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Summary of New Age in Norway - ISDistribution

New Age in Norway edited by Ingvild Sælid Gilhus, Siv Ellen Kraft and James R. Lewis DESCRIPTION: This volume investigates "alternative" spiritualities that increasingly cater for the mainstream within the secularized society of Norway, making Norwegian-based research available to international scholarship. It looks at New Age both in a restricted (sensu stricto) and a wide sense (sensu lato), focusing mainly on the period from the mid-1990s and onwards, with a particular emphasis on developments after the turn of the century. Few, if any, of the ideas and practices discussed in this book are homegrown or uniquely Norwegian, but local soil and climate still matters, as habitats for particular growths and developments. Globalizing currents are here shaped and molded by local religious history and contemporary religio-political systems, along with random incidences, such as the setting up of an angel-business by the princess Märtha Louise. The position of Lutheran Protestantism as "national religion" particularly impacts on the development and perception of religious competitors. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Church Religion and New Age: An Encounter between Rivals? Lisbeth Mikaelsson, University of Bergen 2. From 'Network' to 'Visions': The Role of the Umbrella Organisation VisionWorks in the Norwegian Alternative Movement Margrethe Loov, University of Bergen 3. Bad, Banal and Basic. New Age in the Norwegian News Press and Entertainment Media Siv Ellen Kraft 4. Spiritual Tourism Torunn Selberg, University of Bergen 5. New Age in Norwegian Religion Education: An Analysis of Development in Curricula and Textbooks for RE in Secondary and Upper-secondary Education 1996-2008. Bengt-Ove Andreassen, University of Tromso 6. Alternative Medicine: Health-oriented Spiritual Practices in Norway Anne Kalvig, University of Stavanger 7. Angels: Between Secularization and Re-enchantment Ingvild Sælid Gilhus 8. New Age and Norwegian 'Conspirituality' Asbjorn Dyrendal, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 9. Contemporary Spiritualism in Norway: Faith Assemblies and Market Products Anne Kalvig 10. Sami-shamanism in Norway: A Patchwork of Traditions and Organizations Trude Fonneland, University of Tromso 11. Hindu- inspired Meditation Movements in Norway: TM, Acem and the Art of Living Foundation Inga Bårdsen Tollefsen, University of Tromso 12. "Bumper Car Ride Through a Maze of Spiritual Trips": Multiple Involvements, Changes across Time, and Deep Structure in the Alternative Spiritual Milieu James R. Lewis and Oscar-Torjus Utaaker, PhD candidate, University of Tromso Afterword: New Age in Sweden: A Comparison with Norway Liselotte Frisk, Högskolan Dalarna University, Sweden Afterword: New Religions and "New Religiosity" in Denmark: A Very Brief Subjective Note Mikael Rothstein, University of Copenhagen CONTRIBUTORS BIOGRAPHIES: Ingvild Sælid Gilhus is Professor of Religion at the University of Bergen, Norway. Siv Ellen Kraft is Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Tromso Norway. James R. Lewis is Professor of Religious Studies at the the University of Tromso Norway. ISBN: 9781781794166 (hb) 9781781794173 (pb) PRICE: $100.00 (hb) $40.00 (pb) PUBLICATION DATE: 01 March 2017 (hb) 01 March 2017 (pb) BINDING: Hardback & Paperback SIZE: 6 x9 PAGES: 306 PUBLISHER: Equinox Publishing IMPRINT: Equinox Publishing READER INTERESTS: Religious Studies

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