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1 . ZENITH IC . . home: 2 ” For a hitherto neglected part of his prediction on the year 1999 modern astronomical calculations can be used. The result appeared to hit a specific time phenomenon - in addition to connect with a surprising, but almost forgotten mythological and alchemical horror figure, the basiliscus! ” ” The star Basiliskos/Regulus is one of the five most bright radiating stars in the sky, and modern astronomy computation can be used on the for a very long time mistaken part of Nostradamus’ statements concerning 1999 with "the king of horror in the sky". The result proves to hit a phenomenon - a solar eclipse an a special place in the sky - so close to the Basiliskos star - marking the start of a new cycle, thus the new millennium and new era. “ ” Since basilisk both can mean 'little king' - a prince - and a monster this doubleness is even included in an older myth or parable, known in alchemy and the ancient initiations cults, namely the narrative about the basilisk to be found at the bottom of a well. And if a princess with a pure heart kisses this mysterious creature - often in the form of an ugly toad - it turns into a prince/little king. “ 3 OVE VON SPAETH Nostradamus, the New Millennium - and the Basilisk. . . Nostradamus' book in 1568 about his prophecies mentions that the "king of horror in the sky will appear in 1999" and "in the seventh month". Almost nobody today thought of Nostradamus also as an astrologer or certainly not that his words, roy de deffraieur, is a special, old French spelling of 'the king of horror', meaning the star Basiliskos. .. ZENITH IC . .. 4 Ove von Spaeth : Nostradamus, the New Millennium - and the Basilisk e-book - online - ISBN 978-87-89171-22-7 - EAN 9788789171227 Copyright © 2012 by: Ove von Spaeth Zenith IC Publishers, (Copenhagen) 2012. - Zenith e-book 1100EN - The projects are supported by free donation. The book’s file name: Home, location: Fee mandatory for non-private use: - the mentioned page also informs on mandatory fee paid by public and private institutions, business, libraries, schools. * Copyright © 2012 (& 1998): Concerning pictures, diagrams, maps, etc. belonging to the author: copyright © 2012 (& © 1998). In case of other illustrations: only free-ware items, sampling, or being over 100 years were chosen. Publishing permissions from writers of letters have been granted the author, directly or by media law. Cover: old portrait of Nostradamus - adapted and ameliorated for Zenith IC Newscience (The book is also available in Danish: “Nostradamus, ny tidsalder - og basilisken”). * Backtrack, bibliographical: Updat. from publ. in Aspiranten (Norway) 2004 (3rd year, no.6, pp.7-14); - & updat. from Stjernerne Journal, March & April 1999 (42nd year, no.12; & 43rd year, no.1). Copyright © 2012 - & backtrack © 1998 - by: Ove von Spaeth. The texts also contain several extracts from the author’s book: ”The Secret Religion”, 2004 (vol.4 of his series on the historical Moses). * Topic group: Ove von Spaeth’s books on the same subject area 'Stellar world, alchemy and the basilisk', all can be read independently, e.g.: “The Basilisk, the Kings, and the Stellar World”. * * Distribution: of Ove von Spaeth's books which are published in book printed version: by: Bog & Mystik, DK-2500 Valby, [email protected] - online-sale: - & by: Lemuelbooks, Mejlgade 28, DK-8000 Aarhus C - online-store: * Donation: Click: The presented books and articles were made possible by the support of readers like you! This project for free scientific, historical research and information is supported by donations. Info: Ove von Spaeth’s books and articles, - and on reviews, debate, archive, donation: 5 CONTENTS Introduction 7 PART 1, Nostradamus - the new millennium, and the basiliscus 9 Nostradamus - continuously in focus Nostradamus’pProphecy pbout 1999 Indication of a New Age Misunderstood “horrors” The 1999 solar eclipse The Bible and Nostradamus The horror king - the Basiliskos ! Prophets of doom Age computing in India Old Maya astronomers on a New age, - year of the threshold 2012 Cycles and symmetries Hopi prophecies Fear of New Era? A huge success - bestsellers PART 2, The new era and the predictions 23 Ages and the change of millennium Axis confusion Magnetic judgment day? R/D cheques Computer black-out by the second coming of Jesus? New age - old idea Edgar Cayce about the year 2000 Clairvoyance and percentage of error Arthur C. Clarke and the year 2001 - an expansion Human beings in a new situation Basiliskos in the sky at the new age, - Quatrain 10:72 from 1568 PART 3, On prediction - Nostradamus’ data 35 On predictions Could this be about Napoleon? Could this be about Hitler? Could this be about the Great fire of London? The last word Some personal data on Nostradamus PART 4, Comments 45 Statements - on prophesying Summary Letters and opinions PART 5, Appendix 55 Bibliography Extended reading 6 Changing phenomena in the sky was throughout history often considered indicators of various events. From the Renaissance onwards the medic and astrologer Nostradamus was famous for his books, "Prophecies", but on several occasions he himself explicitly rejected the label 'prophet' (a person of own prophetic powers). Although in some cases he does appear to show a special ability he, again, states his own view here: "... I do but make bold to predict (not that I guarantee the slightest thing at all), thanks to my researches and the consideration of what judicial Astrology promises me and sometimes gives me to know, principally in the form of warnings, so that folk may know that with which the celestial stars do threaten them. Not that I am foolish enough to pretend to be a prophet …” - Nostradamus, - in an open letter to Privy Councilor and later Chancellor Birague, 15th June 1566. In this way Nostradamus claimed having his published predictions based on astrology. But he was strongly criticized by some other astrologers for believing that he also to future planetary configurations in the sky could highlight a connection with past very similar configurations and their thus known, accompanying events and therefore be able to predict what would happen in the future. * * * 7 INTRODUCTION Renaissance legendary prophecy author, physician Michel de Notre Dame, was throughout most of his life and much longer until the present day, widely famous - and highly controversial as one of the world's absolutely most known prophets. He is seen everywhere as a key figure when it concerns prophecies. On the Internet, every day there are millions of times of searching for Nostradamus. Nostradamus' poetic but cryptic texts, his so-called Quatrains from the mid-1500’s are by many of his supporters claimed to hide information especially about future events. Through his Spanish Jewish family Nostradamus also had great insight into the secret learning, the Hebrew Kabbalah. - But do his texts really contain predictions on dead of the popes, or the tyrants’ ascension to power, and the ravages of different natural disasters? However, Nostradamus’ contemporary opponents believe that these Quatrains are so obscure - which can be observed by everybody - that the content can be interpreted to predict almost any event. According to Nostradamus' written prophecies a "horror king should appear in the sky in 1999." What was believed that by that? And would it come true? Today we will be able to verify this point, since 1999 is the only year number he has shown where it is not in code but in direct form. To the hitherto neglected part of his statement about the year 1999 can be used modern astronomical calculations. The result appeared to hit a specific time phenomenon - in addition to connect to a surprising but almost forgotten mythological figure, the basilisk! Old fairy tales about a strange creature, the basilisk, are parables, derived from the ancient Middle Eastern initiation cults. In particular, the basilisk has a long-term historical role in star knowledge and alchemy, but now almost forgotten so those parts of history can be difficult to grasp by people today. A comprehensive collection of information and exciting documentation is now presented. Several expressions from this field have later entered today's common language. The archetypal symbolic expression is echoed in the initiated star savvy and alchemist’s linguistic images and concepts. Such features appear in particular in the texts made by pioneer astronomer Tycho Brahe as well as by scientist icon Newton. Throughout history, indeed right up to the 1800’s, astrology could be just as involved in politics as, for instance, economical considerations - besides being a highly prevalent and natural factor in outlook and in everyday life, like religion. Often in the history books astrology is hardly known, which in reality could be compared to not mentioning an important part of the Catholic Church’s presence in cultural history. And in the essence - the astrologer, doctor, and prophecy maker Nostradamus is an extremely interesting cultural phenomenon. . Ove von Spaeth 2012 (orig. December 2004) - - Zenith IC Project This is not a book intended for only academic readers; it is neither constructed as a work for popularized history, nor for providing hard-core evidence. Rather, the book introduces findings, discoveries, and facts to be known from the annals of history but often presented for the first time here, reframed in new ways and larger contexts. Deductions from the extraordinary material are intended to be gathered into a larger picture by means of the investigated clues and indications brought to light here. It is hoped that the presented facts will contribute to more new and independent research. Thanks are due to everyone who assisted in the project. - OvS.. * * * 8 PART 1 . >|< 9 >|< 1 >>>>>>>|<<<<<<< Nostradamus - the New Millennium, and the Basilisk 10 Illustration on previous page: Nostradamus, both as a clairvoyant and astrologer with his armillary sphere, Here the figures on the title page of his book, a reprint from 1589.. Part 1 Nostradamus - the new millennium, and the basilisk Nostradamus - continuously in focus Nostradamus’ prophecy about 1999 Indication of a New Age Misunderstood “horrors” The 1999 solar eclipse The Bible and Nostradamus The horror king - the Basiliskos ! Prophets of doom Age computing in India Old Maya astronomers on a New age, - year of the threshold 2012 Cycles and symmetries Hopi prophecies Fear of New Era? * * * 11 Nostradamus - the new millennium, and the basilisk . By OVE VON SPAETH Copyright © 2012 - (backtrack © 1998) - . Michel de Notredame, doctor and legendary prophecy writer in the Renaissance, was very famous most of his life and far beyond, even up till today - and also much debated. Nostradamus - continuously in focus Michel de Notredame was born on December 14, 1503, in St. Remi, France, as the eldest son of Jewish parents from Spain, where Inquisition had forced them to convert to Catholicism. He studied at the universities in Avignon and Montpellier and became a very skilled doctor. In 1564 he was appointed royal doctor for Charles IX, king of France. Later, he was widely used as an astrologer for Queen Catherine de' Medici. Nostradamus (the international latinizing of his name) died, highly honoured, in Salon in Provence, France, on July 2, 1566. Contrary the devotees of “Centuries”, a prophecy book written of this French-Jewish doctor Nostradamus, science later repudiated claims that he was able to look into the future. Nevertheless, Nostradamus became one of the world’s most famous prophets. When he survived the plague, his opponents accused him to be wizard, but he had just followed some hygienic rules, probably for his older Jewish family background. In 1555, when he was 52 years, he had written his first Centuries collection of 100 verses, his quatrains (verses or stanzas of four lines). During the following couple of years he completed the total number of 942 quatrains divided in 10 Centuries (of each 100 quatrains, except one with 42). Nostradamus’ poetic but cryptic quatrains are claimed - by many of his devotees - to hide information, in particular about future events. From his Spanish Jewish family he had great insight in the secret knowledge of the Hebrew Kabbalah. But do his texts really include predictions about death of popes, rise of tyrants, and various devastating catastrophes of nature? After the “9-11” attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 four times so many people were on Google looking for Nostradamus than for Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaida. Nostradamus’ present opponents believe that the quatrains are so obscure (which everybody can see) that they can be interpreted to be a prophecy about almost any event. According to Nostradamus’ written prophecies, a “king of horror was to appear in the sky in 1999”. What did he mean by that? And did it come true? Today we are able to check up on this statement, because 1999 is the only year stated by him, which is not coded, but in exact form. (In 1998 the present text was handed over to an editor, who published it in March/April 1999, i.e. considerable long time prior to the exact date of the suggested events in relation to the Nostradamus prophecy). Scientifically, and without a key, it is difficult to say whether - in the mid-1600 century - he was able to predict Napoleon and Hitler in later centuries, although, names, times, and places might have a similarity with historical facts. However, modern astronomy computation can be used on a hitherto missed out part of his statements concerning the year 1999. The result proved to hit a special phenomenon of time. 12 Michel de Notredame (1503-1566), - from an early woodcut print. Nostradamus’ prophecy about 1999 Numerous attempts of interpretation of his texts - disguised by himself - have been published without taking into consideration that he was also an astrologer (e.g. for the French queen Catherine de’ Medici who employed a great number of fortune tellers, magicians, and astrologers). The texts are also being interpreted without knowledge of the special astro- magical language included in his texts - a well-known practice since ancient times. Later it was ignored that Nostradamus in reality was practicing a special astrology combined with clairvoyance. Like the ancient times astronomer, who might observe the sky in the water surface of a well for observations of certain conditions (the zenith passage of celestial bodies), he looked at the stars in a vat of water (even with a diagonal mirror plate), all placed on the flat roof terrace of his house. Here, looking at reflecting patterns of stars on the water surface, he also used in an interplay the water, like in a crystal ball, as a medium for reading. Like a number of Renaissance personalities he had to hide his entire knowledge - first and foremost because of the clerical authoritative control of what was allowed to be published. This was a further reason for him to use codes and occult symbolism language in his texts in order partly to scramble the texts, because they were considered too controversial to many readers, who might not tolerate the confrontation with the contents of the prophecies. When his book - published in 1568 two years after his death - about his prophecies, mentions (V 10:72) that the “king of horror in the sky will appear in 1999” - and “in the seventh month” - the initiated of those times knew that “the king of horror” was the star named Basiliskos. The word Basiliskos is Greek and means ‘horror monster’ - like the basilisk we know from later folktales for instance - but it also means ‘(little) king’. Also the Latin name of the star, i.e. Regulus, bears that interpretation. In addition Basiliskos/Regulus - the main star in the Leo constellation - was always known as one of the five most strongly shining stars in the sky. The number 1999 is published as “open”, being the most exact year he ever stated in his writings. Basiliskos/Regulus is the only star placed exactly on the “track/orbit of the sun”, which really is the track of the earth: the Ecliptic. This track is the only part of the sky where solar eclipses and lunar eclipses can take place - thus the name Ecliptic, the ‘eclipse’ line. "The king of horror will appear in the sky...", Quatrain 10:72. - (Print: Benoist Rigaud‘s edition, Lyon 1568). 13 Indication of a New age . Nostradamus’ words about “the seventh month” may mean September, septem = ‘7’, in the old Julian calendar (where the months of the year begins with New Year in March), a style changed only few hundred years ago. The majority of days in September are in Virgo starting August 23. In view of this, Nostradamus’ prophecy may have this exact relevance: on August 22, 1998, an annular solar eclipse happened exactly on the star Basiliskos, “king (of horror)”. Also in 1999, on August 11, a solar eclipse took place, this time it was e complete eclipse and quite close to the Basiliskos star, which with its slowly moving position (measured in relation to vernal equinox) was now on its way into the Virgo sector of the sky. According to tradition of astrological terminology: by this movement or passage, the so-called “Age of Pisces” will terminate. This indication was known by the sciences of antiquity, for instance by Greek astronomer Hipparchus ca. 150 BC - and is hinted at in the “Handy Tablets” of mathematician Theon of Alexandria, ca. 300 AD. Roman New Year was in March but 157 BC, they also introduced especially for government administration New Years on January 1st, - becoming common much later. In Egypt the New Year was in the summer when the Sirius star was seen again after 70 days out of sight, a date relating to the principle of the Sun passing Basiliskos star. Other conceptions are known as to the determination of “an age-threshold”. However, in 1555 and based on one of the traditions - as also known by Theon - Nostradamus marked the threshold of the phase of commencement of a new astronomical age or so-called “Platonic” age (ca. 2,160 years). - During the time of Hipparchus the age or era changed from the period of Aries to the period of Pisces, ca. 157 BC. By this concept the change is considered specially marked by a solar eclipse in a connection with the position of Basiliskos/Regulus. It was not unseen that a calendar counting starts with a solar eclipse as a solid astronomical marker. In 157 BC the earth’s position in space had the position of the Basiliskos star reach 0 degrees in Leo. The above mentioned Theon has described exactly how to, at any time, measuring and computing from the Basiliskos star in Leo to the position of vernal equinox. Thus, from 157 BC and through the following 2,158 years - based on the slow backwards movement (the precession) of the vernal equinox - the Basiliskos/Regulus star will then during the period of 1998-2012 be passing the position of 0 degrees in Virgo. These ccircumstances seem to be forgotten when also the other kinds of methods on “age-threshold” are more in use. But also the star Regulus/Basiliskos itself is moving, in addition to the fact that also the position of the earth (measured from vernal equinox) is moving in relation to the stars. This proper motion happens in another direction in relation to space than the course of vernal equinox. This because the two movements are in no way coordinated in their velocity and course, therefore almost 14 years will pass, before the star - as a point noted as a fraction of a second of arc in the sky - will be positioned (seen from Earth) entirely in the Virgo sector of the sky. Including these data the new age will appear fully established in the year 2012. (It is a fact ancient Maya astronomers in Central America also gave exact statement for this date). Regulus, the king-star - from Greek: Basiliskos - will be in a position on the border between the constellations of Leo and Virgo during the years 1998-2012. 14 Generally, it was not so much in focus later that Nostradamus was also an astrologer. Misunderstood “horrors” . According to astrological traditions of ancient times, the long-time duration of the asserted consequences - traditionally prophesied around a solar eclipse - may have to last approx. one whole year, until a new solar eclipse happened on a similar date. In the case mentioned, it would have been expressed to the effect that the prophecy in question was indicating the period from the eclipse on August 22, 1998, till the eclipse on August 11, 1999. Also from the same tradition, it could be stated that this is the exactly marked beginning of the phase, which is the commencement of so-called Age of Aquarius. . The 1999 total eclipse in Europe known as the most-watched eclipse in history also increased the public awareness of the phenomenon. The special “king” - to appear “in the sky” - the designation from the translations of Nostradamus’ 1999-prophecy, has been known in the misunderstood and a bit popular version as the “king of horror”; however, as previously mentioned, this star in question has nothing to do with “horror” prophecies. For instance, this denial was demonstrated when Tycho Brahe, the leading astronomer and astrologer of the Renaissance, had his observatory founded exactly on the day, when the Sun covered this star. And later the Greenwich Observatory was also founded on such a day. In 357 BC a priest astrologer of the temple of Samothrache had the pregnancy of Queen Olympia planned, so that Alexander the Great could be born exactly on the day of Basiliskos. . Regulus/Basiliskos is the only star which can be said to be positioned directly at the Ecliptic. In the Leo constellation it is the heart - Cor Leonis - and it is one of the five brightest stars in the sky at all. 15 The 1999 solar eclipse Predictions relating to solar eclipses according to the rules of astrological traditions (for instance of Ptolemy) would talk about changes and upheavals, and this may have been the basis of Nostradamus’ 1999 eclipse prophecies. Many people will understand “upheaval” as something less desirable, troublesome, problematic, and violent. When it occurred simultaneously with an eclipse of this significant star - and linked together with the related phenomena - at the beginning of a new age, it could be understood by tradition as a violent passage to something new, a new era. If one of the ancient times astrologers had the possibility of teaching his knowledge in present times he might get the idea - based on these old rules - to indicate a connection for instance to one of the world’s leading presidents. In the days close around the birthday of USA’s former president (Bill Clinton) on August 19, 1998, the actual eclipse in question took place on Basiliskos/Regulus - on the threshold of the new age. Based on his tradition the old astronomer would have interpreted this omen about the leader of the country to be identical with an omen about the faith of the country. Also in this case it would reflect the previously indicated turbulent course of the omen’s duration leading to the next solar eclipse. This being exactly what could be understood here that the selected person in the presidential office thus may have been subject to. In addition, hell-fire prophets might make a point of the fact that Bill Clinton’s predecessor George H.W. Bush, the resident of the office of the American presidency, now - based on this way of thinking - was to consider being connected with a possible eclipse. In January 1991, exactly during another previous solar eclipse, he had started the gigantic air raid of Baghdad, Capital of Iraq, only a few kilometres from ancient Babylon. And exactly “the destruction of Babylon with fire in the sky” is mentioned in the Bible in the “Revelation of St. John” (17:5) with broader relation to the “millennium” as an introduction of huge upheavals of the world. Already in 1914 religious groups considered during the first World War’s beginning, not least by experiencing the great solar eclipse on 21th of August 1914 exactly on the Basiliskos /Regulus star - that this ("Armageddon")-war was the beginning of Judgment Day. The solar eclipse on August 11, 1999, covered a belt across Europe - at certain cities and sites.

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