Ravaged by the New Age; Satan's Plan to Destroy Our Kids

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Summary of Ravaged by the New Age; Satan's Plan to Destroy Our Kids

Ravaged by the New Age Satan’s Plan to Destroy Our Kids by Texe Marrs Ravaged by the New Age: Satan’s Plan to Destroy Our Kids WARNING! PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED Some of the illustrations contained in this book are intense and provocative and may promote violence, occultism, and sexual promiscuity. The amazing fact is that these illustrations came from comic books, library books, magazines, music albums, movies, and videos readily available and designed expressly for children . They are openly accessible to children at your local supermarket, public or school library, record store, and movie theatre, and come directly into your home by television. Those in charge of Satan's New Age Plan will stop at nothing to destroy our kids! Copyright © by Texe Marrs. Published by RiverCrest Publishers, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publisher, except as provided by USA copyright law. Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of The Holy Bible. Cover design: Britt Taylor Collins Printed in the United States of America Library of Congress Catalog Card Number Categories: 1. Religion 2. Body, Mind, Spirit 3. Bible Prophecy ISBN 978-1-930004-85-6 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Wanda and I express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the dedicated members of our staff at RiverCrest Publishing and the Association to Rescue Kids (ARK): Karen Chisholm, Cathy Maroney, Debra Pulliam and Cindy Rich. Their efforts on behalf of this book were substantial, and we praise God for the important part they are playing in bringing the Truth to so many. Also, we thank Paul Vick for his inspired work as Outreach Director of ARK and acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Lin Harris who so graciously volunteered her time and expertise to train our staff in desktop publishing so this book could be produced. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to the many wonderful and caring Christian men and women who have written to encourage us and have sent materials and information for our use in researching this important book. Finally, and most importantly, we dedicate RAVAGED BY THE NEW AGE to our Lord Jesus Christ who called me to write this book. Our ministry is a living testimony that God's Word is fulfilled in the lives of those who trust Him: I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it. (Rev. 3:8) Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1: The Hellish Blueprint for the New Age Assault on Our Children Chapter 2: From the Womb and Cradle to the Grave Chapter 3: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Walt Disney, and the YWCA: The Shocking Growth of the New Age Conspiracy Chapter 4: First, You Destroy Their Faith in Jesus Chapter 5: The Ultimate New Age Secret: They Plan to Take Your Children From You Chapter 6: This Dark Power That Would Harm a Child Chapter 7: The Unholy Childhood of the New Age Child Abusers Chapter 8: The Great Brain Robbery: The New Age Seduction of America's Classrooms Chapter 9: Sex and Sorcery: The Incredible Comic Book Horror Show Chapter 10: Satan's Bookshelf: Dark Verses, Underground Rhymes, and Bed-Time Stories for Little Witches Chapter 11: "Mighty Mouse Snorts Cocaine!"-Hey Kids, it's Show Time! Chapter 12: Toys that Tarnish, Games that Terrorize: The Awful Truth About Dungeons & Dragons, Nintendo and other Occult Adventures Chapter 13: Teens Trip Out on Satan: The Rise of Hard-Core Devil Worship and Witchcraft Among our Youth Chapter 14: Victory in Jesus! What Must Christian Parents Do? Footnotes and References About Texe Marrs More Resources For You For More Information Preface Satan has a Secret Plan to destroy our kids. The Lord of Hell wants our children, and he’s determined to have them. Almost four decades ago, New Age leaders were given their marching orders by their hellish master. “Go forth,” they were commanded, “and cast your rotten nets. Now is the time to harvest the youth of America and the globe.” It’s time we tear off the Satanic mask of deception and lies. We must blow the lid off the conspiracy to steal our kids and protect them from horrendous assault by the New Age child abusers. This is the first book to completely expose the New Age destruction of our children. Satan would like to keep his grotesque plans and activities underground. One top New Age figure has even boasted that the New Age Secret Plan is “occultly guarded.” But that’s not God’s way. The Bible teaches that there is nothing hid that will not be uncovered. God wants His people to know the Truth. RAVAGED BY THE NEW AGE exposes the awful truth about the New Age Plan of destruction. It reveals the dangerous, hidden messages in kids’ TV shows, cartoons, toys, movies, comic books and books. It lays bare the cruel plan of New Age educators to seduce our children in the classroom, and names the major New Age cults that seek to lure our youth into captivity. And it chronicles the astonishing, hideous rise of devil worship, Satanism, and witchcraft among our youth. This book is must reading for every Christian leader, pastor, grandparent, and parent in America and the entire world! God has called me to reveal the grisly success that Satan’s New Age is experiencing in capturing the very souls of our children. It must grieve our Heavenly Father deeply to see what is now happening here below. Satan has targeted for destruction the most vulnerable and defenseless segment of humanity: the child. Be forewarned: this book will change your life! The astonishing evidence it presents will leave you, as it did me, in tears, heavy in spirit and burdened with cares for the children who are being harmed. Anyone who strives to live in the will of God has a soft spot in their hearts for kids. To realize that harmless and sweet little boys and girls and impressionable young teenagers are being hurt and spiritually crippled by the Adversary is almost more than a Christ-filled adult can bear. The Bible tells us that children are very dear and precious to Jesus. Lovingly embracing little children, Christ told His disciples to care for little ones and not to forbid them to seek after Him, “for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 19:14). The New Age is evil and malignant far beyond what we can imagine. We need to be aware of its magnitude and fight its encroachments on our kids. But keep this foremost in mind: your children do not have to become New Age victims! In Chapter 14, I present an Action Plan for parents. This Action Plan outlines positive steps you, as a Christian parent, can take to put your child off-limits to the New Age overlords. Jesus loves you and me and He loves our children. He loves you so much He willingly died on the cross that you and your children might be saved. Who can separate you and your loved ones from the love of Christ? Can the deceivers of the New Age and the occultists who are so readily found in our midst take us from the loving protection of our God? No, not even the dark angels and evil powers of Hell can do so (Romans 8:35, 37-39). In Christ Jesus we are more than conquerors. We are children—regardless of our age—of the Most High. And as His children, we worship and praise Him who has placed us so carefully and with such loving kindness under His invincible wings of protection. Texe Marrs Austin, Texas CHAPTER ONE The Hellish Blueprint for the New Age Assault on Our Children But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matt. 18:6) When you put on your Skeletor helmet and armoured belt you become transformed into an agent of evil. Use your power sword and shield to combat good. With your mystical ram’s head scepter you will be able to call forth the denizens of darkness to help conquer the forces of good. (Instructions for “Skeletor” toy Masters of the Universe, Mattel Toys, Inc.) Pity and have mercy on the children, and pray for their protection, because Satan—the Father of Lies and the grotesque inventor of all wickedness—has targeted the innocents for bondage, pain and destruction. Abundant evidence exists that the startling hidden agenda of the Evil One calls for total world domination by the year 2000. That’s only a decade away. Therefore, if he is to accomplish this hideous objective, Satan knows he must today win over the rising generation. This is the reason for the shocking assault’s demonic legions, his New Age leadership and their millions of disciples. This is also the reason why God has called me to write this book. Satan’s evil designs on our defenseless kids must be exposed and challenged by Christian believers everywhere. The Secret Plan The New Age leadership has a meticulously detailed Secret Plan to ravage our kids and a magnificently orchestrated network of Satanic workers to execute each and every detail of the Plan. Today, the seeds of this sinister Plan, planted almost four decades ago, are bearing cruel fruit. New Age occultism is sweeping across America and the globe, snatching up our innocent children in its rotten net. But now, with God’s help, we can blow the lid off this dark Satanic conspiracy and set about rescuing our kids. Satan’s program of ongoing, systematic child abuse knows no bounds. We see all around us the evidence that Satan, under the guise of the New Age and the occult, has made the bondage of our children’s souls a top priority. Images, concepts, and symbols of the New Age and of sorcery and the occult now permeate kids TV programs, cartoons, and movies. They are found in comic books, library books and toys, and in all kinds of music, especially rock music and so-called New Age “mood” music. The school classroom is not immune from the pervasive influence of the killers of the spirit. Indeed, schools have tragically become battlefields of conflict and an astonishing and growing number have been transformed by New Age forces into evil inner sanctums where unsuspecting children are constantly being exploited and abused by willful teachers and school administrators bent on poisoning captive young minds with occultic, New Age doctrines and ritual. Our precious kids are no longer safe even at the doctor’s office. Each day new horror stories pour in of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and other New Age holistic health care “professionals” abusing children. To these men and women trained in such New Age medical malpractices as guided imagery, visualization, meditation, crystal powers, reflexology, polarity therapy, biofeedback, spirit channeling, rebirthing, and past-life analysis, kids are like guinea pigs to be mentally and physically tortured and ritually abused. Children are paying a tremendous price as a result of the New Age’s grip on society. Many teens now suffer from oppression by demons, caused by involvement in Satanic worship and ritual and by the grotesque, black influence of heavy metal rock music. Meanwhile, the suicide rate among teens has exploded to unparalleled heights. Contemplating the future, one shudders to think what will be the fate of today’s defenseless kids—boys and girls of kindergarten and elementary school age —whose tender and susceptible minds are being subjected to ceaseless bombardment from the occult and the New Age. Caught in a Satanic Vise Discerning parents fully realize that families and especially children are today caught in the grip of a Satanic vise of frightening proportions. This is a demonic age. A momentous struggle of great historical and cosmic significance is occurring. This mighty struggle is between the holy and righteous forces of our Lord Jesus Christ and the diabolical and repugnant—but determined— forces of Satanic powers. Bible prophecy told us such an awful day would come, when Satan is unleashed to do his worst: Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. (Rev. 12:12) Our mission as Christians who love God and know that He loves our children is to understand the lateness of the hour. Recognizing that the night is upon us, we must take effective measures to protect and shield our loved ones as the storm clouds gather and as the unbridled rage of Satan passes overhead. The Wicked One and his Son of Perdition, the Antichrist, like unchained dragons, can be expected to lash out with all the evil forces at their command as they are driven back to the pit. Praise God, the Bible reveals that one day, after Satan has had his final, brief day of fury on planet earth, Jesus Christ, King of Kings, will deprive him of his kingdom here on earth and deliver to him a resounding defeat (Rev. 19:11-21). The Hellish Blueprint of the Tibetan Master The first and most important step we must take in protecting our kids is to understand that the present New Age assault on our children did not happen by accident. This has been schemed, planned and mapped out far, far in advance. Satan has from the beginning known that if he could capture an entire generation of kids, planet earth would soon be as a ripe plum, his for the taking. Though 50 million lives were lost in the flames of World War II, Satan’s disciple, Adolph Hitler, failed in his occult mission to usher in a New Age Kingdom under the guise of his Nazi Third Reich. 1 God’s timetable simply would not allow Satan to conquer the saints of God at that time. However, the astonishing success of the New Age movement over the past few decades has mightily strengthened the possibility that this generation of youth may well be the one to fall completely under the iron grip of the devil. The Bible tells us that children are very dear and precious to Jesus. Lovingly embracing little children who had come to Him, Christ told His disciples to care for little ones and to not forbid them to seek after Him, “for of such is the kingdom of heaven’ (Matthew 19:14). It must grieve our Heavenly Father deeply to see what is now happening to our children. For centuries Satan has labored, setting forth the foundation for this modern day assault. His goal has ever been the same: to wipe out all vestiges of Christ from the earth and thereby cause future generations to worship him, Lucifer, as God. This rotten goal is at the very core of the elaborate program that the devil first launched in the Garden of Eden, expanded on in ancient Babylon, and is working at non-stop today. Over forty years ago Satan began his latest and most damaging assault, directing one of his chief demon-aides, Djwahl Khul, called “The Tibetan,” to make contact with those humans in the New Age movement who serve his hellish master. A Demon Master Speaks: The Roots of Evil Spread The year 1945 saw the closing chapters of the second World War and the finish of the Nazi menace. However, it was also in this year that a second menace, secretive and more guarded but just as frightening and diabolical, took root and began quickly to spread its poisonous tentacles in all directions. This new plague of Satan was brought to humanity by a demon entity who, taking on the name of Djwahl Khul, the Tibetan Master, appeared to Alice Bailey, head of the New Age’s Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing Company) and through her dictated a number of books and messages. 2 In the years since, the books written under the command of this demon have multiplied so that today, New Age and occult bookstores offer a large selection of these publications. Among their revealing titles: Initiation, Human and Solar; Letters on Occult Meditation; Discipleship in the New Age; A Treatise on White Magic; and The Destiny of Nations. What’s more, many influential New Age leaders got hold of these books and were led by their own possessing demons to author still more books and writings. Alice Bailey passed away in 1978, but her demonic Master Djwahl Khul evidently continues his vile labors on behalf of his overlord, Lucifer, the devil. One only need buy and read current New Age magazines or attend New Age seminars and church services held in every American city, large or small, to discover that the Tibetan Master is alive and well in the hearts of New Age teachers. The Tibetan’s teachings are widespread and pervasive. Djwahl Khul’s most significant and most spiritually damaging contribution to the New Age Plan to rob our children of their salvation is contained in the Alice Bailey book, Education in the New Age. 3 There we find a carefully laid out road map to destruction for our kids. If we wish to truly understand what the New Age has planned for our kids and how those plans are being executed today, this is the starting point. Close examination of this New Age blueprint reveals 13 bold pillars upon which Satan intends to build a new humanity, with our children as his sacrificial lambs. Here is what Satan, through his demon, the Tibetan Master, prescribed for mankind's future and what he says the New Age has in store for our children: 1) The children of the future will serve a One World (Planetary) Government and live in a One World culture. We need ... the political synthesis of a World Federation with the ... World Brain.... We need also a planetary way of life, a planetary ethics and a planetary way of feeling to supply the powerful drive we shall require for the great tasks that lie ahead of us. 4 2) Patriotism to one’s country must be abolished and all national barriers destroyed in order to build a New One World Order. When the young people are civilized, cultured, and responsive to World Citizenship, we shall have a world of men awakened, creative and possessing a true sense of values....We are today on our way to a far better civilization than the world has ever known and toward conditions which will insure a much happier humanity and which will see the end of national differences... 5 World Citizenship. . . should be the goal of the enlightened everywhere and the hallmark of the spiritual man. 6 3) Children will accept that Eastern mystical religion is to be married to the Christianity of the West to forge a new, unified social and religious order of “Universal Truths.” In this education for the New Age the ... East-West philosophy by the Tibetan will find its pagan setting ... the two great civilizations of yesterday (are) ready to give birth to the one civilization of tomorrow. 7 4) Teenagers and youth will rebel and revolt against their parents and against authority to help usher in the New Age World Order: Today it is beginning to be possible to lay the foundation for this new teaching, because the young people in every land are forcing upon their parents and their teachers the idea of their essential and determined independence. The revolt of youth ... in spite of all the immediate and individual disasters, has been a desirable thing and has prepared the way. 8 5) Youth and all of humanity must accept that the time will inevitably come when grown-ups who refuse to become part of the New Age will have to be killed. They are to be considered as lowly germs, an infection or blot on humanity that must be stamped out and eradicated: A violent streptococcic germ and infection ... makes its presence felt in infected areas in the body of humanity. Another surgical operation may be necessary ... to dissipate the infection and get rid of the fever... Let us never forget ... that when a (life) form proves inadequate, or too diseased, or too crippled ... it is—from the point of view of the hierarchy—no disaster when that form has to go. 9 Death is not a disaster to be feared; the Work of the destroyer is not really cruel or undesirable... Therefore, there is much destruction permitted by the Custodians of the Plan and much evil turned into good. 10 6) The traditional family unit is not desirable for the Aquarian, or New Age. Children belong to the government, to the world and the community—the human group—not to their parents. A new kind of family unit must inevitably come into existence. In the coming world state, the individual ... will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole. 11 The first group...of which any individual child becomes normally aware is the family group as a unit in the community... The family group has shared in the general separativeness, selfishness, and individual isolated exclusiveness... 12 Family pride (is) overemphasized, leading to the different barriers which today separate man from man, family from group... However, under the coming world order educators will prepare the young people...for participation in...a harmonious world. 13 7) Young people must be taught to believe in reincarnation and karma (the Law of Rebirth) rather than the resurrection and judgment teachings of the Bible. This belief must guide behavior, especially the sexual conduct. One of the tasks of the educator of the future will be to teach the meaning of the Law of Rebirth (reincarnation and karma), and thus bring about ... a profound change in the racial attitude to life and sex, to birth and parenthood. 14 The doctrine of reincarnation ... will be one of the keynotes of the New World Religion. 15 8) Absurd and immature notions of “sin” and “guilt” must not be imparted to children by parents, teachers, pastors and other adults. A more permissive and worldly attitude must be adopted. It is the older generation who foster in a child an early and most unnecessary sense of guilt, of sinfulness, and wrong doing.... The many small and petty sins, imposed upon children by the constant reiteration of “NO,” by the use of the word “naughty,” and based largely on parental failure ... are of no real moment. 16 9) Children are to be taught that all religions—Christianity, Witchcraft, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, etc.—are equally worthwhile and that it doesn't matter in which god one believes. The children of the different nations will be taught truth, without bias or prejudice... World Unity will be a fact when the children of the world are taught that religious differences are largely a matter of birth. Gradually, our quarrels and differences will be offset and the idea of the One Humanity will take their place. 17 The (New Age) Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not what faith a man may call himself. 18 10) The new generation of youth must recognize that Jesus did not come to save or convert anyone; because no one is lost. He did not come to convert the heathen world for, in the eyes of the Christ and of His true disciples, no such world exists.! 19 11) Christian doctrines, such as that of heaven, hell, and judgment, must be discarded and the theology of the Old Testament must be repudiated. Christianity... has made eternal happiness dependent upon the acceptance of a theological dogma: Be a true professing Christian and live in a somewhat fatuous heaven or refuse to be an accepting Christian and go to an impossible hell—a hell growing out of the theology of the Old Testament and its presentation of a God, full of hate and jealousy. Both concepts are today repudiated by all sane, sincere, thinking people. 20 No one of any true reasoning power or with any true belief in a God of love accepts the heaven of the churchmen or has any desire to go there. Still less do they accept the “lake that burneth with fire and brimstone.” 21 12) A New Age World Religion must be established without Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The Christian Church is dead and must be replaced. The Church today is the tomb of Christ. Humanity is in desperate need and the need must be met. The theologies now taught ... are crystalized and of relatively little use. Priests and church men, orthodox instructors and fundamentalists (fanatical though sincere) are seeking to perpetuate that which is old and which sufficed in the past ... but which now fails to do so. 22 We are also visioning a new and vital world religion, a universal faith which will have its roots in the past, but which will make clear the new dawning beauty and the coming vital revelation. 23 13) The coming New Age World Religion will emphasize the unity of all religions while rejecting Jesus Christ’s profound Biblical statement, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The great theme of the new world religion will be the recognition of the many divine approaches... The platform of the new world religion will be built by many groups, working under the inspiration of the (New Age) Christ. 24 **** It is apparent from these thirteen foul doctrines that Satan's demon chieftain, Djwahl Khul, and his many New Age followers despise Jesus Christ. This leads them to seek to destroy our children by undermining Christian principles in all spheres of society. They plot to decompose and destroy the family unit, subvert Bible doctrine, and promote a One World New Age Religion and Government. Children are expected to rebel against their parents, do as they please without fear or guilt, and freely worship false gods without condemnation. As we will discover later, our children are also taught by New Age leaders to picture themselves as gods, a blasphemous lie that leads to selfishness and to destruction. New Age ... or Old Age? But, are these lies of Satan really “new?” Or, has Satan merely resurrected the same deceitful lies that he has always used to enslave the souls of young people? The fact is, the New Age is nothing more than the Old Age dressed up in flimsy new garb. We can easily trace the roots of New Age occultism all the way back to ancient Babylon, the headquarters from where Satan first set up his worldwide church. Nimrod, the first of the great Babylonian rulers, was also declared to be the first of the man-gods. The teaching was given out that Nimrod had attained his crown and his authority because he was an advanced evolutionary being, superior to other men. His sultry but vicious wife, Semiramis, was the first of the Great Mother Goddesses. 25 After Nimrod died, Semiramis bore a son out of wedlock with one of her many lovers and also named the son Nimrod, announcing to the world that this son was the reincarnated spirit of the deceased ruler. However, the people were nevertheless required to worship and pay homage to the departed Nimrod and to other exalted man-gods residing in the spirit world. We see in these events the roots of several cardinal New Age doctrines: evolution, human divinity, spirit worship, reincarnation and sexual license. Also, we find the origin of another key New Age belief: the belief in an unholy Trinity, or Godhead, of three divinities: Father, Mother, Son. In ancient Babylon and Egypt where the Mother Goddess religion flourished, the symbol of the triangle denoted this unholy trinity which mocked the true biblical Godhead of God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is not surprising that the triangle has throughout the ages been used by Satan worshipers as a holy symbol to be revered. Today, we often see this symbol prominently displayed on satanic rock albums and in New Age books, magazines and jewelry. Mystery Babylon Lives Through Our Kids! What does all this mean for us today? Plenty! Just as we see the triangle in common use, such ungodly doctrines as reincarnation and sexual abandon are finding popular expression. We also are not surprised to discover that many other doctrines, rituals, practices and symbols have been revived from the past by the New Age movement. Our kids are being bombarded with these influences. Here is just a partial list of ancient satanic teachings, practices and symbols now in vogue and being pushed on our children and teens: color therapy psychedelic drugs heavy metal sodomy unisex dress feminism sadism necromancy sorcery dragons incest and immorality pyramids hypnotism chanting New Age “mood” music yoga palmistry demonic music rebellion fortune telling astral travel mystery teachings self-love ESP (psychic powers) fire walking God as “Mother” body tattoos astrology numerology nature worship pedophilia rhythmic breathing mental imagery visualization the unicorn, pegasus and other “magical” beasts communication with the dead meditation (other than on God’s word) satanic symbols (pentagram, triangle & circle, etc.) The Astonishing Growth of the New Age Plan The New Age practices, rituals and symbols listed above are only a few of the many methods and avenues by which Satan is luring our youth. This book will present authoritative, thoroughly documented proof that the monstrous New Age octopus has spread its tentacles in every direction. We find hideous and cancerous outgrowths in games, cartoons, movies, toys, books, music, and sports. Bubble gum cards now carry New Age propaganda messages, some Sunday School curricula has been changed to accomodate New Age doctrines, day care centers have become founts of New Age teachings, hospitals the purveyors of New Age ritual. As we shall see in the next chapter, even such venerable institutions as the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, the YWCA, NASA’s space agency, Walt Disney, and Sears department stores have been invaded by the New Age mind controllers. From womb and cradle to adolescence, our children are being smothered by Satan’s New Age demonic forces. All this has been planned. Whether we like the word or not, there is a gigantic conspiracy underway. The New Age Conspiracy Against Our Kids The Bible prophesied that in the last days a massive Satanic conspiracy would grow and gather steam until it grew into a hideous monster of world-wide proportions. Only Christian believers will be exempt from being drawn into this incredible conspiracy. All others will believe the Lie (see II Thes. 2). Criminal law experts say that a conspiracy is defined as two or more people colluding, or plotting together, to carry out an unlawful act. Two people. But the end-time New Age conspiracy already involves tens of millions of anti-God lawbreakers. By the time Jesus returns, billions will join the Jesus-hating forces of the New Age Beast: And all that dwell on the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8) A conspiracy always has leaders. The New Age religion of Satan is no exception. It has its shadowy leadership in the demonic spirit world, consisting of Satan, the lord of this world, and his many demons. Then, on earth, there are hundreds of top-ranked New Age leaders, managers, and teachers in all realms of society who take instruction from their demonic spirit guides. Marilyn Ferguson, author of the bestselling New Age "bible," The Aquarian Conspiracy, says that the transformation of society into a New Age kingdom will only come about when the fourth and final level of organization is achieved—-the level of conspiracy. This level is attained, she explains, when all the various disciples of the New Age begin to come together. “In the fourth stage, conspiracy,” Ferguson writes, New Age disciples begin to reason, “why can’t minds join to heal and transform society?” 26 Michael Murphey, co-founder of the New Age research community, Esalen, believes that conspiracy will inevitably lead to “renewal” of self and community. “Let’s make that conspiracy apparent,” he encourages his followers, “we can turn our daily common life into the dance the world is meant for.” 27 What Murphey fails to explain of course, is that the only dance steps New Agers know are the ones that permit them to dance with the devil, their unworldly Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers substitute dancing instructor. Since the devil cannot be in all places at all times, however, he makes available his assistants—the Masters. They, like their overlord, are nimble, agile Satanic dance instructors. The Powerful and Influential New Age Network It is important we understand that, although Alice Bailey's demon guide, Djwhal Khul, transmitted to her and the Lucis Trust organization what is possibly the most clear elaboration of Satan’s New Age Plan for our kids, Satan's dark angels also work through many other groups and individuals. As Alice Bailey herself admitted: We are only one of many groups through which the Masters of Wisdom are working.... Other disciples and groups have been responsible for initiating other projects under the guidance of their own masters. 28 The many New Age groups and organizations are networking, that is, conspiring together, always with the Plan in mind. “Absorbing devotion to the Plan” is mandatory. 29 Therefore, we should be careful not to waste our time concentrating and fixing our eyes on the human leadership pushing the Plan. After all, they are mere cogs in Satan's great machine. He alone is the mastermind of this vast universal conspiracy. Yet, it is instructive to know how many powerful and wealthy potentates, celebrities, and other influential personalities are active in the New Age. They are signs of Satan's mighty stranglehold on this planet. The ranks of the New Age include such notables as: Prince Phillip of Great Britain; Ted Turner, head of Cable News Network (CNN) and now top-dog in an atrocity called the Better World Society; Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of West Germany and now with the World Federalists; John Fetzer, communications baron, former owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team, and now founder of a New Age foundation endowed with over $150 million; Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations; U. S. Senator Claiborne Pell, a dabbler in psychic phenomena and the occult and a strong supporter of New Age projects on Capital Hill; Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine; Edgar Mitchell, former NASA astronaut; Norman Vincent Peale, positive thinking pioneer who advocates communication with the dead; George Lucas, movie director of Star Wars and Willow; and Laurence Rockefeller, multimillionaire, who gave New Age Catholic Priest Matthew Fox a grant so he could write the Satanic book, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ. The Rich, the Famous, the Powerful Do these people sound to you like bizarre, flakey Shirley MacLaine wackos? No, it's undeniable that the New Age has attracted many of the most creative, powerful, highly motivated men and women in the world. We didn’t even mention the Hollywood New Age types of which there are far too many to list. But here’s a sampling: Tina Turner, Cher, Phylicia Rashad, Sharon Gless, Ally Sheedy, Willie Nelson, Richard Gere, John Denver, Gilda Radner, Michael Jackson, Sigourney Weaver, Linda Evans ... the names go on indefinitely. It is unfortunate that these men and women are often presented as role models for our kids. Then there are the professional athletes and sports stars, the rock music entertainers, the writers and playwrights, the psychologists and lawyers and so on. Surely, Satan has today put together an immense juggernaut of destructive evil unparalleled in all the annals of human history. The sad and tragic thing is that some of these people do not even realize they are part of the great conspiracy to bring in the New Age Kingdom of Satan. They have been brainwashed to believe they are promoting world and inner peace, and love. A few do not even know what the term “New Age” means. They are like the German townspeople who each day, unknowingly and in ignorant bliss, strolled near the gates of the Nazi concentration camps on their way to work at munitions factories. These people did not understand and so they continued to willingly—;even eagerly—heap honor, praise, authority and a throne upon the head to one of the most ruthless, occultic men of all time: Adolf Hitler. They, like today’s New Age disciples, were fed the Big Lie. And they swallowed it whole. The Hidden Agenda of Their Master: An Occultly Guarded Secret So many are today deluded and deceived by the New Age because they fail to realize that Satan’s Plan is not always easily discerned. Regrettably, most of our Christian leaders do not even understand the most basic rudiments of what the New Age is all about. It has taken me three years of dedicated, full-time research to discover where all the tentacles of the beast lead, and who is in charge of each tentacle. Moreover, Satan is clever enough to create fresh new tentacles when one or more are exposed to the Light of Truth and wither. The New Age demon Masters do not even let many of their highest ranking human counterparts in on all aspects of how the Plan is being executed. Djwhal Khul explains that the activities of the human custodians of the Plan are occultly guarded. 30 (The word occult simply means hidden or concealed, kept from view.) “Think not that I can tell you of the Plan as it truly is,” says Khul, it is a “hidden secret.” 31 “gradually, silently ... behind the scenes,” the Plan has been worked by human disciples and their spirit masters: It has been a secret project, deeply hidden and unheralded, lest these sacred energies be diverted or tapped wrongly or ahead of schedule. 32 Exposing the Plan: “For There is Nothing Covered that Shall not be Revealed” Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, the boast of Spangler and the demon Djwhal Khul that the New Age Plan is to be kept a secret and occultly guarded, is proving to be an idle one. God wants His people to know the Truth; the Bible tells us we are not ignorant of the devil’s devices. I am so appreciative to God our Father that He has given me insight into the Master Plan of Evil to destroy our children. He has opened the doors to my understanding so I could go on to reveal these hidden things to you in this book. Just as Jesus Christ our Lord promised: For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. (Luke 12:2, 3) The Bible instructs us to have no part with the “dialogue” to be spoken. Instead, if we wish to protect our children, we are called to “contend for the faith” (Jude 1:3) and are warned—because Jesus loves us—to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph. 5:11). The Battle for the Next Generation Parents are today caught up in spiritual warfare with the cruelest and most deceitful military strategist who has ever lived: Satan. The stakes are high for the winner and an entire generation of innocent children is on the line. The only way we can win this Battle of the Ages is to depend on resources from Almighty God above. Those resources are more than sufficient. Indeed, Jesus came as God in the flesh to earth expressly to destroy the works of the devil and He is our strength and our refuge today as He reigns in heaven. Meanwhile, to effectively accomplish the work of the Lord here on earth below, we must be knowledgeable of Satan’s ages-old but still operative battle plan. We must also recognize his designs for the future. As I’ve discussed in this chapter, we must keep in mind that: The New Age is not new at all, but is simply a revival of Satan’s ages-old occultic church which took root and once reigned notoriously supreme in ancient Babylon. The current explosion of New Age occultism and today’s brain robbery of our kids actually had its origins over four decades ago as Satan’s New Age disciples began to execute a carefully orchestrated and designed, hellish blueprint to pollute and destroy our children. This blueprint for destruction continues to be worked out today as New Age leaders fan out into all areas of children’s existence, insidiously preparing youth to faithfully serve Satan in the coming New Age Kingdom on earth. CHAPTER TWO From the Womb and Cradle to the Grave Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. (Psalm 127:3) The first thing to do after discovering you are pregnant is to give thanks to the Goddess ... Rainbow Mother, nurturing mother, mother of us all, suckle your rebel-lions... Let your milk and honey flow through this Promised land (Joshua Halpern, Children of the Dawn) It is the aim of the New Age leadership to totally immerse our kids into the boiling cauldron of New Age lies and poisons from the moment they are conceived until the day they die. From the selection of the baby’s name to Sunday School lessons for kids and clothing and jewelry for teens, we now find disturbing New Age influences hostile to the eternal Truths of God’s Word. The corrupt-minded men and women who mastermind the New Age do not want to give our kids even a fleeting chance to come to know the real God of this universe, Jesus Christ. This is why, from the womb and cradle to the grave children are surrounded—their senses are bombarded—by pulsating demonic images and teachings. The savage bombardment begins before the child enters the world an infant. For example, many New Age parenting books recommend that pregnant mothers continually play New Age music to the fetus 24 hours a day, even during sleep. They also encourage the parents to dedicate the baby to “the Goddess” or to the “New Age Kingdom” while yet in the womb. In his highly acclaimed Children of the Dawn: Visions of the New Family New Age childcare and parenting expert Joshua Halpern prescribes a number of new parenting techniques and practices. 1 For example, he calls for a nature blessing event to be conducted by parents and friends to celebrate the new baby, which he explains is not new at all. Birth, Halpern teaches, is simply the “return to new life” of a reincarnated person. In his book, one of Halpern’s clients describes one such nature blessing event that was held: The day came.... We gathered our symbols of holiness and walked down to the barn. Grandpa ... smudged each person in the circle with sage and cedar. This is a North American Indian custom for cleaning energy in a sacred manner . . . The silence was answered with the chant “ya-na-ha-we-ah-heyenae.” It means Great Spirit. During the chant, Chuck and I made our altar....On it we placed the directional feathers, pointing in the four directions plus two more for the Earth Mother.... I then began prayers (to) the spirits. 2 The horrible, inevitable truth is that New Age parents everywhere today are dedicating their “divine” babies to Satan. Few understand the gravity—the utter horror—of what they are doing. Through a variety of rituals and incantations, they call on one or more of an array of spirit entities as well as the Goddess or the Mother, dedicating their child to the service of the spirits or the “Mother.” Like the perverse Canaanites in the Old Testament, they are spiritually—-sometimes physically—sacrificing their children to the devil. Yet they are convinced that what they do is holy and sacred. Thus, Joshua Halpern writes: The first thing to do after discovering you are pregnant is to give thanks to the Goddess.... Soon, very soon, there will be millions and millions of us who are ready to acknowledge our common roots in the Soul of Love. The day is fast approaching when all of humanity will realize they originate within the Rainbow Mother. By celebrating the return of new life and the ways of the Goddess we help usher in the Light of Truth. By praising the Holiness of the womb we establish ourselves upon the fundamental ground of being. 3 Rainbow Mother, nurturing mother, mother of us all, suckle your rebel-lions.... Let your milk and honey flow through this Promised land. 4 Halpern also offers to his readers ceremonies and occult New Age rituals once the baby is born. For example, he believes that the circumcision should be performed as a holy New Age act. Here’s what he advises regarding the circumcision of boys:

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