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Rhiannon Lassiterʼs publications Ghost of a Chance Published in January 2011 by Oxford University Press ISBN-10: 0192755625 ISBN-13: 978-0192755629 Age range: 13+ Summary Last Chance... ‘You know that girl, the one in my class? The one that died. She lived here.’ Lost Chance... ‘You’re dead, Eva Chance. You died and nobody noticed. You died and nobody cared.’ No more Chances left... They said it was suicide, but Eva knows she was murdered. Now she inhabits a skewed ghost world along with the tortured and malevolent spirits of her family home. Solving the crime could end her existence — but if the killer isn’t found how many more will die? “I... was racking my brains trying to work out who the human criminal was, and even if there was one, changing my mind continually as new developments occurred.” ~ The Bookbag, 2011 Contact Oxford University Press for more about this book. Bad Blood Published in 2007 by Oxford University Press ISBN-10: 0-19-275473-4 ISBN-13: 978-0-19-275473-8 Age range: 13+ Summary In an abandoned house in the Lake District, a cupboard door opens into a playroom. Buried in dust is a collection of children's books in which the names of characters have been savagely crossed out. Here three children played a make believe game, sacrificing their dreams and wishes to make what they believed come true. But the game was never finished and in the woods behind the house something waits, hungry for the only food it knows. Now a new family has come to the house. Soon they will discover themselves in the game. But they do not know the rules. And they are the pawns, not the players... “Claustrophobia and bewilderment seeps through the pages of this highly charged thriller...” ~ The Times, 2008 Awards • Longlisted for the Guardian Prize 2008 (longlist of 8) • Longlisted for the Manchester Book Award 2008 • Longlisted for the Angus Book Award 2008 • Longlisted for Book Trust Prize 2008 (longlist of 16) • Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award 2008 • Shortlisted for Birmingham KS3 Chills Books Award 2009 (shortlist of 14) International editions • United Kingdom: Oxford University Press • Germany: Fischer Verlag • Germany (audio book): Argon Verlag • Poland: Wydawnictwo WAB • Japan: Shogakukan • Czech Republic: Mlada Fronta Contact Oxford University Press for more about this book. Waking Dream Published by Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 0-330-39701-X (paperback) Age range: 14+. Summary Bethany's father is dead and her mother and step-father send her to spend the summer holidays after his funeral at Camomile House. This is the home of her uncle Sylver, her aunt Emily and her hated cousin Poppy who likes to imagine she's a witch. But not long into Bethany's visit a mysterious third cousin arrives. Together the three cousins share secrets, lies and dreams as they try to unravel the riddle of their parents' past that's invading their dreams. This is a story of magic, myths and mystery told from overlapping perspectives as the three cousins forge their way to the heart of dream... International editions • United Kingdom: Macmillan (rights now reverted to author) • Germany: Sauerlander / Rowohlt "[Rhiannon Lassiter] turns to magic, with this gripping and terrifying story of three cousins bound together by something much deeper and darker than blood - their dreams." ~ The Children's Buyer's Guide 2002 Roundabout Published in 2006 by Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 0333997360 (hardback) Age range: 14+. Summary When a secret deal is made to turn Traveller land into a roundabout, tensions run high. Gwen, Carly, Magda, Tess and Jo each have a piece of the puzzle and as their stories intertwine they learn more than they expect about themselves and their community. What secret is Magda’s boyfriend hiding? Why does Tess keep getting into fights? Is Gwen’s boss really flirting with her? How can Carly get the others to listen? Where does Jo go when she can’t be found? As the plot thickens and tempers fray, the girls are swayed by bonds of love and hate; ties of envy and admiration; and divided loyalties between where they come from and where they wish to go. “This is a beautiful book that you'll remember forever” ~ Mizz magazine 2006 Rights of Passage: Borderland Published in 2002 by Oxford University Press ISBN: 0-19-275237-5 (paperback) Age range: 12+. Summary This isn't a game... it's a whole new world... Moving schools all the time isn't easy and all Zoe wants is to fit in. But accidentally overhearing a conversation between the popular Laura and social-outcast Morgan starts a chain of events that leads her to a completely different world. "Borderland by Rhiannon Lassiter, is both stylish and exciting." ~ Adele Geras, The Guardian 2002 Rights of Passage: Outland Published July 2003 by Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192754033 (paperback) Age range: 12+. Summary In a new world. In danger. In the dark... Laura likes to be in control. But she's a long way from Earth now, facing dangers she can only begin to imagine. What is the Great Library - and what are the rules that control it. Who made the Doors that lead from world to world? And which way leads home? Rights of Passage: Shadowland Published January 2005 by Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192752391 Age range: 12+. Summary Hundreds of doors. Thousands of worlds. A million miles away from home. After the excitement of Borderland and Outland, the adventures continue for the world-travelling teenagers. Alex and Morgan have been sent back to Earth in disgrace. Can they be reunited with their friends, and disaster averted? "Borderland, Outland and Shadowland , could have been a conventional portal fantasy in which children go through into another world and rescue it. Instead, it's a critique of the portal fantasy... And dammit, it ends on a cliff hanger. I want the next book." ~ Farah Mendlesohn, The Inter-Galactic Playground Super Zeroes Published July 2005 by Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192754114 (paperback) Super Zeroes is intended for ages 8+. Summary Imagine if your dad was a superhero! Or your mum had a mission to Save the World! Ben, Pippa, Marcus and Jewel don't have to imagine it, because their parents really are like that ...and their children hate it! Their parents are so busy running round fighting evil wherever they can find it that they've completely forgotten they've got kids. But their kids aren't going to take it lying down... "The book is notable mostly for its presentation of feisty, smart kids who think through problems..." ~ Farah Mendlesohn Awards • Shortlisted for the Stockport Schools' Books Award 2005 International editions • United Kingdom: Oxford University Press • United Kingdom (audio edition): Chivers Children’s Audio Books • Spain: Ediciones SM • Italy: Piemme • France: Castorman Super Zeroes on Planet X Published August 2006 by Oxford University Press ISBN: 0192754874 (paperback) The Super Zeroes series is intended for ages 8+. Summary The kids are so fed up with their Super Hero mums and dads spending more time saving the planet than looking after them that they've formed their own group of heroes - the Super Zeroes. Which is very lucky for the citizens of Multiplicity - because the Heroes are currently falling over themselves to welcome a group of inter-planetary visitors. The visitors say they've come in peace, but anyone - apart from the Heroes, that is - can see that that's the last thing they've come in. Luckily Ben, Pippa, Marcus, Toby and Jewel are on hand to save the day. International editions • United Kingdom: Oxford University Press • United Kingdom (audio edition): Oakhill Children’s Audio Books • Spain: Ediciones SM Hex Published in 1998 by Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 0-330-35467-1 (paperback) Hex is intended for ages 12+. Summary The Hex Trilogy is the story of Raven, a computer hacker with an illegal mutant ability to interface mentally with computer technology. Set in a world of the future where Hexes can be legally exterminated by the repressive government of the EF, the story takes place in the urban wastelands of London where Raven and her brother Wraith seeks allies in a quest that will take them into the greatest danger of their lives. "Hex by Rhiannon Lassiter shows a considerable narrative authority and a real flair for atmosphere.” ~ Philip Pullman, The Guardian 1998 International editions • United Kingdom: Macmillan (rights now reverted to author) • Sweden: Tiden • Denmark: Forum • Germany: Arena • Castile: Editorial Cruilla • Catalonia: Ediciones SM • Italy: Salani Editore • Latvia: Petergailis • Netherlands: Sjaloom & Wildeboer • USA: Simon and Schuster • China: China Film Press Adaptations Hex was adapted by Mark Pommerening and put on as a play by the Youth Theatre 'Theater Im Zentrum' in Vienna, Austria. Hex: Shadows Published in 1999 by Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 0-330-37166-5 (paperback) Shadows is intended for ages 12+. Summary Hex: Shadows continues the story begun in Hex. Still on the run from the EF the gang has collected a disparate group of people. Wraith is determined to bind them into a real organisation to protest against the sadistic practices of the EF, the Seccies and the CPS. But not all the group are agreed on the path to take and somewhere in the shadows lurks Raven's nemesis: the evil Dr Kalden. International editions • United Kingdom: Macmillan (rights now reverted to author) The Supernatural: Phenomena Beyond Belief Published by Tiktok books ISBN: 1-86007-105-8 (paperback) The Supernatural is intended for ages 8+. Summary The facts, the fakes and the totally bizarre: The Supernatural is a guide to psychic phenomena through the ages. This book is is a Snapping Turtle Guide written as a teaching resource for children. It traces the history of supernatural powers from early myths and legends to the modern day science of parapsycology. • USA: Simon and Schuster • China: China Film Press • Sweden: Tiden • Denmark: Forum • Catalonia: Ediciones SM “Strong on plot and action, this is developing into an impressive series." ~ Tony Bradman, The Daily Telegraph 1999 Hex: Ghosts Published by Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 0-330-39183-6 (paperback) Ghosts is intended for ages 12+. Summary Hex: Ghosts is the conclusion of the Hex trilogy. Raven, Wraith and the rest of the characters from Hex are now accomplished freedom fighters. Together with the anti-EF group Anglecynn, run by Alaric and Geraint, they have staked out areas of the urban wastelands of London as theirs. But things are coming to a head in the councils of the European Federation, a darkness is invading the network and on the other side of the world two children are about to begin a dangerous journey to bring the Hexes the best kept secret of the CPS: the Freedom Files. “Hex: Ghosts follows on from the sequel Hex: Shadows and completes the trilogy with style, delivering a satisfying conclusion to a substantial tale with almost as much verve as was evident in the original.” ~ John McLay, 2000 International editions • United Kingdom: Macmillan (rights now reverted to author) • USA: Simon and Schuster • China: China Film Press Lines in the Sand: New Writing on War and Peace edited by Mary Hoffman and Rhiannon Lassiter Published by Frances Lincoln books ISBN: 0-7112-2282-7 (paperback) Lines in the Sand is intended for ages 8+. Summary Lines in the Sand: New Writing on War and Peace is a collection of stories, poetry and artwork for children aged 8 upwards edited by Mary Hoffman and Rhiannon Lassiter. All the contributors' royalties and the publishers profits will be going to UNICEF's emergency appeal for the children of Iraq. The idea for this book was born out of a white heat of rage and frustration at what has been happening in the Gulf. On March 25th Mary and Rhiannon decided to approach other authors and artists to find out if they would add their voices and talents to an anthology aimed at children to make them aware of the human cost of war and to think about the benefits of peace. International editions • United Kingdom: Frances Lincoln • USA: Disinformation Press For more information about Rhiannon’s books please visit: www.rhiannonlassiter.com To contact Rhiannon please write to her via her agent Pat White, Rogers Coleridge and White Literary Agency 20 Powis Mews, London, United Kingdom

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