Module Guide; (7WB005) Career and Personal Development

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Summary of Module Guide; (7WB005) Career and Personal Development

Module Leader Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning Important: The University is adopting Canvas as its new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), replacing WOLF. With the exception of modules that started in the previous academic year, all modules will be taught using Canvas. It is possible that the module guides may still refer to the older WOLF VLE; assume that these should refer to Canvas. If in doubt, ask your Module Leader. About Sandra Dilks (� [email protected]) Contact Information 2018/9 CRYRA Wolverhampton City Campus (UM2) Description The module aims to enable students working or planning to work in the health, social care arenas to: - Develop advanced academic writing and study skills for successful postgraduate study and advanced professional development. - Raise your awareness of your knowledge skills and abilities, their acquisition and their relevance within Health and Social care employment. - Develop an electronic personal development plan that will form the basis of your programme at Masters level or your career plan. Your personal development plan will need to outline a complete, comprehensive and cohesive programme of study that relates to your current and future professional development goals or proposed career. This programme may be work based or taught or a combination of both. You will need to be in current employment to undertake work based modules. Your personal development plan may be added to over the duration of your course and made into a professional portfolio of academic work and other materials. - Create a professional curriculum vitae for inclusion in your professional development plan / portfolio. - Develop your reflective practice skills and ensure that your study is focussed and the most appropriate development plan for your current and/or future employment goals. For work based route students it is a tripartite agreed programme between yourself, your employer and the University. Students may not study any further work based units, (7WB001, 002, 003 and 004) until they have achieved a pass grade for this module. Pre-requisite Modules Prohibited Module Combinations Learning Outcomes LO1 Identify and critically analyse the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you have acquired relating to your current role. LO2 Analyse the knowledge, skills and abilities you have acquired and how they apply to an identified career development goal or proposed career. LO3 Exercise appropriate critical judgement in developing a personal development plan relating to any gaps identified in LO's 1 and 2 in order to achieve a career development goal or proposed career. LO4 Critically reflect on personal career planning and personal development. 27/06/2022 Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning 1/5 Content Blended learning not new and is seen as an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online. However, it continues to require the physical presence of both lecturer and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace. This module incorporates blended learning entitlements integral to effective teaching and learning strategies or in relation to your formative and/or summative coursework completion and submission. In particular, we provide: 1.Access to a digital copy of all lecturer-produced course documents 2.Online opportunities to network with others in your learning cohort. 3.Interactive learning strategies during all face-to-face sessions via virtual technology. Academic writing and study skills for postgraduate study Academic referencing Use of the Learning and Information Centre and its web-based resources. Literature searching Career Planning and CV writing (formative & summative) Introductions to level 7 modules available within SHaW and the course option modules. Learning styles and preferences Learning outcomes development of work-based learning modules (where appropriate to the student) Individual student presentations of development planning (formative) Reflective practice and its use in health and social care Teaching and Learning Learning Activities The learning activities that will support you in the achievement of the learning outcomes are wide and varied Lectures: You will experience a variety of lecture formats. Both teacher and student-centred lectures are encouraged. Within the lecture, time will be provided where you are encouraged to be interactive with lecturers to aid clarification and extension of your knowledge and understanding. All lecture material will be supported by digital technology to enhance learning, and will be made available for you to access independently throughout a module on WOLF our virtual learning environment. Seminars: These are educational opportunities to extend and deepen your understanding of topics covered in a module. In some seminar forums you will be encouraged to take the lead in discussing relevant articles and the evidence base that underpins the module. Workshops: Workshops will allow you to develop skills of critical analysis, academic writing and postgraduate study skills. These will be provided by a variety of academic and support staff. Debate and dialogue: These learning activities are integral to lectures and seminars. The University’s virtual learning environment, WOLF provides a forum for you and your colleagues to engage in dialogue with each other as well as with academic staff. Formative online assessments: The first assessments for this module will be formative as you develop and 27/06/2022 Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning 2/5 demonstrate postgraduate skills of relevance to your personal development plan. These skills will form the basis of summative assessments of this module. You will also have the opportunity to develop these skills through face to face tutorial guidance and online feedback. Peer presentations: You will be required to study some aspects the module independently and feedback your findings to the wider group, which allows you to further develop your academic skills and critical approach. Group Tutorials: Face to face meetings with module team members aim to tailor academic advice to meet your individual learning needs. Independent and self-directed learning: To undertake the essential reading material indicated by the module team and in the module guide e.g. research studies and articles, chapters in books, whole books and web based materials. To explore topics of your own choice in relation to the module assessments. To seek out and review material additional to that recommended by the module team and in the module guide, to support your individual development of the module assessments. 20 Blended learning Outline for the student which of the 6 blended learning entitlements this module will incorporate and how these entitlements will be delivered. Students are entitled to : 1. have access where possible to an electronic copy of all lecturer- produced course documents e.g. module guides, assessment briefs, presentations, handouts, and reading lists All students will, through access to Canvas, be able to view and interact with electronic copies of all lecturer-produced course documents e.g. module guides, assessment briefs, presentations, handouts and reading lists 1. formative assessment opportunities online with appropriate meaningful electronic assessment feedback; There will be opportunities for online formative assessment and/or feedback, for example, feedback on formative assessments will enable the development of high-quality summative assessments. 1. have opportunities to collaborate online with others in their learning cohort; The online forum within the module topic on Canvas will provide opportunities for students to engage with each other online 1. have the opportunity to participate in electronic Personal Development Planning (ePDP); Each student will be required to complete an electronic PDP as part of the assessment of this core module in the MSc / MA course. Evidence of your work for this and other modules may be added to this development plan. 1. submit all appropriate assessments online; The assessments for this module will be handed in online. 1. opportunities to engage in interactive learning during all face to face sessions. Classroom activities such as debates, group discussion and discussion within seminar presentations will be available in this module. Face to face tutorials will be available with lecturers by appointment. 1. 27/06/2022 Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning 3/5 Resources Books Recommended / required books Title Author Year ISBN Required? CONTINUTING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORTING PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT BAUME, D. 2003HEA Recommended Reading CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE ANALYSIS AND ARGUMENT. COTTRELL, S. 2005HAMPSHIRE Recommended Reading KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS FRAMEWORK. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 2004LONDON Recommended Reading HIGH QUALITY OF CARE FOR ALL DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 2009LONDON Recommended Reading A CONSULTATION ON THE FRAMEWORK FOR THE REGISTRATION OF HEALTH AND ADULT SOCIAL CARE PROVIDERS ... GENERAL AND SOCIAL CARE COUNCIL 2008 Recommended Reading REFLECTION AND WRITING A REFLECTIVE ACCOUNT (ELECTRONIC RESOURCE) GHAYE, T. 2006 Recommended Reading DOING A LITERATURE REVIEW HART, C. 1998LONDON SAGE Recommended Reading CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND YOUR REGISTRATION ... HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL 2006 Recommended Reading THE WORK BASED LEARNING STUDENT HANDBOOK HELYER, R. 2010PALGRAVE MAC Recommended Reading WORKPLACE LEARNING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE JACKSON, C. AND THURGATE, C. 2011MAIDENHEADRecommended Reading PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, REFLECTION AND DECISION-MAKING ... JASPER. M. 2005NELSON THORNE Recommended Reading EFFECTIVE PRACTICE WITH E-PORTFOLIOS: SUPPORTING 21ST CENTURY LEARNING JOINT INFORMATION SYSTEMS COMMITTEE JISC OR HEFCE Recommended Reading ACTION RESEARCH FOR IMPROVING PRACTICE: A PRACTICAL GUIDE ... KOSHY, V. SAGE Recommended Reading THE MATURE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO HIGHER EDUCATION PRITCHARD, P. AND ROBERTS, L. 2006MAIDENHEADRecommended Reading WORK BASED LEARNING IN HEALTHCARE: APPLICATIONS AND INNOVATIONS ROUNCE, K. AND WORKMAN, B. (EDS) 2005WEST SUSSEX Recommended Reading COMMON CORE PRINCIPLES TO SUPPORT SELF CARE SKILLS FOR CARE 2010 Recommended Reading BUILDING A SAFE AND CONFIDENT FUTURE: IMPLEMENTING THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE SOCIAL WORK TASK FORCE SOCIAL WORK REFORM BOARD 2010 Recommended Reading STUDYING AT A DISTANCE TALBOT, C. 2003MAIDENHEADRecommended Reading 3RD ED. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS TAYLOR, B. J. 2010MAIDENHEADRecommended Reading Journals / Articles Journals Name Journal Year Issue Article Author Pages British Jounal of Nursing 20109 Promoting Curiosity through the enhancement of competence Kedge, S. and Appleby, B. 584- 587 Harvard Business Review 20114 Managing yourself: can you handle failure? Dattner, B. and Hogan, R. 117- 121 Journal of Education and Work Learning through work experience Guile, D. and Griffiths, T. 113 Journal of workplace learning 5626&PHPSESSID=7j1740hgkos9j5imqecp4ep5s0 tbc tbc Websites / Links 27/06/2022 Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning 4/5 Additional resources Specialist equipment/ resources Standards Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) Not applicable Assessments 2018/9 CRYRA Wolverhampton City Campus (UM2) Assessment Description Arrangements for Submission Arrangements for Feedback Assessments OrderAssessment TypeWeightingHoursWordsDue DateLearning Outcomes 001 Portfolio 50% 2000 LO1 LO2 LO3 002 Coursework 50% 2500 LO4 27/06/2022 Module Guide: (7WB005) Career and Personal Development Planning 5/5