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Summary of Little People, BIG DREAMS

TEACHERS’ GUIDE Frida Kahlo Little People, BIG DREAMS Written by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara Illustrated by Gee Fan Eng $15.99 US/$18.99 CAN ISBN: 9781847807830 Ages: 4 to 8 (Grades: PreK to 2) 32 pages Hardcover, 7.6 x 9.5 inches LEARNING OBJECTIVE: With a life as vivid and tumultuous as her art, Frida Kahlo is the consummate example of a determined spirit who refused to let setbacks keep her from achieving her dreams. Despite illness, heartache, and physical pain, Frida persevered and continued to paint, becoming one of the most famous artists, not only in her beloved Mexico, but all over the world. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS IN THIS UNIT 1. Why is Frida Kahlo famous? 2. In what ways was Frida different as a child than other children? 3. What happened to Frida that changed her life? 4. Who did Frida marry? 5. What happened when Frida showed her work in the United States? 6. What was Frida’s life philosophy? CLASSROOM DISCUSSION TOPICS 1. The book explains that Frida was “different” as a child: from her skinny leg due to illness to the way she chose to dress. Using the images in the book, ask the students to describe how they think she felt about being different. Ask if any members of the class have ever felt different. Was being different a positive or negative experience? In what ways did they handle that situation? Ask the students to list ways in which they could help a friend who was feeling uncomfortable because they felt different. Little People, BIG DREAMS 2. When Frida got into her accident, the book states, “Life as she knew it changed forever.” Ask the students what they think the author meant by that. Afterwards, Frida had to recover in bed for a long time. Have the students discuss how they might pass the time if they were stuck in bed. Why do they think Frida later chose to paint self-portraits, rather than other people, objects, or landscapes? 3. The biography of Frida at the back of the book notes that she and her art didn’t become famous until after her death. Ask the students to discuss whether that was fortunate or unfortunate, and why. Ask the class why they think some of her paintings sell for so much money. 4. The book quotes Frida’s view of life as “viva la vida,” which means “live life.” Ask the students to discuss what they think she meant by that phrase. Have them list ways in which she lived this sentiment. How can they live this sentiment too? STUDENT ACTIVITIES 1. Frida became more skilled as an artist by painting self-portraits. Using hand-held mirrors or a large mirror in the classroom, ask the students to create their own self-portraits. 2. Using resources in the school library or online, have the class explore the art of Frida Kahlo. They can compare it with that her husband, Diego Rivera. Taking Frida’s unique style as inspiration, have students create their own paintings. 3. Frida’s paintings often included vibrant flowers. Help the class create their own tissue paper flowers! Simple tutorials are available online, or can be found in craft books in the school’s library, and use tissue paper and pipe cleaners. Once the flowers are complete, consider creating a class display of the Frida-themed paintings decorated with the colorful flowers. If possible, take a class photo to document this artistic endeavor! 4. In her paintings, Frida often used symbols of her Mexican culture. Ask the class to describe what cultural symbols are. Have them name symbols that are important to them, symbols they might feature in their own artwork. Create a running list and leave room to add to it as more ideas occur. Guide created by Shannon Gallagher

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