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Summary of Little People, BIG DREAMSGäó

TEACHERS’ GUIDE Bob Dylan Little People, BIG DREAMS™ Written by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara Illustrated by Conrad Roset $15.99 US/$18.99 CAN ISBN: 9780711246751 Ages: 4 to 8 (Grades: PreK to 2) 32 pages Hardcover, 7.6 x 9.5 inches LEARNING OBJECTIVE: From humble beginnings playing his songs to animals, Bob Dylan grew to become one of the most famous and influential musicians in the world. Although he tried many different styles of music, he always focused on what was going on in the world around him, helping others feel a sense of togetherness in their thoughts and feelings. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS IN THIS UNIT 1. What is Bob Dylan famous for doing? 2. How did people react to Bob’s music in school? 3. What is Bob’s favorite style of music? 4. As a young adult, where did Bob move to try to become a success? 5. Was Bob the only person who performed his songs? 6. What did Bob think about being a famous musician? CLASSROOM DISCUSSION TOPICS 1. Ask a young child, Bob was “inspired by his rock idols.” Ask the class to describe what they think a rock idol is. In what ways do they think Bob’s idols influenced his own music? Have the class list their own rock idols, or other people who are inspiring, and how they have influenced their own talents. 2. As a young man, Bob dropped out of college, moved to New York, and, as the book Little People, BIG DREAMS™ Guide created by Shannon Gallagher explains, “was a nobody.” Ask the class to imagine what Bob’s life was like at that point. Do they think it was easy? What character traits did he need to possess to keep pursuing his dream of a musical career? 3. The book explains that “at school, Robert would rather be invisible than draw attention to himself,” and Bob’s songs were often performed – and made famous – by other performers. Ask the class whether they would prefer to be the performer or the person who writes the song. What do people have to give up to live in the spotlight? 4. Have students consider the book’s comment that “being an artist meant being free and not caring about what others might think.” What does it mean to live without caring about what others think? Do they agree with Bob’s idea? What else do they think being an artist means? STUDENT ACTIVITIES 1. Bob Dylan grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota. Have students find Hibbing on a map. See what you can find out about the town online. Is it a big city? What is the land around it like? Are there bodies of water nearby? What other country is Hibbing close to? Using this information, ask the students to imagine what Bob’s childhood was like. 2. Using music streaming websites, select a few Bob Dylan songs to play for the class. Consider printing the lyrics on a piece of paper for students or sharing them on your screen. After the song is over, ask students to share their thoughts on Bob’s songs, musical style, voice, and lyrics. What are your students’ reactions? Do they think Bob is a “good” singer? What do they think makes a singer “good”? 3. Bob’s lyrics focused on tough topics like civil rights, war, and religion. Ask your students to try and write their own songs or poems about something that matters to them. At the end of the exercise ask the class why they chose their topics. Who were they writing their songs/poems for? 4. Review the illustrations in the book with the class, taking note of the bold use of colors and shapes. Ask students to imagine themselves as famous musicians and, using the book’s illustrations as a model, have them color or paint themselves performing.

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