Love in a Mist - Beyond Illusion Self-Actualisation

Love in a Mist - Beyond Illusion Self-Actualisation (PDF)

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Summary of Love in a Mist - Beyond Illusion Self-Actualisation

Love in a Mist - Beyond Illusion Self-Actualisation It's hard to see the little blue flowers through the gauzy veil which shrouds Love in a Mist and this is what we call its 'Doctrine of Signature'. This misty effect tells us that it helps us when we feel unclear. I remember saying I felt in a fog when staying at the Findhorn Foundation once and a gentlemen with a very posh voice informed that a fog stands for Another F******ing Opportunity for Growth! So here's how Love in a Mist essence can help you come out of the fog and into the sunshine.  Love in a Mist is a fabulous essence for self-actualisation  It removes the veil and dispels romantic illusions  It encourages us to respond to our partner in a more authentic way  It calms and releases old emotional traumas  It helps us see the beauty in everything, seeing with our heart, not our eyes  It brings increased clarity about our emotional motivations  It brings openness to loving and being loved  It heals patterns of imbalance: confusion, unknown intention, unfinished projects  It gives a strong sense of self and an ability to follow through  It clarifies our spiritual direction by easing frustrations and allowing clearer choices to be made  It helps us get back to ourself after setbacks  It allows for confident intentions  It allows us to respond to information from all chakras  It repairs damage to our energetic bodies and aligns heart and spirit  It clears and purifies distracting energies from the auric field; clarifies etheric and auric boundaries  It's useful as ritual ablution or cleansing before prayer Please Note: Individual essences are not available from Spirit of Transformation, as a bespoke blend is much more powerful. If this essence resonates for you, then order a spiritually guided attunement to receive your personal essence blend, mentioning in your email that you'd like this particular essence as part of your blend. Click here for attunements: Acknowledgement and Thanks With acknowledgement and thanks for this information to: Hummingbird Remedies: Elemental Energies: British Wild Flower Essences: Green Man Essences: Photo courtesy of Steve: Copyright: Nikki Wyatt, Spirit of Transformation. All rights reserved. N.B: Using essences is not a substitute for medical attention - if you're ill consult a medical practitioner.