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Summary of November, 2016 New Age, No. 285

Newsletter November, 2016 New Age, No. 285 Index The voice of the President ....... 3 Event of the month .................. 4 Press Releases .......................... 5 Recommendations ................... 9 Article of the month ................ 9 Book of the month ................. 10 Carta de Novedades, Nueva Época, No. 285, noviembre 2016, es una Publicación mensual editada por la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos, Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Delegación Magdalena Contre- ras, C. P. 10200, Ciudad de México, Teléfonos (55) 56 81 81 25 y 54 90 74 00, Lada sin costo 01800 715 2000, www. Editor responsable: Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH. Lic. Héctor Daniel Dávalos MArtínez. Reserva de Derechos al Uso Exclusivo No. 04-2015-050410012300-203, otorgada por el Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor, ISSN: en trámite. Responsable de la última actualización de este Número, Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH, Lic. Juan Carlos Villalobos López, Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, 1922, 1er piso, Col. Tlacopac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C. P. 01049, Ciudad de México, fecha de la última modificación 30 de noviembre de 2016. Las opiniones expresadas por los autores no necesariamente reflejan la postura del editor de la publicación. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial de los contenidos e imágenes de la publicación sin previa autoriza- ción de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos. Index 3 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION, LUIS RAÚL GONZÁLEZ PÉREZ, ABOUT ZERO TOLERANCE FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN THAT ARE WORKING AT THE CNDH, AT THE FRAMEWORK OF THE “INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” November 25th, 2016 The United Nations Organization established November 25th as “The International day for the Eli- mination of Violence against Wo- men” due to the serious situation experienced by girls and women worldwide. Each year, thousands of wo- men are victims of different types of violence, and Mexico is not the exception. Near 63 out of 100 wo- men elder than 15 years old noted that they suffer this situation and that attacks from their couples are the most recurrent. The extreme violence manifes- ted in feminicide crimes is a se- rious warning to our society. Gir- ls and women of all ages live with fear of going out into the streets because, unfortunately, we have not achieve the needed cultural change so that male chauvinism, violence and discrimination be- cause of gender could be vani- shed. The National Human Rights Commission has manifested its firm will so that girls and women in Mexico could enjoy and exer- cise all their human rights. Con- sistent with this commitment, we are working to ensure substanti- ve equity of opportunities among women and men belonging to this institution. We also are wor- king to prevent, attend or, where appropriate, punish any type of violence that attempts against the human dignity of the CNDH´s personnel. Due to the above, today, No- vember 25, 2016, publicly, I would like to express that I am in favor of the right of a life free of vio- lence for all women, and mainly, those who work in this National Organism, through actions and institutional measures to ensure these rights. This is why I will re- mark the following: At the National Human Rights Commission we commit oursel- ves to be a space where there is no discrimination or gender violen- ce, and to conduct direct actions to prevent any kind of assault towards working women in this institution. We state that there will be “Zero Tolerance”, against any act of discrimination, and sexual or working harassment. Likewise we commit to enhance respect, solidarity and fellowship among our personnel. These commit- ments should turn into daily ac- tions for each person who is part of the CNDH, to transform into facts the coexistence that we have that is characterized by no discri- mination or violence. Thus, I invite you to be atten- tive to the activities that from today November 25th, until next December 10th, within the “16 Days of Activism to end Violen- ce against Women” campaign, will be carried out by the CNDH, such as: the presentations of the Gender Equality Policy and the Institutional Culture of Gender Equality Program. It will also be presented the Microsite of the Gender Equality Unit, a Guide for Inclusive Lan- guage and no sexist language. There would be some Training in form of Theater on sexual-labor harassment and, other actions of awareness for all of us, so we can be involved in the development and strengthening of this gender equality culture, as well as the prevention of women violence. Thank you Participacion/20161125.pdf The voice of the President New Age, No. 285 Index 4 New Age, No. 285 Event of the month LUIS RAÚL GONZÁLEZ PÉREZ CALLS THE OMBUDSPERSON OF THE IBERO-AMERICAN STATES TO INSIST AND TAKE URGENT ACTION TO END POVERTY Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, November 24th, 2016 The National Ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, urged human rights defenders of the Ibero-Ame- rican States to insist and to take immediate action in the eradication of poverty. “We should persist—he said—in the importance of strengthening the mechanisms for enforceability and justiciability of all those rights that for its interdependency results in the fight against poverty. At his participation in the XXI Congress and General Assembly of the Ibero-American Federation of Ombudsman (FIO), González Pérez, called upon his counterparts to transit, from commitments to concrete actions, to add efforts in order to share and promote best practices and consolidate interinstitutional chan- nels of cooperation on the matter. He reminded that with the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, in September 2015, the international community committed to conduct their actions towards everyone’s fulfillment, from now to the next 14 years. Thus, he suggested the creation of an internal group from the inside of the FIO, or a web of it that enhance good practices for the following up in each national State of the Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda. Index 5 New Age, No. 285 Press Releases THE CNDH WELCOMES THE EARLY ENTRY INTO ENFORCE OF THE PARIS AGREEMENT DGC/284/16 November 5th, 2016 The Paris Agreement was adopted by the international community the last December 2015, and entered into force the last November 4th, assuring with that the implementation of the acquired commitments by the States to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and to adapt themselves to the effects of climate change, among others. This agreement entered into force only a year after its adoption. It recognizes, in its preamble, that the Parties, at adopting measures to face climate change, should respect, promote and take into consideration their respective responsibilities regarding human rights, to the right to health, indigenous rights, local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities, persons in vulnerable situation, right to develo- pment, as well as to gender equality, women empowerment and intergenerational equity. This National Organism highlights the importance of the effective implementation of the Paris Agree- ment and its link with the enjoyment of various human rights. For this reason, the National Human Rights Commission calls upon all authorities to, within is powers scope, to contribute in a coordinated manner to the attendance of the commitments that were stablished under the Paris Agreement, which at same time will contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda, mainly with the Objective 13, in regard to the adoption of urgent measures to combat climate change and its impacts. Index 6 New Age, No. 285 Press Releases THE CNDH ENHANCES THE HUMAN RIGHTS PERSPECTIVE IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE 2030 AGENDA AND IN THE COMMITMENTS ON CLIMATE CHANGE AT THE PARIS AGREEMENT DGC/289/16 November 15th, 2016 The CNDH participated at the special event “The Role of the Na- tional Human Rights Institutions at the implementation of the Sus- tainable Development Objecti- ves, as well as the commitments on climate change of the Paris Agreement”, which was held in Marrakech, Morocco, within the framework of the 22nd United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Summoned by the National Human Rights Council of the Morocco Kingdom, the Office of the United Nations High Com- missioner for Human Rights, The Global Alliance of National Hu- man Rights Institutions, the Ad- visory Committee on Human Ri- ghts of France, the Francophone Association of Nacional Human Rights Commissions and the Eu- ropean Union, Heads of institu- tions for human rights protection and defense of more than twenty countries met with the purpose of sharing best practices and to enhance the implementation of the sustainable development ob- jectives of the 2030 agenda as well as the commitments on climate change of the Paris Agreement, in strict compliance to the funda- mental principles of human dig- nity. The CNDH shared with the international community that this National Commission has been attentive to the Mexican Sta- te accomplishment of its respon- sibilities in human rights matter upon the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, according to the assu- med commitments made at the Mérida Declaration. The CNDH also is attending the achievement of the national policy on climate change, besides training public servants that are involved in such actions. municados/2016/Com_2016_289.pdf Index 7 New Age, No. 285 Press Releases THE CNDH ADVISORY COUNCIL ISSUED A DECLARATION BEFORE EVENTUAL CHANGES AT THE UNITED STATES MIGRATORY POLICIES DGC/291/16 November 16th, 2016 In the light of different opinions that have been expressed upon the possibility that there would be changes at the United States of America migratory policies, that will affect Mexicans that are ac- tually living in that country, the Advisory Council of the National Human Rights Commission is- sued a declaration that contains, among other issues, the following: Based on the New York Decla- ration for Refugees and Migrants, given by the United Nations Ge- neral Assembly resolution, on September 19th, 2016, the migra- tory policy implies a “share res- ponsibility” in order to operate the displacement of refugees and migrants in a humanitarian and respectful way. That is why it is necessary to generate a common framework for the migratory ac- tivity, which recognize and see- ks migrant’s human rights pro- tection, and that generates an effective and multidimensional management of the migratory phenomenon. Among the aspects that the policies and migratory procedu- res should have, there is the res- pect to parity principles, non-dis- crimination, and attention to the best interest of girls, boys and adolescents, as well as the gua- rantee of hearing accomplishment and of due process to everyone. Everyone’s human rights, inclu- ding migrants, must be respected by the States within their jurisdic- tion, where there are mechanisms where claims can be presented. . In this sense, the support that the Mexican Government could provide to its nationals by admi- nistrative assistance tasks and of protection through their embas- sies and consulates, likewise with local borderline governments, reaches special significance, be- cause it stablishes the right way to safeguard and promote the ri- ghts of our compatriots; promote its enforceability; monitor that should not be victims of abuses; as well as to prevent individual unduly damages, to their assets and to their interests. Therefore, a respectful request is made to the Ministries of the Interior and of Foreign Affairs, as well as to the competent bodies of the Federal Executive, to stren- gth the capacities and resources available to provide support and assistance to Mexican people in the United States of America as well as to develop and implement an action plan for the defense of their rights and the protection of their people, before the possibi- lity of a change in the migration policies of that country. municados/2016/Com_2016_291.pdf Index 8 New Age, No. 285 Press Releases RODOLFO STAVENHAGEN, 2016 NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS PRIZE, FOR HIS EFFECTIVE HUMAN RIGHTS PROMOTION AND DEFENSE ON INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND COMMUNITIES RIGHTS THE CNDH CONSIDERS THAT HUMAN RIGHTS EFFECTIVE PROTECTION OF GIRLS, BOYS AND ADOLESCENTS IN SEXUAL ABUSE SITUATION IS UNDELAYABLE DGC/295/16 November 16th, 2016 DGC/294/16 November 19, 2016 The Awards Council of the 2016 National Human Rights Prize determined to grant with such distinction post mortem to Doc- tor Rodolfo Stavenhagen Gruen- baum, for his outstanding trajec- tory in the effective promotion and defense of indigenous peo- ples and communities human ri- ghts. At its 2nd ordinary session, that was held on November 18th, the Awards Council unanimous- ly approved the Board’s opinion, whereby also it granted the Ho- norable Mention to Sharon Zaga Mograbi, because of her work and dedication, at the Memory and Tolerance Museum, through to- lerance culture teaching and dis- Because of the commemoration of the World Day for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, the CNDH calls upon Mexican government to accomplish the recommenda- tions of the 2011 United Nations Committee of Child´s Rights in this matter, as well as its final ob- servations of 2015. Sexual abuse is an issue that affects daily hundreds of girls, boys and adolescents around the world and is increased by the lack of appropriate mechanisms of protection to victims and of punishment to aggressors, thus we should intensify efforts in or- der to stop child and adolescence abuse. According to data from INEGI, UNICEF and the National System for Integral Family Development semination, non- discrimination and respect of human rights. (DIF), it is estimated that in the country, up to 20,000 girls, boys and adolescents are subjected to sexual slavery; however, other sources indicate this figure rea- ches 70,000. According with sta- tistics taken by the National Hu- man Rights Commission, 40% of municados/2016/Com_2016_294.pdf trafficking victims in Mexico are persons under 18 years old, many of them submitted to sexual ex- ploitation, against 42% of adult victims; the 18% left, without spe- cified ages. municados/2016/Com_2016_295.pdf Index 9 New Age, No. 285 Recommendations Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of Tamaulipas State. About the violations to the princi- ple of the best interest of Children, as well as to the Human Rights of personal integrity, a life free of violence and privacy, related to the protection of personal data in vio- lation of V in a school in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. RECOMMENDATION No. 53/ 2016 November 23, 2016. Recomendaciones/2016/Rec_2016_053.pdf Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of Puebla State. About the case of violations to the rights of protection to the health of V1 and to the life of V2, in the Ge- neral Hospital of Cuetzalan, of the Ministry of Health of Puebla. RECOMMENDATION No. 54/ 2016 November 28, 2016. Recomendaciones/2016/Rec_2016_054. pdf Responsible Authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of Nuevo León State About the case of the preventive center of social reintegration Topo Chico, Nuevo León. RECOMMENDATION No. 55/ 2016 November 29, 2016. Recomendaciones/2016/Rec_2016_055.pdf New Age, No. 285 What is Habitat III? “Habitat III” is the way in which formally is called the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, held in Quito, Ecuador from October 17th to 20th 2016. It has as main objective the strengthening of global political commitment in favor of the towns, cities and others, both rural and urban human sett- lements. For the first time in 20 years, at this conference, the international community headed by national governments, collectively assessed rapidly chan- ging urban tendencies and ways in which these pa- tterns impact human development, environmental welfare, and civic systems and of government in the world. Habitat III also offered a great opportunity for the international community, at all levels, to combi- ne understanding about the issues and opportuni- ties defined by current tendencies in urbanization matter. Poverty, life quality, environmental degra- dation and climate change among other issues, and the economic, social and creative advantages offe- red by cities. The almost 200 national governments, that are of the United Nations General Assembly, as well as municipal governments, private sector and civil so- ciety met on that event. Article of the month Index 10 New Age, No. 285 Book of the month Freedom of Expression and Journalism in the XXI Century. Rights, Guarantees, Responsibilities and Journalism Professional Secrecy MIGUEL JULIO RODRÍGUEZ VILLAFAÑE Pages: 612 p. Binding: Tapa blanda Editorial: Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Language: Castilian Isbn: 978-987-707-002-6 The book works upon the achievement progress and legal effects of freedom of expression, at humanity history and all perspectives pre- senting its dynamics today, at XXI Century. The analysis is conducted, taking into account the evolution on human rights and the important revolution produced by new information and communication techno- logies. Also it is developed the particular role accomplished by journalism, within information and opinion, and the multiple roots of this valua- ble task of public interest. It manage the concept of journalism and its professionality, and it develops the rights, duties, responsibilities, limits and other themes linked with this activity. sion-y-periodismo-en-el-siglo-xxi-derechos-garantias-responsabilidades-y-secreto-profe- sional-periodistico-1 Index Index President Luis Raúl González Pérez First General Visitor Ismael Eslava Pérez Second General Visitor Enrique Guadarrama López Third General Visitor Ruth Villanueva Castilleja Fourth General Visitor Norma Inés Aguilar León Fifth General Visitor Edgar Corzo Sosa Sixth General Visitor Jorge Ulises Carmona Tinoco Executive Secretary Héctor Daniel Dávalos Mártínez Technical Secretary of the AdvisorCouncil Joaquín Narro Lobo The CNDH Defends and protects your rights Newsletter Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Delegación Magdalena Contreras, C. P. 10200, Ciudad de México. Teléfonos (55) 56 81 81 25 y 54 90 74 00, Lada sin costo 01800 715 2000 Executive Secretary Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, 1922, 1er piso, Col. Tlacopac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C. P. 01049, Ciudad de México. Teléfono: (52 55) 17 19 20 00, ext. 8058 Fax: (52 55) 17 19 21 53. Lada sin costo: 01 800 715 2000 Correspondencia: [email protected]

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