Leading Through Self-Discovery and Personal Vision

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Summary of Leading Through Self-Discovery and Personal Vision

Source: “Becoming a Resonant Leader” by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis, and Frances Johnston 1 Leading Through Self-Discovery and Personal Vision Developing Your Personal Vision The following exercises are designed to help you begin building a personal vision. Creating a personal vision helps you define your purpose, forces clarity and serves as the foundation for your personal and professional goals. It also helps you identify your core values and beliefs, the underlying reasons for your choices and behaviors and what truly motivates you. Steven Covey, in First Things First, refers to developing a personal vision as “connecting with your own unique purpose and the profound satisfaction that comes from fulfilling it.” The biggest problem with a personal vision is not in wanting it, but in articulating it. These exercises are designed to help you get started in a meaningful way. Take your time, be thoughtful, and dig deep. Challenge yourself. You want a personal vision that is authentic, honest and aspirational. It requires introspection, self-analysis, and clarity of mind. It’s not something you produce in a day. Rather it will likely take several drafts over several days, weeks or even months before you feel it is a complete and concise expression of your innermost values and directions. My Purpose If there were just one thing in my life that I could accomplish, it would be: If I could make an important contribution to my work or profession, it would be: Source: “Becoming a Resonant Leader” by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis, and Frances Johnston 2 My Passions What are the things that energize me and bring value to my life? Am I engaged in meaningful activity and relationships? If so, what is the common thread? Is there an issue or cause that is an enduring theme in my life? What am I most committed to? My Leadership Legacy: What do I want my legacy in life to be? In other words, what will remain or continue because of my having lived and worked all these years? My Values: On the next page is a list of values and personal characteristics. Identify which are guiding principles and most important to you. This is not about what you “should” include, rather what is a true reflection of how you feel and who you are. 1. Start by circling 15 or so values that are important to you. 2. Next, pick the top 10 and write them down. 3. From this list, circle the five that are most important to you and then rank them from “most important” to “lease important.” Source: “Becoming a Resonant Leader” by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis, and Frances Johnston 3 Values and Personal Characteristics Achievement Control Hope Pride Adventure Cooperation Independence Recognition Affection Courage Improving Society Reliable Ambition Courteous Innovative Religion Authentic Creativity Integrity Respectful Authority Dependable Intellectual Responsible Autonomy Discipline Involvement Risk-Taking Balance Economic Security Imagination Self-Control Beauty Energetic Joy Self-Reliance Belonging Equality Leisurely Self-Respect Caring Excitement Logical Sincerity Challenge Faith Love Status Clean Fame Mannered Success Character Family Happiness Nature Teamwork Comfortable Life Family Security Obedient Tranquility Companionship Freedom Open Minded Wealth Compassion Friendship Order Winning Competent Fun Peace Wisdom Competitive Happiness Personal Development World View Contribution to Others Health Pleasure Other: Conformity Helpfulness Polite Contentedness Honest Power My top 10 values and personal characteristics: 1. ___________________________________________ 6. ____________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ 7. ____________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________ 8. ____________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________ 5. ___________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________ My top five in rank order with “1” being the most important to you: 1. ___________________________________________ 4. ____________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________ 5. ____________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________

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