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Summary of Personal Vision - Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry

by Kevin Eikenberry As leaders we are trying to lead somewhere – and this “somewhere” is often somewhere new. New markets, new customers, new processes, new products; as leaders we are the purveyors of change. You know that to lead change most effectively you can’t force peo- ple to change, they must choose to follow in the direction you are headed. An important part of that personal decision is having a personal vision of that future. Specifically to be most powerful and compelling that personal vision needs to be:  Highly desired. Why would people want to go somewhere they don’t want to be?  Real. When people can see it in tangible ways it becomes more real and more com- pelling.  Believable. If they don’t believe it is possible it isn’t very powerful.  Personal. Which takes us back to where we started. The vision can’t just be “good for the company,” people must see it as “good for me” in any number of ways. If that vision is supposed to be personal, how can we as leaders impact and help people create that personal vision? That is a good question. Below are five things to help you an- swer that question. Ways You Can Help Create a conversation. Too often leaders wanting to stimulate and influence change spend far too long with far too many PowerPoint slides. People need to know what your vision is, but it isn’t nearly as important as the vision they create as a result. Shut off the projec- tor, turn up the lights, ask questions and let them talk. What are their concerns? What are their fears? How do they see this playing out? Do they think it is possible? All of these are important questions - questions they need to answer to create their personal vision. Listen. Once you have started the conversation, listen. This isn’t the time to sell, convince or persuade – at least not through your words. Listen. Pay attention. Answer the ques- tions that they have to help them see your vision, but give them time to talk, and listen to their answers. Ask the WIIFM question. It won’t become a truly powerful vision until they can answer the “What’s In It For Me?” question. Help them answer the question by asking them! Keyword: Personal Vision © 2007 All Rights Reserved Don’t worry about the company or the team – ask them to be personal and uncover the personal benefits. Be patient. Not everyone will see a vision for themselves right away. Not everyone may be as ready to change or as comfortable with the change as you are. Be patient. For more information on this concept, go back to and download keyword “diffusion.” Help them believe. Here’s where you can influence! Help them see the resources that will be available. Let them know what you will do. Inspire them to see that the vision you – and now they – have created is possible. Make it feel more possible and you make it more powerful. While the vision is personal, there are still things we can do as leaders to help make that happen. These five suggestions are a good place to start. Kevin Eikenberry is a bestselling author, consultant, trainer, speaker, coach, leader, learner, husband and father. He is the Chief Potential Officer of the Kevin Eikenberry Group ( and the Creator of the Remarkable Leadership Learning System (, both of which are dedicated to life-long learning and helping Clients unleash their remarkable potential. Interested in becoming the remarkable leader you were born to be? Go to today! Personalizing the Vision (continued)

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