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Summary of KINE 4233 NT; Stress Management - Acadia University

KINE 4233 NT Home: Syllabus 1/5 Dashboard / Courses / KINE 4233 NT Home / KINE 4233 / Syllabus KINE 4233 NT: Stress Management Syllabus Course Overview This course will provide students with the scientific foundations about stress and its effects and will provide opportunities to self- study and reflect on personal stressors. Strategies to help manage stress will be reviewed. The course is open to 3 and 4 year students. This course is unlike others in that the goals are: To provide introductory material on the topic (ok, that is like other courses) To provide students an individual experience To provide students with strategies that work for them To challenge students to think critically To move from Bloom’s taxonomy stages of knowledge, comprehension to application, analysis and evaluation To allow students to reflect on their experiences and to provide life-long skills for them and their loved ones. In trying to achieve these objectives, this course will provide you with numerous opportunities to learn and experience (i.e. live) the course materials. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the instructor. Instructor Dr. Murphy is an exercise physiologist who has interests in stress and stress management effects. He is a Professor in Kinesiology and the Director of the School of Kinesiology. Contact Information: School of Kinesiology Acadia University 550 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia CANADA B4P 2R6 Phone: (902) 585-1559 Fax: (902) 585-1702 E-mail: [email protected] Course Materials rd th KINE 4233 NT Home: Syllabus 2/5 REQUIRED TEXT: Greenberg, J.S. Comprehensive Stress Management. 13 Edition. McGraw Hill. 2013. e-text: ISBN-13 9780077411541, ISBN-10 0077411544 Print: ISBN-10 0073529729, ISBN-13 9780073529721 To access Library Articles and Journals from off-campus use VPN web service link for direct access. To facilitate completion of some of the assignments in this course, students could download the following free apps or similar apps: azumio Heart Rate and skypa Decibel 10 . These apps help monitor heart rate and sound levels. Evaluation Course Examination Policy Of note, students will be evaluated based on the assessment structure above and are not required to pass the final to pass the course. Introduction 3% Family Tree 12% Time management assignment (3 parts) 12% App or Article review (slides and paper) 10% Online submissions 16% Noise and stress or Occupational stress assignment 7% Stress portfolio final reflection paper 10% Final test 30% Introduction (3%) Getting to know you (1.5%) Photo of self (0.5%) Response to stress (1%) Family Tree (12%) Family tree (7%) Reflection (5%) Time management assignment (3 parts) (12%) Time Management part 1 (2%) Time Management part 2 (5%) Time Management part 3 App or Article review (slides and paper) (10%) App or Article review - paper (5%) PowerPoint review (5%) Online submissions (16%) th th KINE 4233 NT Home: Syllabus 3/5 Responding to stressful situations (1%) Physiological reactions to stress (1%) Score (introvert/extrovert) (1%) Blood pressure (1%) Lab assessments 4.2 & 4.3 (1%) Lab assessments 6.2, 6.3 & 6.4 (1%) Lab assessments 7.1 - 7.5 (1%) Recorded conversation (1%) Lab assessments 8.1 - 8.9 (1%) Lab assessments 14.1 (1%) Lab assessments 14.2 (1%) Locus of Control (1%) Heart Rate and Noise (1%) Success Chart (1%) Progressive relaxation (1%) Do you have Occupational Stress? Noise and stress or Occupational stress assignment (7%) Stress portfolio final reflection paper (10%) Final test (30%) The assignments are delivered to the instructor via assignment drop-boxes and other online tests. Please remember to put your name, student number, course number, and assignment number on the assignment and keep a copy in the event the original is lost. The last assignment should be received at least 4 weeks prior to the date you wish to write the exam. This will allow adequate processing time for the request, and for setting the exam. Note files must be readable by Excel 2007 or Word 2007. Course Schedule Click to download the suggested schedule for this course: KINE 4233 NT - Stress Management Fill in your start date and use the recommended timeline to plan out when you will do the various tasks in each module. This is a tool to help you time manage this course. If you get off-track, make sure to revisit your schedule and re-evaluate the dates you've set for yourself. This course can be completed quicker or slower than the 12 weeks outlined in the schedule, depending on your time commitment. You have 6 months to complete this course. You may set your own schedule, but if you intend to complete the course in less than 3 months, you should let me know so that we can arrange a schedule. Please do not leave all of your course work until a few weeks before your completion date. Although I will make every effort to accommodate your schedule within reason, I need time to grade assignments and mark exams.. Quick Overview: Recommended Schedule Week 1-2 Module 1 Week 2-3 Module 2 Week 3 Module 3 Week 4 Module 4 Week 5 Module 5 Week 6 Module 6 Week 7-8 Module 7 Week 9 Module 8 Week 10-11 Module 9 Week 12 Prep for final KINE 4233 NT Home: Syllabus 4/5 Exam How to apply: Complete the Application for Examination Proctored at Acadia The final exam in an online course must be passed to successfully pass the course unless otherwise stated in the assessment section of the course syllabus. There are no rewrites or supplemental examinations at Acadia University. Examination requests must be received one month prior to the date you wish to write your examination. Course requirements must be completed to the satisfaction of your instructor. Graduating Students Note: If you are graduating in Spring Convocation you must write by April 15th. If you are graduating in Fall Convocation you must write by September 15th. Proctored at Another Location If it isn't practical to take your exam at Acadia, off-campus exams can be written at another university or college. Arrangements for an examination may be made through the Registrar's Office or the Continuing Education office of most universities and colleges. If it is not possible to write your exam at an approved institution, please contact us for assistance. All fees associated with examinations written at other locations are your responsibility. Some courses may require specific software or internet accessibility at the off-campus examination location. Student Handbook You are responsible for becoming familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook. It contains important information about scheduling examinations (if applicable), applying for extensions, withdrawing from your course, ordering books, and computer and library services available to you. If you have questions about the policies outlined in the handbook, contact: Open Acadia 21 University Avenue (Rhodes Hall) Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6 Phone: 1-800-565-6568 Fax: 902-585-1068 Email: [email protected] Academic Integrity Academic integrity demands responsible use of the work of other scholars. It is compromised by academic dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism. A student who is uncertain whether or not a course of action might constitute cheating or plagiarism should seek in advance the advice of the instructor involved. Cheating is copying or the use of unauthorized aids or the intentional falsification or invention of information in any academic exercise Plagiarism is the act of presenting the ideas or words of another as one's own. Students are required to acknowledge and document the sources of ideas that they use in their written work. Self plagiarism is also a form of plagiarism. It is the presentation of the same work in more than one course without the permission of the instructors involved. A student who knowingly helps another to commit an act of academic dishonesty is equally guilty. Penalties are levied in relation to the degree of the relevant infraction. They range from requiring the student to re-do the piece of work, through failure on that piece of work, to failure in the course, and to dismissal from the university. Click here to return to the Module Last modified: Thursday, 18 October 2018, 1:41 PM

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