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Summary of Pathfinder Series; Grief and Grieving - Hamilton Health Sciences

Pathfinder Series: Grief and Grieving This pathfinder provides information about resources available in the JCC Patient & Family Resource Centre and on the internet. Books Braving the Fire: A Guide to Writing about Grief & Loss/ Jessica Handler Call number: 5.1.14 2013 This book explores the challenges and rewards for the writer who has chosen, with courage and candor, to be the memory keeper. It will be useful to the memoirist just starting out, as well as those already in the throes of coming to terms with complicated emotions and the challenges of shaping a compelling, coherent true story. Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death and Surviving/ Julia Samuel Call number: 10.4.15 2018 This is a compassionate guide that will inform and engage anyone who is grieving and provide clear advice for those seeking to comfort the bereaved. It contains deeply moving case studies of real people's stories of loss as well as accessible and practical advice. Mindfulness for Prolonged Grief: A Guide to Healing after Loss When Depression, Anxiety & Anger won’t go Away/ Sameet M. Kumar Call number: 9.1.5 2013 This book offers you real tools for overcoming the painful symptoms of prolonged grief. In the book, you will learn to relieve your pain by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving the quality of your sleep, and reconnecting with your life's goals. In addition, you will discover how mindfulness exercises and guided meditations can help you process your grief, manage your intense emotions, and deal with loss without resorting to avoidant behaviors (such as addiction) as coping mechanisms. The Five Ways We Grieve: Finding Your Personal Path to Healing after the Death of a Loved One/ Susan A. Berger Call number: 10.4.16 2009 In this new approach to understanding the impact of grief, Susan A. Berger goes beyond the commonly held theories of stages of grief with a new typology for self-awareness and personal growth. She offers practical advice for healing from a major loss in this presentation of five basic ways, or types, of grieving. These 5 types describe how different people respond to a major loss. Websites American Cancer Society: Coping with the Loss of a Loved One oss/coping-with-the-loss-of-a-loved-one-grieving-process This resource discusses grieving process. It focuses on the steps one can take to help them through, and out of their grief. Topics also include how to cope with loss and how/where to get help. There are many useful references on this webpage as well for people looking to further their knowledge. Modern Loss Modern Loss is a place to share the unspeakably taboo, unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death. Beginners welcome. This project grew out of two friends’ separate experiences with sudden loss, and their struggle to find resources that weren’t too clinical, overtly religious, patronizing or, frankly, cheesy. National Cancer Institute: Grief, Bereavement and Coping with Loss cancer/caregivers/planning/bereavement-pdq This webpage looks at what grief is, the different types of grieving, how people react when they are going through the grieving process and treatment for grief in adults. It also helps parents and adults assist children in the grieving process. The Grief Toolbox This website offers forums and resources on dealing with loss and grief. It is valuable resource where all resources a person might need to help them with grief are available. What’s Your Grief? This website helps people cope with life after loss. It promotes grief education, exploration and expression in both practical and creative ways. This website features pages on grief and music, how to cope with grief over the holidays, self-care and much more. Mar/19