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Personal Vision Statements Examples in Leadership “The soul never thinks without a picture.” Aristotle “They be blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matt. 15:14 Examples of visionary leadership In groups of four, please study the person on your sheet of paper. What was their vision How did they accomplish their vision What were the outcomes of their vision We cannot lead others if we do not understand where we ourselves are going! Where are you heading? What do you want to be doing in 10 years? Mission vs. Vision Mission statements describe why you are here. Vision statements describe what you hope to become. Why write a personal vision statement? It can help you succeed It can lead to a more satisfied life It can help you get the most out of relationships and experiences It serves as a focus for prioritizing activities It can propel you to reach your dreams What is a personal vision statement? What you want to be and do What you want to think and know Who you want to be associated with The impact you want to have on your family The impact you want to have on society A visual picture of what you hope to be in the future Five Components of a Vision Statement: It attracts commitment and is energizing It creates meaning in a persons life It establishes a standard of excellence It bridges the present to the future It transcends the status quo Example of a personal vision statement: I am more physically fit, almost finished with my formal education, actively involved in two close personal relationships, worshipping and serving God regularly, having fun every day and making at least 75% as much money as now doing work that I love. Please complete exercise #1 Things I really enjoy doing What brings me happiness/joy The two best moments of my past week Three things I’d do if I won the lottery Issues or causes I care deeply about Most important values Things I can do at the Good-to-excellent level What I’d like to stop doing or do as little as possible Exercise #2 Based on my personal research, these are the main things that motivate me/bring me joy and satisfaction My greatest strengths/abilities/traits/things I do best: At least two things I can start doing/more often that use my strengths and bring me joy: This is my personal vision statement (50 words or less) Assignment Take quiet time to think over your personal vision statement Come tomorrow ready to share your statement with your small group

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