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Summary of Self-actualisation Self-realisation Self-sovereignty

2020—2022 Self-actualisation ● Self-realisation ● Self-sovereignty Psychology A comprehensive approach to human health, wellbeing and consciousness. A professional experiential training program for psycho-spiritual therapists. A professional experiential program for practitioners, health professionals and those interested in evidence based holistic health for themselves or to serve others. Gurmat Therapy ‘s experiential program addresses all four components of health and wellbeing, namely mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal (spiritual) health. The approach is grounded in the science of mind-body medicine and consciousness for the cultivation of holistic health and wellbeing. This program provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding together with experiential practical skills and applications in:  Meditation techniques  Emotional healing practices  Transpersonal growth & development All designed to alleviate suffering at a physical, mental, emotional and transper- sonal level (spiritual emergence). Gurmat Therapy is the latest offering embedded in the highly evolved human development and evidence rich sys- tems from India . Self-actualisation ● Self-realisation ● Self-sovereignty  Self-actualisation  Self-realisation  Self-sovereignty Program Structure Gurmat Therapy® integrates Gurmat, (teaching of Sikh Gurus, mystics, and bhagats) with mind-body medicine, consciousness studies, positive psychology and trans- personal psychology. This course is a professional postgraduate certification program in comprehensive holistic therapy that in- cludes:  Physical health  Mental health  Emotional health  Transpersonal health This is covered over 12 one day bi-monthly workshops and a minimum of 4 residential retreats. Gurmat Therapy® is an interactive course based on the theory, practice, and basic skills of a Gurmat Therapy practitioner. It includes:  a minimum of 180 hours of classroom instruction and 80-100 hours of independent study  300 hours of the Gurmat Integral experiential prac- tices including meditation techniques, emotional healing self development and transpersonal growth practices.  Contentment  Self compassion  Compassion  Ethics  Emotional intelligence  Emotional wisdom  Spiritual intelligence  Spiritual vision  Expression Course Content Includes:  Holistic psychological models  Ego-centric psychological models  Gurmat psychological model  Psycho-spiritual continuum  Gurmat theory of whole being health  Klesh - mental health and wellbeing  Gurmat model of human being  Cultivating human potential – from self- actualisation to self-sovereignty  Nature of mind  Nature of hau and haumai (egoic-complex)  Psychophysiology  Nature of unhealthy psychological states  Consciousness, awareness and nature of exis- tence  Mind-body science and mind-body medicine  Process of transpersonal development and growth—Gurmat Model  Contra-indications and growth indicators  Gurmat Practices  Meditations—breath, heart, sound  Heart Intelligence & Coherence Level I to IV  New Science—Identity and health  Reducing the impact of unhealthy psychological states  Cultivating positive psychology – gunn  Contra-indications associated with mindfulness based approaches  Spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency Gurmat Psychology Course costs The total cost of the Gurmat Therapy® program is £4,800.00 This covers full costs for four (4) residential retreats and 12 one day workshops for the duration of the full program. Payment structure Program course registration fee: £350 – March 2020 Payment options Option 1: Full Payment of £4,800.00 Option 1: Annual Payment of £1,600.00 Option 2: 10 Quarterly Payments of £480.00 Gurmat Therapy Introduction Workshop 4th April 2020 Gurmat Therapy Session 1 6th June 2020 Gurmat Therapy Session 2 8th August 2020 Gurmat Therapy Session 3 3rd October 2020 Gurmat Therapy Session 4 12th December 2020 Gurmat Therapy Session 5 13th February 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 6 10th April 2021 Gurmat Retreat I 14-16th May 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 7 12th June 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 8 7th August 2021 Gurmat Retreat II 10-12th September 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 9 16th October 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 10 11th December 2021 Gurmat Therapy Session 11 12th February 2022 Gurmat Retreat III 8-10th April 2022 Gurmat Therapy Session 12 11th June 2022 Gurmat Retreat IV 5-7th August 2022 STAFFING SUPPORT Gurmat Therapy Technology House University of Warwick Science Park Sir William Lyons Road Coventry CV4 7EZ +44(0) 7970 283529 [email protected] [email protected] Gurmat Therapy® is taught by two internationally renowned world class experts: a pioneer of meditation and contempla- tive based health interventions, Davinder Singh Panesar, and Associate Professor of Sikh Studies, Professor Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair (University of Michigan, USA). Davinder Singh Panesar Director Diabetes Digital Media Ltd, Director Gurmat therapy, BSc (Hons) MRSC MCIM MSc. Consciousness studies & Trans- personal Psychology Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psycho- therapist Gurmat Psychotherapist. Dr. Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair Associate Professor of Sikh Studies at the University of Michi- gan (USA). Holds doctoral degrees in Science and Philosophy. His research focuses on Cross-Cultural philosophy, History and Philosophy of Religion, Post-colonial Theory, and South Asian Studies. To apply please contact: [email protected] +44(0) 7970 283529  Transformative  Life changing  Enlightening  Self-knowledge  Guided development  Self-discovery  Therapeutic  Life enhancing  Self empowerment Impact of Gurmat Therapy Gurmat Therapy has been transformational at a per- sonal level and professional level. I have come to a new understanding of what it means to be human and live a fulfilling life. 2019 SG Spiritually I have grown and found answers that I have spent years seeking. 2019 KD Gurmat therapy is the path to learning to live with and embrace our human conditions that have limited our po- tentials to the realm of infinite possibilities; in terms of psychological and spiritual prosperity . 2019 SC Gurmat Therapy is an intensive program, not just from an academic perspective, but from the level of introspec- tion and self analysis that ensues. 2019 JS Gurmat Therapy has been of utmost value to my health, wellbeing, relationships & spirituality. 2019 SP Gurmat therapy has provided a clear and concise un- derstanding of the mind, consciousness and its relation- ship to health. 2019 Gurmat Therapy , where science meets spirituality A complete system to human health & awakening. 2019