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1 MPPR/MPJO/MPMC 560-40 STRATEGIC CAREER PLANNING & MANAGEMENT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: MPS Thursdays: 8:25 p.m. – 11:10 p.m. | Summer 2017 Room: C217 Instructor: Sunny Levitt E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 202-841-9936 Downtown campus, room ● Office hours are by appointment. COURSE OVERVIEW Managing your career and continuing your professional development are cornerstones to success in your life and career. This class will explore and help you clarify how to take charge of your own career development. Whether you are aspiring to your next promotion or searching for a new job, understanding the elements of strategic career planning and professional development will guide you toward your goals. In today’s global economy, implementing these strategies is essential to personal and professional well-being and success. There are specific preparatory steps that will ensure your competitiveness for your next career move. Each week, we will focus on key elements of strategic career development using the previous week’s readings and assignments, and by utilizing class activities that will demonstrate what you have learned. COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of the semester, students will: ● Understand their strengths and how to utilize them throughout their careers. ● Develop a career development strategy plan, which includes an impactful career summary (personal branding statement), and an accomplishments-based resume and cover letter. ● Become adept at building and sustaining a professional network, and effectively using social media to create a professional brand by establishing a complete LinkedIn profile. ● Cultivate effective interview techniques and learn effective salary negotiations strategies. ● Harness techniques to manage their careers and apply these principles to determine next steps and future professional pursuits. REQUIRED READING Title: StrengthsFinder 2.0 **(Please buy it NEW in order to get the access code to take the assessment on-line) 2 Author(s): Tim Rath ISBN-10: 9781595620156 Publisher: Gallup Press, New York Year: 2007 Price: $15.18 Title: How to Interview Like a Top MBA – Job Winning Strategies from Headhunters, Fortune 100 Recruiters, and Career Counselors. Author(s): Dr. Leanne Shel ISBN: 007141827X Publisher: McGraw-Hill, New York Year: 2004 Price: $10.98 The instructors will also assign specific articles to read as part of the homework. Students must be prepared to discuss any of those assigned readings in class. ATTENDANCE Students who miss more than two (2) classes will be administratively withdrawn from the course. If a student is administratively withdrawn from the course, a "W" will appear on his/her transcript. . Punctual attendance is critical. If you have to miss a class – family emergency, medical emergency or other act of God – you must let the instructors know in advance and work out a proposal for making up whatever work you will miss. Exceptions will be made only in extraordinary circumstances. If you are late more than 20 minutes without notifying the instructor, it will be considered an absence. CLASSROOM ETIQUETTE, CLASS PARTICIPATION AND OTHER GUIDELINES A successful class depends on the active engagement of all students. Students should turn off all cell phones, pagers or other communication devices while in class. Class discussions should be respectful and considerate of others’ views and opinions. What happens in class stays in class unless you receive permission from the instructor to share something. ASSIGNMENTS ● Participation & Weekly Readings: Attend and fully participate in each class session. Complete weekly readings on time and prior to the applicable class discussion. Each week’s learning will integrate the content from the reading, and active participation in classroom discussion is expected of every student. Presenting and discussing your aspirations and goals is expected. ● Journaling: Pause, reflect and write down your thoughts and feelings on the questions/topics of the week. Write in your journal about what was meaningful to you and your learning. Periodically, your reflections will be discussed in class. ● Personal Branding Statement: Develop, write, practice and perform your personal branding statement throughout the semester. ● Resume & LinkedIn Profile: Complete an accomplishments-based resume for a target 3 employer/industry. Build an effective LinkedIn Profile page. ● Interview Techniques: Complete interview questions, an informational interview, and show mastery by participating in mock interview sessions. ● Guest Speakers: Listening and questioning other professionals in the field who are successfully managing their careers will expand students’ real-world understanding and will enhance how students can apply this experiential knowledge in their own careers. Guest speakers will hail from a variety of industries. GRADING This course is a NG (non-graded) course and will be part of your academic record. Students who miss more than two (2) classes or more than one (1) assignment will be administratively withdrawn from the course. If a student is administratively withdrawn from the course, a "W" will appear on his/her transcript. If circumstances preclude you from attending a class or arriving on time, it is your responsibility to notify me via email prior to the start of class. The instructors will provide a warning by mid-semester to any student who appears to be on track for a poor final grade. UNIVERSITY RESOURCES Georgetown offers a variety of support systems for students that can be accessed on main campus or at the downtown location: ● MPS Writing Resource Program 202-687-4246 ● Academic Resource Center 202-687-8354 | [email protected] ● Counseling and Psychiatric Services 202-687-6985 ● Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action (IDEAA): 202 -687-4798 STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES POLICY Students with documented disabilities have the right to specific accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the nature of the course. Students with disabilities should contact the Academic Resource Center (202-687-8354; [email protected]; before 4 the start of classes to allow time to review the documentation and make recommendations for appropriate accommodations. If accommodations are recommended, you will be given a letter from ARC to share with your professors. You are personally responsible for completing this process officially and in a timely manner. Neither accommodations nor exceptions to policies can be permitted to students who have not completed this process in advance. GEORGETOWN HONOR SYSTEM All students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic and personal integrity in pursuit of their education at Georgetown. Academic dishonesty in any form is a serious offense, and students found in violation are subject to academic penalties that include, but are not limited to, failure of the course, termination from the program, and revocation of degrees already conferred. All students are held to the Honor Code. The Honor Code pledge follows: In the pursuit of the high ideals and rigorous standards of academic life, I commit myself to respect and uphold the Georgetown University Honor System: To be honest in any academic endeavor, and to conduct myself honorably, as a responsible member of the Georgetown community, as we live and work together. PLAGIARISM Stealing someone else’s work is a terminal offense in journalism, and it will wreck your career in academia, too. Students are expected to work with integrity and honesty in all their assignments. The Georgetown University Honor System defines plagiarism as "the act of passing off as one's own the Ideas or writings of another.” More guidance is available through the Honor Council at If you have any doubts about plagiarism, paraphrasing and the need to credit, check out SYLLABUS MODIFICATION The syllabus may change to accommodate discussion of emerging topics. Also, the schedules of guest speakers may require some shifting of the agenda. The instructors will make every effort to provide as much advance notice as possible for any alterations. COURSE SCHEDULE DATE/TOPIC READING DUE ASSIGNMENT DUE IN-CLASS ACTIVITIES WEEK 1: Thursday, May 25, 2017 Introduction to Course Introductions Overview of Course/Syllabus Review & Career Planning & Management Cycle Discussion of StrengthsFinders 2.0 What is your purpose 5 and vision for the future? Who do you want to be in the world? What do you value? WEEK 2: Thursday, June 1, 2017 Personal Branding Statement Mindfulness Helps You Become a Better Leader 1.Take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Test. a. Go to (Li nks to an external site.)Links to an external site. to purchase and take test. Or you may use the code found in the pouch in the back of the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book. b. Click "Buy Product" found in the top right section of the home page. c. Select test: Choose the Top 5 Strengths (free) or you may purchase the full report of the 34 themes for $89.00 d. Bring your top 5 Themes/Strengths to class next week (6/1) for the class discussion. 2.Take the: 16 Personalities Test. a. Review the results, note what resonated and didn’t resonate with you. Research your “Type” about careers, etc. b. Ask 3-5 people you know you well and ask them what they experience in your presence. What do they see as your gifts, talents, strengths and challenges? Exercise: Crafting Your Personal Branding Statement 6 Reflect, write in your journal on the topic/question for the week WEEK 3: Wednesday, June 8, 2017 Research: Important Factors in your Career Planning & Management How to Interview like a Top MBA (Chapter 2) Read article(s) as assigned Final Personal Branding Statement. (Bring it to class) Reflect, write in your journal on the topic/question for the week Group Critique/Practice: Personal Branding Statements Discussion: Research’s vital role throughout your career WEEK 4: Thursday June 15, 2017 Writing a Results Based Resume, The Essential Cover Letter & Business Cards ** Ensure that you bring your laptop & resume to class** How to Interview like a Top MBA (Chapter 3) Read Cover Letter Construct posted on Canvas Read: Why This is an Excellent Resume Resume Sections That Matter More Than You Think Bring your current resume to class Reflect, write in your journal on the topic/question for the week Discussion: Effectively writing your resume to capture who you are and what you do well Revision of your resume in class WEEK 5: Thursday June 22, 2017 GUEST SPEAKER: TBD Sign-up for 30- minute Coaching Session with Sunny Due: 1st draft of Resume, cover letter due by 5PM and posted on Blackboard. Bring two (2) copies with you to class Individual Resume Coaching Session WEEK 6: Thursday June 29, 2017 Reflect, write in your journal on the topic/question for the Discussion: Networking, 7 Networking, Building Relationships Articles posted on Canvas week Business Cards (Bring at (7) cards with you to class) Networking, Networking! The three main ingredients of having a fulfilling life and career WEEK 7: Thursday July 6, 2017 Interviewing Practicum How to Interview like a Top MBA (Chapters 4-8 and Pages 127-226) Eight Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews Great Interview Questions Complete Interview Questions and bring to class Discussion and Interview Session Review of Interview Questions WEEK 8: Thursday July 13, 2017 LEADERSHIP CAREER PANEL Read articles & Bio of Guest Speaker Bring 3-5 questions for the guest speaker & your curiosity WEEK 9: Thursday July 20, 2017 Building Your Confidence in Negotiating Salary/Compensation How to Interview like a Top MBA, (Chapters 4-7, 9) Read article(s): Forbes: How to Negotiate Your Salary Forbes: How to Negotiate a Job Offer Negotiating Salary 101: Tactics for Better Compensation Reflect, write in your journal on topic for the week Negotiating Exercise 8 WEEK 10: Thursday July 27, 2017 Building Your LinkedIn Profile Bring your Laptop to class to work on your LinkedIn Profile Sign up for scheduled presentation for 8/10/17 Workshop: Update Your LinkedIn profile WEEK 11: Thursday August 3, 2017 Mock Interview Sessions **An additional class date will be added to accommodate all students for their mock interview sessions. The date will be determined by the student and instructor schedules. Read articles as assigned Complete your Interview Guide Dress as if you are going on an Interview In-Class Mock Interview Session & Feedback WEEK 12: Thursday August 10, 2017 Presentation of your learning and goals going forward. Create a presentation no longer than 10 minutes that encapsulates your learning and what’s next for you Week 13: Thursday August 17, 2017 Succeeding on the Job! What to do set yourself and your team up for success! FINAL WRAP-UP Read articles as assigned Discussion: What can you do to ensure that you create a meaningful, professional presence once you land your next position