junio de 2017. Las opiniones expresadas por los autores no necesariamente reflejan la postura del editor de la publicación. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial de los contenidos e imágenes de la publicación sin previa autoriza- ción de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos. 3 THE NATIONAL OMBUDSMAN CALLS TO OVERCOME THE INDIFFERENCE FOR SITUATIONS THAT DENY DIGNITY AND CANCEL OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS DGC/216/17 June 29, 2017 The National Ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, called so- ciety and authorities to not close their eyes or to pretend the no- nexistence of exploitation, vio- lence and maltreatment against children and adolescents. He also pointed out that: “we cannot stay indifferent, as facing situations that deny their dignity and cancel their possibilities to a harmonic and full development”. He highlighted that the is- sues and the challenges that are presented for the respect and the validity of children´s and ado- lescents´ human rights are these ones: to ensure that they are con- sidered as subjects of rights and not only as objects of legal protec- tion, until the emergence of ways and means that provide them with effective access to justice. For these it is necessary joint and articulated actions from authori- ties and society. He noted the importance on raising the visibility and atten- ding themes such as the work that children have done as agri- cultural employees or boys, girls and adolescents who are migra- ting. These both issues demand urgent attention and action, be- cause they deny a future and the possibilities to a dignified life to them, and it is a right they own. Before Luis Raúl González opened the forum of analysis ca- lled “The Rights of Children and Adolescents in Mexico, the 2030 Agenda”, he pointed out that the main direction of the ODS are “Not leaving anyone behind”. This motto advise us the special importance of public policies that attend the childhood and the ado- lescence, because the main obsta- cles for the materialization of so- cial equality, access to justice and human rights fulfillment , find its origin on structural issues that need to be identified in order to design affordable solutions. He referred that according with data produced by the Uni- versity UNAM, in our country there are 3.6 million of children between 5 and 17 years old that work. This is not only affecting their rights, but also it reduced their life expectancy as conse- quence of an exposure to a condi- tion of vulnerability. He also said that the ODS and human rights have an interconnectedness, and for that reason the ODS´s fulfill- ment provides a positive reaction to the enjoyment of people´s hu- man rights. In the other hand, wi- thout the appropriate protection of human rights and their gua- rantees, it would be impossible to access to its full contentment. He emphasized that the 2030 Agenda goals address to make effective elemental rights such as health, education, substanti- ve equity, to a life free of violen- ce, and to prioritize severe social problems attention such as pover- ty and social inequality. Besides, it assimilates gender perspecti- ves, life cycle and public policies mainstreaming. He expressed that this forum´s results will have a positive impact in the path that we, as a society and country, still have to travel in order to reach the full applicability of human rights. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Co- municados/2017/Com_2017_216.pdf The voice of the President New Age, No. 292 INDEX 4 New Age, No. 292 Event of the month POVERTY, EXTREME POVERTY AND VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS ARE THE MAIN REASON FOR THE ANALYSIS FORUM ABOUT THEIR RIGHTS AND THE UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 2030 AGENDA June 24, 2017 The Forum of Analysis called “Childhood and Adolescence in Mexico and the 2030 Sustainable Develop- ment Agenda” was organized by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the International Organization Childfund on June 29 and 30 of this year, at the Royal Pedregal Hotel, in Mexico City. The people who assisted to the event are: the President of the National Human Rights Commission, Luis Raúl González Pérez; Jan Jarab, Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights; Rober- to Campa Cifrián, Deputy Secretary for Human Rights at the Ministry of the Interior; Christian Skoog, Representative of UNICEF Mexico; Esmeralda Arosemena de Troitiño, Rapporteur on Childhood rights at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission; Víctor Alberto Giorgi Gómez, General Director of the Inter-American Institute of Children and Adolescents; Daniel Ponce Vázquez, Representative of the Execu- tive Secretary of the National Integral Protection System of Children and Adolescents; Ismael Eslava Pérez and Héctor Dávalos Martínez, First General Visitor and the Executive Secretary of the CNDH, respectively. This Forum is a sign of the commitment that the CNDH and ChildFund have upon the defense and promotion of childhood´s and adolescents´ rights. Likewise, it offers an opportunity to strengthen the coo- peration between the public private and social sector. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Comunicados/2017/Com_2017_209.pdf INDEX 5 New Age, No. 292 Press Releases THE CNDH CONFIRMS ITS COMMITMENT WITH FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND WITH THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION, AND EXPRESSES ITS SOLIDARITY WITH JOURNALISTS June 7, 2017 DGC/186/17 The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) reiterates its commitment with freedom of expression and with the right to information; it expresses its solidarity and support to journalists, mainly to those who have been victims, because of their professional exercise. It requires authorities to clarify facts and combat prevailing impunity, instigated by the structural crisis that is suffering the law enforcement in our country. We are commemorating the World Press Freedom Day in Mexico in a year in which seven journalists were murdered; it is 5% of the total amount registered in the last 17 years, and with an important number of grievances, intimidations and threats to other communicators and news media. These facts reflect the resurgence of the attacks on freedom of speech, the vulnerability in which members of this group are and the lack of effective mechanisms to investigate those violations. This situation also shows the weakness of our law enforcement system. In this sense, the CNDH underlines the importance for this journalist and their families that have been victims to exercise their right to truth, in order that those facts does not prevail within impunity and for the people, in general, to know the truth of what happened and to live in peace. This National Commission affirms that authorities of the three government branches should create safe environments so that jour- nalists can make their work without fears, without bonds, threats and victimizations, and for media and communicators to be determinants of a free society and the democratic development. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Comunicados/2017/Com_2017_186.pdf INDEX 6 New Age, No. 292 Press Releases THE CNDH, UNHCHR AND OAXACA´S GOVERNMENT ANALYZED NOCHIXTLAN CASE AND SEVERAL HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES, FROM A PERSPECTIVE OF DIALOGUE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT FULFILLMENT June 16, 2017 DGC/197/17 The meeting was celebrated by the Governor of Oaxaca´s state, Alejandro Murat Hinojosa; the representative of the United Na- tions High Commissioner for Human Rights, Jan Jarab and the President of the National Human Rights Commission Luis Raúl González Pérez. They addressed an agenda integrated by 4 points. They all talk and analyzed is- sues such as: i) the strengthening of policies´ capacities in Oaxaca; ii) the fulfillment and protection of human rights; iii) the creation of protocols and; iv) the stren- gthening of the security com- mands, mainly when the three government branches participate. Likewise, they agreed on the review of the criminal investiga- tions upon the facts occurred one year ago in Asunción Nochixtán, Oaxaca, which are alleged human rights violations. They highligh- ted that in the solutions to these problems, it must prevail the dia- logue and the respect for the rule of law. In addition, they discussed upon the implementation of the prior, free, informed and of good will consultation, a right that belongs to the indigenous peo- ples in all the actions that tend to implement public policies for a comprehensive regional deve- lopment. Finally, they conversed about preventive attention and, where appropriate, exhaustive in- vestigations of human rights vio- lations that affect defenders and journalists. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/ Comunicados/2017/Com_2017_197.pdf INDEX 7 New Age, No. 292 Press Releases CNDH AFFIRMS THAT OLDER ADULTS ARE RIGHTS´ HOLDERS AND IT URGED FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO SIGN THE INTER-AMERICAN CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THEIR PREROGATIVES DGC/201/17 June 19, 2017 The National Ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, participa- ted, together with the Governor Rubén Moreira and the Local Ombudsman, Xavier Diez de Ur- danivia, in the forum titled “Hu- man Rights of Older Adults”, in the context of the commemoration of the World Elder Abuse Aware- ness Day and the 25 Anniversary of the local Human Rights Com- mission of Coahuila´s state. During the event, he ensured that as people age, they should continue enjoying their life in a full, independent, autonomous way, with health, security, and in- tegration, and an active participa- tion in political, economic, social and cultural scopes. Therefore, he expressed the need to approach the issues that concern the el- der people from a human rights approach, and he called the fede- ral government to sign and ratify the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older. After emphasizing that con- sultations on the topic with Fede- ral Executive organisms and civil society organizations are ending, he called to intensify the results, so that the Foreign Affairs Mi- nistry initiates the respective proceedings for its signature and ratification. This fact will allow broaden older adult’s rights pro- tection, and will favor the pro- cess of harmonizing the national legislation and the establishment of mechanisms to ensure elders´ human rights protection. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Co- municados/2017/Com_2017_201.pdf AT COMMEMORATING THE WORLD REFUGEE DAY, THE CNDH CALLED TO INCREASE, REINFORCE AND PROMOTE ACTIONS THAT PROTECT REFUGEES´ AND PERSONS´ SEEKING ASYLUM OR INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION HUMAN RIGHTS. DGC/202/17 June 20, 2017 On December 4, 2000, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly declare June 20 as the World Refu- gee Day so that it can match with the 50th Anniversary of the Con- vention Relating to the Status of Refugees (1951). In the last report made by the UNHCR from 2015, “Global Tendencies”, it informed that the total number of refugees increased in a meaningful and systematic way. It showed up that 65.3 millions of people suffer dis- placement at the end of 2015, in comparison to the 59.5 million people displaced, one year before. The CNDH urged the Mexican State to continue prioritizing ac- tions for refugees’ human rights protection. It also called to assess the situation of vulnerability in which they are from a compre- hensive perspective. Consequent- ly, the government should ensu- re extraordinary measures for protection of children who are in this condition. These measures are stablished on the Mexican le- gal framework as in international treaties signed and ratified by our country. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Co- municados/2017/Com_2017_202.pdf INDEX 8 New Age, No. 292 Press Releases Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Government of Tabasco´s state About the case of obstetric violence and violations to the right of heal- thcare and life in detriment of V1, in hospitals of the Health Ministry at Tabasco´s state. RECOMMENDATION No. 24/2017 June 21, 2017 http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/ Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_024.pdf Recommendations THE CNDH REAFFIRMS ITS CALL IN ORDER TO AVOID SETBACKS UPON ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACTIONS DGC/210/17 June 25, 2017 The CNDH co- organized with the Coordination on Environ- ment of the Research Institute for Equity Development, and with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Social Development and Ener- gy, as well as the Chamber of De- puties and the Senate of the Re- public, the forum “The Right to a Healthy Environment in Mexico, 100 years since the Constitution”. The event held at the Iberoame- rican University on June 22, had the purpose of joining forces to face the challenges on healthy environment protection. During his keynote, Luis Raúl González Pérez noted the evolu- tion on international and cons- titutional law in environmental protection. Nevertheless, in this context, he said that the gap be- tween written mandate and its fulfillment remains significant. Likewise, he respectfully re- quested to defend and not to un- dermine the international coo- peration on this matter, because of decisions that some countries have adopt with false nationa- lism. This fact ignores the impor- tance of global actions in order to address phenomena such as climate change, regarding spe- cifically recent North American authorities´ determinations. http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/Co- municados/2017/Com_2017_210.pdf INDEX 9 New Age, No. 292 Recommendations Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of Oaxaca´s State About the case of the violation to the human rights to the protection of health and life in violation of V1, in the Health Center of San Miguel Coatlán of Oaxaca´s State. RECOMMENDATION No. 26/2017 June 27, 2017 http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/ Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_026.pdf Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Mexican Social Security Institute About the case of violations to the human rights of equality and non-discrimination, of legality, and to the violation of the human right of work in its modality of preven- ting access to work, committed in detriment of V, in Oaxaca´s state. RECOMMENDATION No. 25/2017 June 26, 2017 http://www.cndh.org.mx/sites/all/doc/ Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_025.pdf Article of the month New Age, No. 292 Torture in Mexico, still widely adopted ONU The rapporteur regrets to conclude once again that torture and maltreatment, still, are generalized in Mexico. Torture, which includes in worrying occa- sions the use of sexual violence, is used to punish or to get information or confessions”. Several organizations manifest that torture is widely used by security forces and investigation agents. “Despite public authorities’ declarations, there are no specific impartial and independent in- vestigations and all these are linked with the pre- vailing impunity that exists in Mexico”. The Rapporteur wants to express with worri- some his concern that according with data publi- shed by IGI, Mexico ranks in the 58th place of 59 countries that suffers the greatest levels of impu- nity. The 98 percent of felonies committed in Mexi- co remain unpunished. However, what it is more distressing is the lack of official data about charges and condemns by acts of torture. Despite the fact that the expert could not carry out the monitoring visit requested by the Mexican Government, Méndez sent a questionnaire that contains queries related with relevant recommen- dations made in his first report and conducted a consultation to the State, to 54 civil society organi- zations, and to the 33 Human Rights Commissions. http://diario.mx/Nacional/2017-02-24_0cfe228c/tortura-en-mexi- co-aun-generalizada-onu/ INDEX 10 New Age, No. 292 Book of the month CHILD LABOR: EXPLOITATION OR NEED AURELIE LEROY Nº OF PAGES: 2482 PÁGS. BINDING: SOFT COVER EDITORIAL: POPULAR LANGUAGE: SPANISH ISBN: 9788478844722 Child labor, multidimensional phenomenon aggravated by neoliberal globalization, requires from an outreach and precise answers. The occidental ideas predominance in the field determines the essence of the existing policies, and that confuse the defense of the “best interest of the child” against child labor abolition. Working children movements disprove this confusion and de- mands his/her right to have a “dignify” work. This book tries to give a closer overview to reality. https://www.casadellibro.com/li- bro-trabajo-infantilexplotacion-o-nece- sidad/9788478844722/1769353 INDEX INDEX President Luis Raúl González Pérez First General Visitor Ismael Eslava Pérez Second General Visitor Enrique Guadarrama López Third General Visitor Ruth Villanueva Castilleja Fourth General Visitor Norma Inés Aguilar León Fifth General Visitor Edgar Corzo Sosa Sixth General Visitor Jorge Ulises Carmona Tinoco Executive Secretary Héctor Daniel Dávalos Mártínez Technical Secretary of the AdvisorCouncil Joaquín Narro Lobo The CNDH Defends and protects your rights Newsletter Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Delegación Magdalena Contreras, C. P. 10200, Ciudad de México. Teléfonos (55) 56 81 81 25 y 54 90 74 00, Lada sin costo 01800 715 2000 cndh.org.mx Executive Secretary Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, 1922, 1er piso, Col. Tlacopac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C. P. 01049, Ciudad de México. Teléfono: (52 55) 17 19 20 00, ext. 8058 Fax: (52 55) 17 19 21 53. Lada sin costo: 01 800 715 2000 Correspondencia: [email protected]

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