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Newsletter November, 2017 New Age, No. 297 Index The voice of the President ....... 3 Event of the month .................. 6 Press Releases .......................... 7 Recommendation ................... 12 Article of the month .............. 15 Book of the month ................. 16 Carta de Novedades, Nueva Época, No. 297, noviembre 2017, es una Publicación mensual editada por la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos, Periférico Sur 3469, Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Delegación Magdalena Contre- ras, C. P. 10200, Ciudad de México, Teléfonos (55) 56 81 81 25 y 54 90 74 00, Lada sin costo 01800 715 2000, www.cndh. Editor responsable: Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH. Mtra. Consuelo Olvera Treviño. Reserva de Derechos al Uso Exclusivo No. 04-2015-050410012300-203, otorgada por el Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor, ISSN: en trámite. Responsable de la última actualización de este Número, Secretaría Ejecutiva, CNDH, Lic. Juan Carlos Vi- llalobos López, Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, 1922, 1er piso, Col. Tlacopac, Delegación Álvaro Obregón, C. P. 01049, Ciudad de México, fecha de la última modificación 30 de noviembre de 2017. Las opiniones expresadas por los autores no necesariamente reflejan la postura del editor de la publicación. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial de los contenidos e imágenes de la publicación sin previa autoriza- ción de la Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos. 3 Conference “The importance of Public media in the promotion of human rights”, provided by Mr. Luis Raúl González Pérez, President of the National Commission of Human Rights, at the XXV Ordinary General Assembly of the Network of Radio Broadcasters and the Educa- tional and cultural Television of Mexico Campeche, Camp. November 10, 2017 Good Morning: Blanca Lilia Ibarra Cadena. President of the Network of Ra- dio Broadcasters and the Educa- tional and cultural Television of Mexico. Distinguished members of the Mexico’s Network It is a great pleasure being here with all of you at the XXV (twenty-fifth) Ordinary General Assembly of Mexico´s Network, which is an association that ga- thers more than seventy public media and academic along the country, and whose work cons- titutes a fundamental input for human rights diffusion in our country. Nowadays nobody hesitate that media is indispensable for the consolidation of a democratic society and that plays an impor- tant role in society, considering the formidable influence that te- levision and radio have, together with the new communication platforms such as social networ- ks that allow to inform faster, even in real time. Actually Mexico lives a com- plex environment, in which the attention and response that we can give as country to many is- sues that affect us requires to ac- count with more objective, timely and sufficient information, and as a consequence truly free deci- sions. That is why, the media has the undoubtedly responsibility before society, because it is a ba- sic resource to which an impor- tant number of persons look for to obtain information and, con- sequently, to shape their opinion upon a topic or matter. We must not see public media as a public power service because the government manages it. Ins- tead, it should be in service of the general interest mainly of social service, so it must conduct educa- tional and social action, in favor of human rights promotion. This will contribute the pu- blic’s knowledge about their ri- ghts, so they can make them va- lid. In addition, this will make that authorities – of all levels of government- can fulfill their obligations imposed at the third constitutional article that establi- sh that they should promote, res- pect, protect and ensure human rights, in attention to the princi- ples of universality, interdepen- dency, indivisibility and progres- sivity. In this sense, the UNESCO pointed out that the existen- ce of public media is justified by the important role it has, by providing information to socie- ty, culture, education and enter- tainment of quality, to stimulate citizenship- in a politically and culturally sense- and to encoura- ge society’s unity. Under these criteria, public media may generate reflection, analysis, debate and collective participation in several topics, among them on human rights. These allows knowledge and ex- periences interchange resulting into public decision-making. Be- cause of the above, media is an important forum in which ideas are freely expressed and where information, opinion and criti- cism circulates, because radio and television show themselves as autonomous and independent. Within fundamental rights defense and promotion sphere, the responsible exercise of the ri- ght to freedom of speech acqui- res a great relevance. As I have said before in other forums and I consider appropriate to repeat it in this important forum; media, journalists, and communicators, through responsible exercise of freedom of speech right, have the opportunity to carry out an important input in this respect, as they collaborate to enrich so- ciety’s civil life and to contribute with democracy. Freedom of speech is, thus, an indispensable element for so- ciety, democratic life and for the validity of other human rights. That is why; its exercise should enjoy of the broadest guarantees and should not be subject to li- mitations. People must exercise freedom of speech within law’s framework, and should proceed in a responsible and ethical man- ner, honoring their commitment. However, the important work they carry out, hard data and statistics reflects in an overwhel- ming way, the violence suffered by communicators. Numbers speak by themselves, as shown at the received complaints by the CNDH. In the last three years 96 com- municators were murdered in 2014; 80 in 2015; 98 in 2016, and 70 along this year. If we add to this figures the number of cases registered by other human rights public organisms, as well as the homicides not denounced, the figure is much higher. This cir- cumstance marks the last years as “lethal” for journalism. Mainly it results delicate that from 2000 to today there have been 130 journalists’ homicides, 20 disappeared from 2005 and 52 attempts against media faci- lities from 2006. Besides, there The voice of the President New Age, No. 297 INDEX 4 New Age, No. 297 The voice of the President is a worrisome indicator; at the beginning, assaulted journalists were mainly male, nevertheless, in recent years, this situation has change, because women journa- lists increasingly have become target of threats and assaults sin- ce 2010. As exacerbating of these de- plorable and blameworthy ag- gressions, the National Com- mission of Human Rights have proved that federal and state au- thorities have not fulfilled their duty at prevention, research and sanction of felonies against jour- nalists. The General Recommen- dation 24/2016 “Upon freedom of speech exercise in Mexico”, has emphasized the above. In this recommendations au- thorities of the different level of government are request to fulfill with their duty to prevent crimes against journalists, that when they occur, there should be an investigation and sanction of the responsible. Likewise, authorities must repair the consequences in order to prevent impunity. The lack of adequate justice that allows the identification of perpetrators and allows stabli- shing sanctions, generates an in- creasing environment of impuni- ty. As consequence, it creates and aggressive environment against journalist, since it translates as a patent for harassment, seeking to silence freedom of speech. By this reason, justice procurements should, in journalists assaults cases, focus upon freedom of speech violation; investigate un- der gender perspective, besides, must carry out the standardiza- tion of protocols, ministerial re- search criteria and expertise im- provement. Investigations- that involves violence against journalists- should be conducted appropria- tely when these occurs and the perpetrators should be punished. It is important for public policy or the carried out action, to be effective, that take into conside- ration, when pertinent, journa- lists’ opinion. The alarming increasing hos- tilities committed against journa- lists and civil human rights de- fenders, motivate, at the federal level, the expedition of the Law on Human Rights Defenders and Journalists Protection, and its regulation. These instruments created the Mechanism for Hu- man Rights Defenders and Jour- nalists Protection. The Mechanism is very im- portant because it provides pro- tection to civil defenders and journalists by adequate measures of security and aid, congruently, timely and proportional, with the risks they face, avoiding that vio- lence happens. Even though, the CNDH has insisted in its appro- priate and efficient implemen- tation and execution. For that, it is necessary the evaluation of its function and effectiveness, and the following of its results. Some months ago, the federal Mechanism and the local or Sta- te Units of protection approved the protocol to attend and assess promptly and in expeditious way the risk in which journalists and defenders live by different situa- tions, as well as to establish mea- sures to ensure their protection. The CNDH consider as some- thing critically important that state governments regulate and INDEX 5 New Age, No. 297 The voice of the President determine, as soon as possible the legal nature of the protection Units, so they can ensure its con- formation, personal budget and resources. They should count with the legal and institutional support required in these cases, independently to administrative changes and political contexts. The people that will integrate them should be personnel with appropriate profile to the high responsibility involved in its im- portant labor. Although we have taken steps upon journalist’s protection and actually, it exists in our country major freedom to expression, the- re are increasing difficulties and aspects that we should attend. Some of these aspects are the creation of autonomous prosecu- tor’s offices or specialized units on these crimes that carry on the investigations and persecution of sanctions and the promotion of legislation on journalist protec- tion. Likewise, it is indispensable the creation of risk maps and the awareness of public servants and society in general upon freedom of speech importance in demo- cracy, as well as respect to others opinion, among other issues. Public media can help rai- se awareness upon freedom of speech importance and to create consciousness about the risk that impunity represents. This labor about making sensible our gover- nments should be done while we foster respect and safety for jour- nalists as that they can work with total safety and independency. There must be permanent publicity campaigns in re- gard-unpunished crimes against journalists and other violence acts, aiming to create mainly news coverage on all freedom of press violations and, in general, of human rights. Likewise, we call media to undertake audience awareness upon corruption, hu- man rights violations and other abuses of power, and to report about them impartially and pro- fessionally. Free public, independent and pluralistic media can provide much contribution to sustainable development, poverty eradica- tion, good governance and hu- man rights respect. Consequent- ly, we must foment mechanisms to incorporate media to programs that have as objective to improve the social, economic and politic life of societies in development. State media should be of pu- blic service and allow access and major diversity participation of social actors. They must parti- cipate in the diffusion of infor- mation related with topics of poverty, health, discrimination, vulnerability, besides they must contribute as communication channel in which voices of poor and marginalized should be lis- ten too. In the other hand, the 2030 Agenda is an international agree- ment that States must fulfill, and for that, media must be watchful, using its freedom of press, as well as the free use of information for the accountability and accompli- shment of it. I thank again the Mexico Ne- twork for this invitation and I wish you to continue working in favor of our democracy, and of us. Participacion/20171110.pdf INDEX 6 New Age, No. 297 Event to the month IT WILL BE A PRIORITY FOR THE NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS INSTITUTIONS OF EUROPE, AFRICA, AMERICA AND ASIA-PACIFIC TO ATTEND INTIMIDATIONS AND REPRISALS AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS, QUESTION PROPOSED BY THE MEXICAN OMBUDSMAN DGC/364/17 San José, Costa Rica, November 3, 2017 Representatives of the Natio- nal Human Rights Institutions of Europe, Africa, America and Asia-Pacific agreed to assume as a commitment to attend as a priori- ty the intimidations and reprisals faced by public and civil human rights defenders, proposal of the Mexican ombudsman which was approved unanimously. They also agree to keep it as an issue of first order on 2018 an- nual work program of the Global Alliance of the National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI). Luis Raúl González Pérez stres- sed that offences against defen- ders, no matter where they came from, attack and infringe society as a whole, besides they reduce democratic advisability spaces. The Mexican Ombudsman acknowledged and endorsed his support to the important daily la- bor carried out by human rights defenders within thereof disse- mination, promotion and defense in our country, and to those who have risk their personal integrity, freedom or their life. municados/2017/Com_2017_364.pdf INDEX 7 New Age, No. 297 Press Releases DGC/362/17 November 2, 2017 THE CNDH UNDERLINES ITS COMMITMENT TO ERADICATE VIOLENCE AND IMPUNITY UPON CRIMES AGAINST JOURNALISTS, AND REQUIRES SUFFICIENT BUDGET AND TRAINED PERSONNEL FOR THE PROTECTION MECHANISM The National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) considers fundamental that the Mecha- nism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists Protection, attached to the Ministry of Interior and from which Government board is part this Natio- nal Organism, should counts with the necessary budget and trained personnel to carry out their tasks efficiently. Tax and legislative authorities must ensure that the ordinary Budget with which this Mechanism operates does not limits or hinder its functions, but may face protection of 700 recipients who must be protected because of the decision of the Govern- ment Board. This amount increases monthly. This National Organism underlines that the in- creasing assaults against reporters in Mexico, as well as the lack of research and the 90% index of impunity within crimes against them deteriorates our Rule of Law and requires urgent and deter- minate attention from the three levels of govern- ment. In occasion of the “International Day to end impunity against journalists’ crimes” –Novem- ber 2- the CNDH endorse its commitment to work with all social actors to eradicate violence against newscasters and demands to end impunity, in or- der for authorities to clarify crimes and to bring prosecutors to justice. Com_2017_362.pdf INDEX 8 New Age, No. 297 Press Releases THE CNDH RECOGNIZES ASSIGNMENT OF CHIHUAHUA’S OMBUDSMAN AS GENERAL COORDINATOR OF FIO´S NETWORK OF COMMUNICATORS DGC/368/2017 November 8, 2017 The National Commission of Hu- man Rights (CNDH) expresses its recognition to the assignment of the Chihuahua’s Ombudsman, José Luis Armendáriz González, as General Coordinator of FIO´s Network of Communicators This National Organism hi- ghlights this assignment worthi- ness, since Armendáriz González has been distinguished as local Ombudsman and for his contri- butions to the Mexican Federa- tion of Public Human Rights Or- ganisms (FMOPDH), mainly in regard with the promotion, diffu- sion and dissemination of funda- mental rights by different media and communications technology, both in state and national level. In this new responsibility, ex- perience of the ombudsman of Chihuahua will help to create a joint and a comprehensive stra- tegy for human rights promotion at the Ibero-American countries. This will foster the exchange specialized knowledge on social communication. municados/2017/Com_2017_368.pdf INDEX 9 New Age, No. 297 Press Releases THE NATIONAL OMBUDSMAN PROPOSED TO MOVE TO A PUBLIC BUDGET THAT IS CENTERED IN HUMAN DIGNITY, FOR THE FULL EXERCISE OF MORE PEOPLE´S RIGHTS DGC/369/2017 November 8, 2017 The national Ombudsman, Luis Raúl González Pérez, proposed to reconsider the organizational processes and legal structures in order to attend in better way the country’s current needs. Similar- ly, this will enable to create a pu- blic budget that has as a primary focus in its design, execution and review the human dignity, under a good governance scheme pre- venting tax avoidance, corruption and diversion of resources. This will enable us to obtain a hi- gher budgetary ceiling allowing a coverage that favors a major num- ber of population sectors. He hi- ghlighted the importance of con- ducting an evaluation on public resources use and distribution, from a perspective of human ri- ghts, of gender, focused on child- hood and adolescence rights, and as a preventive measure. Before stressing the urgent need for National States to carry out major and better investment on childhood and adolescence, he demand to assign sufficient re- sources to fulfill the UN 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable De- velopment, since that investment, besides being a government obli- gation, is an efficient strategy for human development. municados/2017/Com_2017_369.pdf INDEX 10 New Age, No. 297 Press Releases CNDH ALERTS ABOUT THE SITUATION OF VULNERABILITY IN WHICH GIRLS, CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS ARE FOUND BEFORE THE VIOLENCE THAT THEY SUFFER FROM THEIR NEAR ENVIRONMENTS DGC/383/2017 November 20, 2017 On the Universal Day of Chil- dren and in the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child -20 November-, the Na- tional Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) warns about the high degree of vulnerability in which are children and adoles- cents in our country. They are subject of physical or psychologi- cal punishment, as well as sexual assault and abuse, which in 4 out of 10 cases occur in their imme- diate surroundings such as home, school and in their workplace. In light of this, the CNDH stresses the importance of trea- ting children and adolescents as subjects of rights, as well as ma- king their prerogatives a reality through the promotion of concre- te public policies that make pos- sible their effective participation. Likewise, these public policies should also fulfil the Objectives of the Sustainable Development of the 2030 UN Agenda, to ad- vance in the eradication of pover- ty, inequity and inequality that affect them. On the other hand, the CNDH highlights the need to have pu- blic budgets and the necessary resources to address the recom- mendations that the UN Commi- ttee on the Rights of the Child has formulated to the Mexican State. They constitute a road map to address the major challenges to realize their rights and generate the conditions for children and adolescents to reach their highest level of development. municados/2017/Com_2017_383.pdf INDEX 11 New Age, No. 297 Press Releases THE NATIONAL COMMISSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS RECOGNIZES THE DECLARATORY OF THE NATIONAL PARK IN FAVOR OF THE ARCHIPELAGO REVILLAGIGEDO, AND STRESSES THE IMPORTANCE THAT SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS ARE A LIVING NORM AND NOT JUST GOOD INTENTIONS DGC/393/17 November 25, 2017 The National Commission of Hu- man Rights (CNDH) celebrates the declaration of a National Park in favor of the Revillagigedo Ar- chipelago, since this materializes the collective right to a healthy environment. It also protects va- rious species of marine, fauna, birds, reptiles, invertebrates and plants, that in other way, could face danger of extinction With this determination, which joins the declaration issued by UNESCO on November 22 of last year through which the area was recognized as World Herita- ge, it increases the compliance of the 2030 Agenda for the Sustaina- ble Development Goals to which our country is committed. This National Commission stresses the importance that so- cial and environmental rights are a living norm, and it highlights that they should stop being mere declarations of good intentions or political dispositions without a legal requirement. Given the di- fficulties that citizens face to de- mand economic, social, cultural and environmental rights (DES- CA) against the State, the CNDH seeks to have an important im- pact on the recognition and vali- dity of these rights, based on the provisions of the constitutional reform on human rights of June 10, 2011. municados/2017/Com_2017_393.pdf INDEX 12 New Age, No. 297 Recommendations Responsible authority Issue Recommendation General Directorate of the Mexican Institute for Social Security About the cases of Human Rights violations of access to social secu- rity, equality, non-discrimination, legality and legal security due to the declaration of inadmissibility of the widow’s pension in detriment of V1, V2 and V3 because of their civil state. RECOMMENDATION No. 53/2017 November 9, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_053.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Ministry of National Defense About the illegal search, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearan- ce, torture and sexual violence in violation of V1, V2 and V3, as well as the arbitrary execution of V1 and V2 in Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco. RECOMMENDATION No. 54/2017 November 9, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_054.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of the State of Tabasco´s state Regarding the appeal against the failure of the Ministry of Education of Tabasco´s state to the recommen- dation issued by the Human Rights Commission of the state. RECOMMENDATION No. 55/2017 November 9, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_055.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of the Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca, National Commission for the Development of Indi- genous Peoples. About the case of violation to the right of personal integrity, to the integral development of children, to an adequate standard of living and to the best interests of children in tort of 559 girls, boys and ado- lescents, in indigenous houses and dining rooms of the program of support for indigenous education, in the state of Oaxaca. RECOMMENDATION No. 52/2017 November 6, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_052.pdf INDEX 13 New Age, No. 297 Recommendations Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Legal and International Affairs Deputy Attorney General, in substitution of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, National Security Commission, Head of Mexico City´s Government Regarding the case of the events that occurred during the demons- tration against the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa teachers, verified on November 20, 2014, in Mexico City RECOMMENDATION No. 57/2017 November 10, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_057.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Mexican Social Security Institute About the case of violations to health protection rights of V1 and V2, to life of V2, to liberty and reproductive autonomy of V1, by obstetric violence, to health infor- mation and to the truth of V1 and V3, at the rural hospital “San Felipe Ecatepec” of IMSS in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas. RECOMMENDATION No. 56/2017 November 10, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_056.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Commission of National Security About the case of the violation of the right to personal integrity of V1 and V2 by excessive use of force, access to justice in its pursuit of justice modality and to the truth, attributed to federal police, at Ciu- dad de Lerdo, Durango. RECOMMENDATION No. 58/2017 November 13, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_058.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Commission of the National Institute of Migration About the case of violation to the human rights of dignified treat- ment, to the protection of health, to legal security, to the request for refuge and to the best interests of children, of persons in the context of international migration, housed in the Immigration Station of the National Institute of Migration in Saltillo, Coahuila. RECOMMENDATION No. 59/2017 November 22, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_059.pdf INDEX 14 New Age, No. 297 Recommendations Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of the State of Coahuila de Zara- goza, Ministry of Social De- velopment, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, General Directorate of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. About the case of the violation to the Human Rights to work, social security, an adequate standard of living and the best interests of the child in detriment of V1 and V2, who are agricultural laborers in the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza. RECOMMENDATION No. 60/2017 November 27, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_060.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Government of the State of San Luis Potosí. About the case of violations to the right of dignify treatment and to right of free of violence against wo- men life, in detriment to V, by San Luis Potosi authorities’ acts. RECOMMENDATION No. 61/2017 November 28, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_061.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Commission of National Security About the case of violations to le- gal certainty rights and to freedom, in detriment of V after purging his prison sentence. RECOMMENDATION No. 62/2017 November 28, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_062.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Ministry of Public Education, National Institute of Physical Educational Infrastructure. About the case of 29 federal schools, located in the Mexico City, with deficiencies in their physical infrastructure. RECOMMENDATION No. 63/2017 November 28, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_063.pdf INDEX 15 New Age, No. 297 Recommendations Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Constitutional Municipal Presidency of Acapulco de Juárez, Guerrero About the case of violations of Human Rights to freedom, legal security and personal integrity; for the arbitrary detention, torture and forced disappearance in detriment of V, in the Municipality of Acapul- co de Juárez, Guerrero RECOMMENDATION No. 64/2017 November 29, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_064.pdf Responsible authority Issue Recommendation Municipal Council of Mecatlán, Veracruz. About the impugnation appeal by non-acceptance of the Recommen- dation issued by the Human Rights Commission of Veracruz state, in case of an underage girl from an indigenous community who was victim of sexual felony. RECOMMENDATION No. 65/2017 November 30, 2017 Recomendaciones/2017/Rec_2017_065.pdf MEXICO IS AMONG THE 10 COUNTRIES WITH THE WORLD’S HIGHEST RATES OF IMPUNITY IN CRIMES AGAINST JOURNALISTS Mexico ranks among the 10 coun- tries world’s highest rates of im- punity in crimes against journa- lists, according to the most recent report of the Committee to Pro- tect Journalists (CPJ). The 2017 edition of CPJ’s Glo- bal Impunity Index focuses on countries where journalists are murdered and those responsible for such crimes continue to go unpunished. In it, Mexico ranks sixth, with at least 21 unresolved cases, and it is among the coun- tries that counts with greater im- punity against communicators above Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and India. In the first position of the ranking is Somalia, followed by Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and the Philippines. “During the decade in which CPJ has published the Global Impunity Index, Somalia’s impunity score has skyrocketed by 198%. Other countries in which the impunity score increased most during the last decade were Mexico (142%), Pakistan (113%) and India (100%). Syria (195%) and Brazil (177%) experienced huge increases in the impunity score despite not appearing in the in- dex every 10 years “. According to the technical data sheet from Mexico, the ins- titutional advances to combat impunity in crimes against jour- nalists have yielded null results. Journalists have been murdered with absolute impunity in the past decade. Local journalists who reported crime, corruption and politics have been targets of assassinations in states domina- ted by cartels. nish/2017/11/hoy-mandan-los-ninos/in- dex.html#.Wh8WmUriaUm Article of the Month INDEX

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