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APRIL 2019 #97 WWW.TOGETHERMAG.EU Tom Hanks Shopping & Beauty Alps Luxury Money & Politics Technology Combat sports Hope and healing Arnon Barnes: Get extrovert Be successful PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Crete gastronomy Wallonia Dining Interview Real estate Art for l’ACCUEIL Fashion Kids Rush CLUBMASTER VINTAGE CHRONOGRAPH TORTOISE SHELL ACETATE BLACK DIAL – 300 euros WWW.BRISTON-WATCHES.COM Paris chic meets British style Infos & Folders [email protected] B L A C K E D I T I O N Mesuré sur base de la nouvelle méthode de mesure standardisée WLTP et converti en valeurs NEDC 2.0. 107 - 110 G/KM 4,7 - 4,8 L/100 KM (NEDC 2.0) Modèle présenté : Civic 5 portes 1.0 i-VTEC Elegance Black Edition 6MT en Crystal Black Pearl. Informations environnementales (AR 19/3/2004) : Lozenberg 13 - 1932 Zaventem - GMS - GROUP Aspria Royal La Rasante Rue Sombre 56 1200 Brussels PLAY, SPORTS AND CREATIVE During school holidays, we offer camps with activities designed specifically to support the developmental stage, needs and interests of each child. AN OUTSTANDING HERITAGE Our renowned tennis facilities and coaching expertise boost the skills of our junior and adult members of all abilities, whether novice or advanced players. FAMILY FIRST Aspria Royal La Rasante’s carefully designed classes, camps, activities and other services and facilities aim to make life easier for parents and more fun for juniors. Contact us on 02 609 19 10 to start now with our 7 day Family trial.* A S P R I A . C O M 02 609 19 10 M Y T I M E , T H E I R T I M E , O U R T I M E . At Aspria, the whole family can stay active and have fun at the same time – all under one roof, all year round. *Terms & Conditions apply F8041 Aspria RLR Together 330x230 DPS v1.indd All Pages 14/02/2019 10:29 I 9 ON THE COVER A SPRING IN YOUR STEP Editor’s LETTER /togethermagazine /Togethermagazinebelgium @together_Mag Together: Inspiring you to reach your dreams... I find it very strange to think that when it's spring in the northern hemisphere, it's autumn in the southern hemisphere and vice versa. But I like imagining those powerful changes of colour spreading constantly around the globe. Not only do the buds start to appear, the birds construct their homes anew and the soil smells different - it's also carnival time. I love most watching the festivities in New Orleans, as it celebrates the best music in the world in fantastic parades. Spring seems to have more going on than the other three seasons, including Easter, St Patrick's Day and May Day. And people in Belgium get out of the house once more, often to go to concerts and other outdoor events - one of my favourites is HOPLA!, the outdoor circus festival which is entirely free of charge and takes place in several Brussels neighbourhoods ( And I came across an article on suggesting 5 Rituals for a Fresh Start. They are: Practice 108 Sun Salutations, Plant Some Seeds, Create Your Own Cleanse, Head for the Hills and Set Some Intentions. I have to go now and get a start on those sun salutations and practice some juggling. Paul Morris Editor Tom Hanks has written a book… GB-ORG-05 UE/non-UE agriculture Rafraîchissons le bio © 2019 Honest Tea, Inc. Tous droits réservés. “HONEST” est une marque déposée de Honest Tea, Inc. Honest Grenade & Myrtille: boisson rafraîchissante aux infusions, saveur grenade et myrtille, avec jus de fruits à base de concentré 7%. Honest Orange & Mangue: boisson rafraîchissante aux infusions, saveur orange et mangue, avec jus de fruits à base de concentré 6.7%. - ER – Etienne Gossart - Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium sprl - Chaussée de Mons 1424, 1070 Bruxelles – RPM BE 0425071420. 10 I LIFESTYLE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 55 Fashion: Portugal 60 Fashion: Kids rush 70 Shopping 76 Beauty 78 Design: Greybrook House 82 Shopping Deco 21 Self-help: Combat sports 25 Self-help: Seed of healing 29 Arnon Barnes: Get extrovert 32 Self-help: Ain’t no cure for love 36 Be Successful books 40 Money: Sustainability 44 Technology: Get organized 49 Real estate: A marathon 52 Politics: European elections Contents APRIL 2019 Fashion Portugal Arnon Barnes Get extrovert Design Greybrook House 55 Self-help Combat sports 21 29 78 9 Welcome letter 10 Contents & contributors 14 Together online 16 Starring in Belgium 18 Charity: Amis de l’ACCUEIL Volvo Cars has been serving the diplomatic community since 1956, offering one of the most comprehensive diplomatic sales programs on the market. Choose your car, delivery options, and custom preferences and enjoy a premium service at every stage of your experience with us. As a Volvo Diplomatic Sales customer, you’ll be able to order your new Volvo, tailored to your unique requirements, at a favourable price and with a guaranteed premium level of service and exclusivity. Discover our diplomatic sales offers thanks to our selected network. 5,1 - 5,4 L/100 KM I 135 - 143 G CO2/KM (NEDC 2.0) The new Volvo V60 Cross Country. All adventures count. ACB Group Overijse, Schaerbeek, Zaventem Sterckx Rhode-Saint-Genèse Ardson Mons Rutten Hechtel-Eksel De Smet Drogenbos Autopolis Luxembourg Environmental information RD 19/03/2004: I 13 LIFE OF LEISURE 89 Celebrity interview: Tom Hanks 98 Travel: Alps luxury 104 Travel: Wallonia Land of Water 112 Travel: Culinary Crete 116 Dining: Comptoir, Pillows 118 Wine: Chateau de Brossay 120 Books: NY. 36. Europe 125 What’s on Belgium 132 What's on International: Calder-Picasso 134 Cinema news 137 Le Chat: Tintin’s trousers Travel Alps luxury What's on International Calder-Picasso 132 98 PUBLISHER David Mc Gowan [email protected] ACCOUNT DIRECTOR Caroline Dierckx [email protected] +32 479 47 47 77 ACCOUNT MANAGER Isabelle Ferier [email protected] +32 476 85 08 34 Hussein Jahwar [email protected] +32 487 19 20 51 MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT Suzanne Ofner [email protected] EDITOR Paul Morris [email protected] SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT MANAGER Hervé Ndonga [email protected] Valeria Alvarez [email protected] DESIGNER Xavier Bostem [email protected] CONTRIBUTORS Arnon Barnes; Gerry Callaghan; Yannick Callens; Kate Cracknell; Caroline Dierckx; David Deruytter James Drew; Philippe Geluck; Essential Home Maxence S.A; Colin Moors; Will Moors Paul Morris; Sarbani Sen; Taschen Katarina Winslow ART DIRECTOR Nicholas Sirot FOUNDER Jérôme Stéfanski [email protected] Together Media Brusselsesteenweg, 187 – 1560 Hoeilaart +32 (02) 644 90 92 [email protected] - Make sure that you get your monthly printed magazine Just send an email to [email protected] For advertising sales rates please consult Nothing in this magazine may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. The publisher cannot be held responsible for the views and opinions expressed in this magazine by contributors.Together is neither responsible for nor endorses the content of published advertisements, nor can the magazine be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the same. Belgian design by Els Demeersman. Classy designer handbags with quirky accessories. passion - love - power Instagram: MarosEtti_designerbags - Contact : Els Demeersman : 0032 479/39 57 64 CLOTHING DESIGNER: Sarah Castiaux HANDBAG: Marosetti MODEL: Mandy Vandenbosch PHOTOGRAPHER: Mijean Rochus 14 I Together magazine in your (non-virtual) mailbox! If you want to make sure that you get your monthly printed magazine, it’s best to subscribe to our special delivery service. And it couldn’t be simpler – just send an email to the dedicated email address: subscribe@ And happy reading! Brussels dining: Emile neighbourhood bistro and AMEN Located between Place Flagey and the Ixelles cemetery, this ‘trendy’ bistro of the Brussels Capital has kept all the old-world charm of the ‘old neighbourhood’ bistro, while maintaining the original setting and adding more contemporary notes - this place has a little bit of extra soul which makes it very attractive. With a wildly charming décor, it is a great place to meet for a drink or have a meal with friends. Travel Shanghai: Dynamic, international, modern In his latest travel Shanghai article Dave Deruytter wonders if it is powering ahead to international stardom. The waterfront view from the Bund at the Puxi side of the city towards the other shore of the Huangpu river, Pudong, is legendary by now. 40 years ago, one saw nothing but rice paddy- fields there. Today, the visitor observes probably the highest concentration of skyscrapers in the world, including some of the top ten tallest buildings on the planet. You can go up in some of those skyscrapers on the Pudong side to have a breathtaking bird’s eye view over the city, or cruise on the river and watch both sides, old and new. Personal development: The law of the jungle In her latest personal development article Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on our true nature. To be inquisitive is part of who I am, and curiosity has brought me answers to many questions over the years. The answers have come through my own experience, through other people and through messages from my guides, my angels, the ones who care for us all from the other side of life. Approaching middle age, I admit there has been quite some time for serious reflection. As a teenager, I investigated the selfish gene theory, the idea that everything in nature is based on the survival of the gene. Be inspired on New ! NOT JUST A PLACE TO STAY, A PLACE TO RETURN TO. Tangla Hotel Brussels I Avenue Emmanuel Mounier 5, 1200 Brussels [email protected] I +32 345 67 89 I Learn more last minute news on our social platforms GET FIT. RELAX. LIVE WELL. Memberships available for our Pool, Fitness & Sauna 187 Feng-Shui designed Rooms & Suites 12 Elegant Event venues Authentic Chinese Cuisine menus Family Style dining options 30’min Business Lunch 16 I Blood Red Shoes Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell go by the name Blood Red Shoes, a garage indie rock band from Brighton, England. Since forming all the way back in 2004, the duo has been involved in Brighton’s large indie rock scene for years. The two-piece have released five albums and one EP, each taking on a different sound than the previous release. Covering all the rocks from psych, punk, indie and more, the duo have an eclectic line-up of tracks from their 15 years as a band. The duo is now looking towards their tour of Europe, following the release of their commercially and critically acclaimed 2019 album, Get Tragic. This record sees them follow a more experimental binge with tracks such as Mexican Dress which feature a more danceable, perhaps even Queens of the Stone Age-esque rock tinge. 25 April. Botanique. Rotonde, standing. Tickets: €23 Giant Rooks Giant Rooks are an up-and-coming indie pop set originating from Hamm, Germany. The band have a feel similar to the signature style of modern indie-radio pop, but they make a great effort to really make the music their own. The ultra-clean guitar and bass layered into tracks like Småland and Bright Lies make for earwormy pop with interesting detail that may not be obvious on the first listen. Since forming in 2014, the band have released two EPs – The Times are Bursting the Lines and New Estate. The group have also already amassed a large online following, with over 23,000 followers on Facebook, and their singles regularly gain well over two million Spotify plays each. The band are currently embarking on a tour with over 30 dates planned, ahead of the release of their new single Wild Stare. 30 April. Ancienne Belgique, Club. Tickets: €15 Starring in Belgium Will Moors looks at upcoming concerts in Belgium MINI. Business, not as usual. MINI DIPLOMATIC SALES. As a member of the European Institution, the Corps Diplomatique or an international organization, you know that life can be quite different from one country to another. One thing is for sure, if you want to travel in style, MINI is your international friend. That is why your MINI Diplomatic Sales Advisor helps you with all required administrative information to get excited in your MINI in no time. Furthermore, we can deliver your personalized car anywhere in the world respecting local specifications. And in addition, we offer you our particularly attractive sales conditions. MINI range : CO2 55 - 157 g/km 2,1 - 6,9 l /100km (NEDC 2.0) Environmental information : MINI Belux - BMW Belgium Luxembourg NV/SA - BE 0413533863 - I 19 C H A R I T Y Les Amis de L’Accueil supports the great work of L’ACCUEIL - Child Protection Centre ASBL Art for L’ACCUEIL L ’ACCUEIL offers children in difficulty, as well as their parents, comprehensive family support. Located in Gosselies in a green setting, it is both a living space, therapeutic support and educational supervision 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Every day, tirelessly for 27 years, a team of professionals have allowed the weakest among us to regain their strength. The idea behind the intervention of the centre's teams is to break the cycle of reproduction of neglect behaviours and intrafamilial abuse. The care provided being only partially covered by the subsidies, L’ACCUEIL must find additional funds each year. This balance is financed by your tireless generosity. The ‘Art for L’ACCUEIL’ exhibition and sale brings together some of these funds. A host institution for children and their parents For children from 0 to 6 years whose parents are having relationship or personal difficulties that temporarily make them unable to provide a safe parenting function for the harmonious development of their child, L’ACCUEIL responds to the demands of families as well as the various social or legal services that seek, in situations of abuse or neglect, protection for the child and help for the family. The initiative proposes to integrate parents in their child's life through daily visits and their participation in meals, care, toilets, recreational and educational activities. In times of great family distress, it is sometimes essential to remove a child from his or her home environment in order to protect him/ her or to prevent a state of crisis persisting, that the maltreatment reoccurs, is exacerbated or that neglect sets in. ‘Art for L’ACCUEIL’ ‘Art for L’ACCUEIL’ will open its doors to art lovers at HANGAR ART CENTER, Place du Châtelain 18, 1050 Ixelles. The Nocturnes of this event, always very appreciated by the public and the press, remain today an appointment not to be missed. More than 180 artists, galleries and donors offer us beautiful paintings, sculptures, photos, drawings, jewellery and design objects. These works are offered for sale during the exhibition. Come and buy these objects, during a beautiful evening where you can find friends and acquaintances. The funds raised is paid to the L’ACCUEIL - Child Protection Centre ASBL. The organization of ‘Art for L’ACCUEIL’ is entirely funded by our generous partners. 23-26 May. - +32 2 313 33 33 - [email protected] 10 minutes from Brussels Exclusive villas with excellent golf view & swimingpool. Exclusive penthouses nearby the golf. Living nearby Sterrebeek’s golf C ombat sports are a current trend which is drawing in increasing numbers of people, regardless of their age, and which seems more and more like a lifestyle choice rather than just a way of letting off steam. “Hajime…Matte…Rei!” (Begin…Stop…Bow!) Every Sunday you’ll find Maria and Matteo, our budding young judokas, on the tatami (Judo mat) at Aspria Arts-Loi under the watchful eye of their Sensei (instructor/master), Aymerick Glowacki. Judo, and combat sports in general, follow a genuine philosophy allowing you to let off steam at the same time as instilling some important values such as respect for others and humility. It’s rare for people to practise these sports and to shout about it from the rooftops. It’s true that our appetite for combat sports has become strong over the last few years; whether you live in town or in the country, specialist clubs are flourishing in many places, often combining multiple disciplines. I 21 “ HAJIME… MATTE… REI! ” P E R S O N A L D E V E LO P M E N T Maxence S.A explains the benefits of combat sports for adults and children Combat sports: A lifestyle choice Fitness Hope is the seed of healing PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT 22 I I 23 P E R S O N A L D E V E LO P M E N T Fitness The members who belong to them are drawn from all walks of life, and age is almost irrelevant. It’s not unusual to rub shoulders with a fortysomething executive, some seniors (yes, grandma and grandpa are also allowed to have fun and work on their flexibility using combat), and the little kids who featured at the start of this article. So, why so much enthusiasm? It’s really quite simple: when we step onto the tatami, just like with other sports, life’s little worries, work stress and bad tempers are not admitted - instead they are left in the changing rooms! In addition to the need to learn complex techniques and holds which could one day help you get out of a tricky situation, for many people the origin of combat sports lies in the fruit of a philosophy, a way of life, created with the sole goal of achieving harmony between the body and spirit. That’s one of the reasons we talk about learning fundamental human values before unleashing the physical side. That’s also why it’s essential to be able to create or strengthen these foundations, even from a very young age. At Aspria, it’s something our teams put into practice every day so that we can offer you the best support in your chosen sports, whatever they are. The saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, meaning ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’, takes on its full meaning here and combat sports can be considered as a practical application of this motto. Already well known as a multi-disciplinary sports club, Aspria has kickstarted the process in this context, offering numerous classes in judo, Qwan Qi Do, Thai boxing, karate and capoeira at its clubs. Find the group class timetable for children and adults at and then kick your shoes off, slip on your kimono (traditional judo tunic) and follow the example of Maria and Matteo, making Aspria your Dojo (place where you practise judo)! “ A GENUINE PHILOSOPHY ALLOWING YOU TO LET OFF STEAM ” I 25 W hy is it that we feed on the fear of each other and believe in the idea of an enemy? Maybe it is time to ask more questions about why the concept of the enemy has taken such a deep root in our societies. Evidently, the Brain's Negative Bias is a reason as our biological and psychological programming reacts more intensely to threats and dangers to protect our survival. We also learn more and faster from dangerous and threatening situations because these are the experiences that we need to remember for our sheer survival. Our life doesn’t depend on our happiness, so to ‘register’ all that is happy and beautiful is not crucial for our physical continuity, whereas threats and nightmares are. But are there other causes we have ignored? The many conflicts in the world are not new, but this doesn’t explain why people at the top of it indulge in feeding on fear and violence. It is, of course, logical that our existential fears and our instinctive brain must take some blame for people focusing and feeding on negative information. But is there perhaps another truth closer to us than we can imagine? Could it be that on a deeper level we are afraid of ourselves and our own inner enemies? Are we afraid of the one part of us that has difficulties in giving ourselves permission to live, the part that is fearful of a happy and peaceful life? Could the reason for P E R S O N A L D E V E LO P M E N T Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the external and internal enemy Hope is the seed of healing Self-help Friday May 3 – Scheduled Tours Saturday May 4 – 10.00 to 17.00 Tervuren – Wezembeek-Oppem – Woluwe 02-767 63 60 / 02-721 21 11 Come and visit us – Open Days Montessori Children on the move® International Montessori Schools International Baccalaureate Secondary Section Providing optimal education in bilingual settings from birth to university TOGETHER2019.indd 1 01.03.19 17:04 26 I I 27 P E R S O N A L D E V E LO P M E N T Self-help “ THE ROOT CAUSE COULD BE THAT WE ARE AFRAID OF LIFE ” sustaining an exterior enemy be an attempt to escape our interior enemy and our personal fears? To push it even further, the root cause could be that we are afraid of life. There would be no reason to buy into and feed on the concept of the enemy if we weren’t also scared of something inside of ourselves. There must be an internal psychological reason for our exterior behaviour beyond the Brain’s Negative Bias. Surely, what is within is without. Let’s face the uncomfortable truth: separation, fear and the concept of an enemy are about to destroy our sense of security. The idea of an enemy is both detrimental to the global climate and slowly killing our joy and happiness. We could regain our power and change the trends of society if we took a closer look inward and fought our internal enemy rather than focusing on the dragons in the fairy tales and on our TV screens. The psychological truth is that what we focus on also resides within. Maybe the focus on the external threats is to compensate for the part of us that is not sure we have the right to live. Are we prone to feed on conflict and separation as a compensation for not addressing our inner conflicts? If we all stopped believing in the outer enemy and the idea that we must defeat each other, we would focus on overcoming ourselves, on conquering our inner conflicts and be at peace. Before things escalate, it would be helpful to make a switch inward and make peace with ourselves and thereby contribute to world peace. Things would rapidly change if we aimed at making peace in our internal separation instead of feeding on it. We would help the world by becoming more conscious and making a firm decision to supply our mental, emotional and psychological selves with peaceful sustenance. You can’t feed on conflict and expect to be at peace. It is true that it is not easy to be happy in a world that is getting more conflictual by the day. Still, you do much more for the world if you allow yourself to be happy instead of sustaining a gloomy feeling of 'it is too late’. Even if it is difficult to ignore the many worried and sad-looking people who walk the streets, try to smile and ignite a little flame of hope. We can all agree that it is tough to live in a climate where there are significant threats to the survival of our planet. On top of the growing decline, society becomes more competitive. It is not strange that people panic about losing their jobs and that mistrust grows at work, leading people to burnouts and suicides. When you take a step back and see the big picture, it is understandable. People spend an average of eight hours a day at work, with less and less credit or validation for their efforts. To have no recognition is draining. Another growing problem is the lack of essential human contact, trust and friendly conversations. There is little time left for laughter, mutual encouragement, and inspiration. For many people, the time spent at work has become a long-drawn-out suffering filled with stress and anxiety. Many people worry about who will take the credit for their work and who is out to get them. As people are focusing more than ever before on conflicts and horror, the virus of an enemy grows everywhere. The old saying ‘separate to better rule’ is gaining ground as our morals decline. It is a timeless trick. The “ EXPERIENCES THAT WE NEED TO REMEMBER FOR OUR SHEER SURVIVAL ” maxim ‘divide et impera’ was first attributed to Philip II of Macedon, and the maxim ‘divide ut regnes’ was used by the Roman ruler Caesar, and by Napoleon. Today this old tool of political power is infused with a contagious virus in most areas of our societies. And we keep feeding on its fuel, through TV series, movies, computer games and thriller novels. The separation virus has become increasingly ‘popular’ and marketable as people become exponentially more miserable. To eradicate the virus, it would be good to make a U-turn and face our inner enemy. Imagine if by making friends with ourselves we could heal the world. In these turbulent times, we need to fight our internal enemies more than ever before and allow ourselves to be happy. We need to embrace positive perspectives that keep our energies high and inspirational. More than anything, we need essential human contact and trust. We need to pierce the veil of separation and enter the space of confidence towards one another and confidence in ourselves. To pretend that we are not human is inhuman. We need to start creating our own rules of how it should be to go to work, and how we should feel towards our colleagues because the irony is that we are all in the same boat. The colleague that you are fearing is fearing you. A lack of trust, joy, inspiration, companionship, safety, and security is depressing for anybody. Nobody wants to be a number in a system that is approaching the edge of destruction. Nobody wants to hit the wall, and still, we are all slowly led towards it by pretending that everything is fine; it is not. When things are at their worst, ‘hope’ is the one tool to hold on to fiercely. It holds true for personal healing, and it holds true for the healing of this world. Hope is the seed of healing, and we ignite that hope by igniting it in each other. For that to happen, we need to address the inner enemy instead of escaping into the external sustenance of fear. If you let yourself shine in a dark world, you will see that the light will come on in many other places. Don't let the candle of hope burn out. Face your inner shadow, switch on your light and make it brighter. Let’s all become more conscious about our internal conflicts so that we can let the hope in this world grow. Together. I 29 S itting at 30,000 feet, comfortable in my chair in the front row of the plane, and suddenly it made me think: ‘How did I get here?’. After all I grew up in a middle-class family, in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, during the volatile end years of apartheid. My parents certainly were not wealthy and after their divorce, my mom decided to take my younger sister, baby brother and myself to Israel to begin a new life. It was rough and difficult being in another country, not speaking the language and having to scrape by every month just to pay for rent and some food. Needless to say, we also were not connected to the kind of people that open doors to wealth and success. As the eldest son, it was my duty to help my mom as much as possible. I did not finish school or attend a fancy college as I needed to bring in money and help raise my younger siblings. No golden spoon, no head start in life. Some may say, I got lucky, but I know better. I credit all my current achievements, success and wealth to something I’d like to call ‘extroverting’. According to the dictionary extrovert means “a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment” whereas introvert means “a person concerned primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings”. Both have their benefits and I dare to say each of us has parts of both within us. However, when it P E R S O N A L D E V E LO P M E N T International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes says you need to play to win – always Arnon Barnes: Get extrovert Self-help Rue Charles Lindbergh 26 - 6041 Charleroi [email protected] Rue Charles Lindbergh 26 - 6041 Charleroi