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Summary of RQ Dimension - Personal Vision - Russell Consulting, Inc.

Tools for Leadership and Learning Russell Consulting, Inc. © 2019, Russell Consulting, Inc. www.RQNetwork.org 1 RQ Dimension — Personal Vision About this Dimension This dimension involves a person knowing what they believe in and having a clear idea of what they want to accomplish or create in their life. Those with a strong personal vision have a larger life-purpose that pulls them forward and gives them guidance in the midst of uncertainty, stress, and crisis. Resilient people, with this compelling sense of purpose, approach adversity and stress with a sense of opportunity and hope. Personal Vision is evident in someone when they bring clarity and focus into every decision and action. When faced with a difficult challenge, a person with a strong personal vision leans upon this vision for insight into how to respond. A vision enables an individual to filter out the unimportant and unessential and to focus on what is most important. With this clarity of purpose, someone with a strong person vision finds it easier to know what to do in any given situation. A strong personal vision can help center an individual and give them a sense of calm even in the midst of chaos. Strategies for Developing the Personal Vision Dimension • Reflect upon what is most important to you in your work and life. • Develop a personal and professional development plan that guides you in thinking through your longer-term life and career objectives. • Identify what you value most about the work that you do for your company. • Develop a personal vision statement. • Consider working with a career or life coach or counselor to explore life/career options. • Read books such as What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles – a book that explores career and life planning by first examining what is most important to the person and his or her life. • Contact the career counseling office of the local technical college. Such offices have a variety of assessment tools to help individuals sort out the things that are most important to them. • Partner up with another person and “interview” each other about each other’s values, accomplishments, proud moments, and so forth. After their respective interviews are completed, ask participants to give their interview “notes” to their partner and then have individuals work by themselves to develop their personal vision and values statement. • Identify something about yourself that you are most proud of and then share this with someone else. As you share that about which you are most proud, ask each other why this makes you proud.

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