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Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] SPIRITUAL FORMATION FOR LEADERS Applied Theology D.Min. Core, 2DM802 January 11-15, 2010 Steve Childers Course Description A Christian leader must lead from character before skill. Therefore, in this course students will be given an overview of the biblical and theological principles regarding the development of mature Christian character. This will help them develop a theological approach to spiritual growth and renewal in their ministries. Students will be shown how to experience the transforming power of the gospel in their lives and ministries through understanding and applying theological truths related to the Gospel of God’s grace. They will also learn ways to be agents of gospel transformation in light of the Church’s mission to make disciples of all nations. Special focus will be placed on the application of the practical theology of English Puritans (1550–1700) such as John Owen and Richard Baxter. Course Instructor Steve is a professor of Practical Theology (since 1995) and the director of the doctoral program at Reformed Theological Seminary, in Orlando, Florida, where he teaches spiritual formation, church planting, missions and evangelism. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, having served two churches (urban and suburban) as church planter and senior pastor for 15 years. Steve is also the President and CEO of Global Church Advancement, an inter-denominational ministry that provides training, consultations, and resources for church planters, pastors and missionaries throughout the world. Through his conferences and seminars he has taught thousands of Christian leaders from more than 40 countries representing over 120 denominations and mission agencies. His educational background includes earning Master’s degrees from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago and a doctorate from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. Steve has also done doctoral studies in global mission at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Mission in Pasadena, California. Steve and his wife Becky live in Orlando, Florida, and have three grown daughters. Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] Course Objectives A Mind for Truth • To understand and articulate a biblical theology of personal spiritual growth and renewal, especially as it relates to the centrality of the cross and the gospel. • To understand the biblical imperative for personal holiness and the priority of ongoing spiritual growth and renewal in the life of the church leader today. • To understand the biblical nature of the gospel’s transforming power, especially as it relates to the Kingdom of God and mission of the Church. • To understand, evaluate and appreciate various principles, methods and models used today to help people grow spiritually. • To be acquainted with the extensive literature relating to personal spiritual growth and renewal (especially English Puritan literature) and be able to think biblically and critically about how it can be used properly and effectively in the student’s life and ministry. A Heart for God • To experience personal spiritual growth and renewal through the transforming power of the gospel. • To diagnose and repent from the core idols (sin beneath the sin) that draw the student’s heart affections away from Christ. • To appropriate the transforming pardon and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ through setting the student’s heart affections on Him alone by faith. • To show love for God and others by loving God’s Law, obeying it by God’s grace, and allowing it to lead the student to Jesus Christ for transformation into His image. • To practice spiritual disciplines (such as meditating on Scripture, prayer, journaling, fasting, witnessing, etc.) as a means of setting the student’s heart affection on Christ. • To have a heartfelt burden and lifelong commitment to pray and work for a local, national and global spiritual awakening through the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the Church. • To be used by God as an agent of personal spiritual growth and renewal in the lives of others. A Life for Ministry • To lay a strong foundation for future studies in the dynamics of how the gospel brings spiritual growth and renewal both personally and corporately. • To lay a strong foundation for the practical development of church–based ministries of spiritual growth and renewal, especially for those planning to be church planters, pastors and missionaries. • To obtain a set of criteria for evaluating spiritual growth and renewal principles, methods, materials, programs and trends. Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] Course Requirements Reading Assignments There will be 2000 pages of new reading (not having been previously read by the student) assigned for the course. The required reading for all students is designated on the “Spiritual Dynamics Reading List” below. If required reading texts cannot be found, the student may substitute other books from the list. If substitutions must be made, students are to read the highly recommended books on the reading list. All readings for the course must be taken directly from the list unless otherwise approved by the professor. Reading Reports Doctor of Ministry (credit) students are required to report each book, sermon or article read on the standard “Reading Report” format available in this course syllabus. Reading Reports should be submitted on the first day of class, all at once and be stapled. All reading reports not turned in on the first day of class are to be turned in with the course integration paper in approximately three months. Students will receive a grade reduction for late Reading Reports unless otherwise approved by the professor. Non-credit (audit) students do not submit reports. Class Attendance and Participation This course follows the lecture, discussion and small group sharing methods requiring attendance and participation at all classes. Class lectures and group discussions will be based on the assumption that the student has completed the assigned readings and assignments given during the course. Occasionally, individual and small group work sessions will be conducted during class time. Students will be required to create, present and participate in class presentations. Post-Class Integration Paper Students are required to write a 15-20 page (double–spaced, 12 point font) course integration paper. This paper must reflect new work done by the student as a result of this course. The paper must demonstrate the student’s theology of Christian growth and show how the concepts learned in the class lectures AND course readings can be applied to the student’s personal life and ministry today. The paper must also include a specific plan for the student’s continued growth (spiritual formation plan) and application of the course concepts to his/her personal life and ministry in the future. The integration paper is due April 30, 2010 (received hardcopy in D.Min. office) unless special arrangements have been made with the professor prior to the end of the class work. Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] Required Reading: Baxter, Richard 1656 The Reformed Pastor. Kessinger Publishing, 2006 Reprint. (340 pp). ISBN:1428622896 Bridges, Jerry 2003 The Gospel for Real Life. Navpress Publishing Group. (208 pp). ISBN: 1576835073 Lovelace, Richard 1979 Dynamics of Spiritual Life, An Evangelical Theology of Renewal, Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, Chapters 2-8. (200 pp) ISBN-10: 087784626X 2002 Renewal as a Way of Life, A Guidebook for Spiritual Growth. Wiph and Stock Publishers. Eugene. OR. (204 pp) ISBN-10: 1579108660 Packer, J.I. 2005 Keep in Step with the Spirit: Finding Fullness in our Walk with God. Baker Books, Revised enlarged edition. (256 pp) ISBN-10: 0801065585 1994 The Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life. Crossway Books Reprint edition (336 pp). ISBN-10: 0891078193 1993 Knowing God. InterVarsity Press. [Chapters 15,18,19] (55 pp) ISBN-10: 083081650X Prior, Kenneth 1982 The Way of Holiness: The Study in Christian Growth. InterVarsity Press Revised Edition. (172 pages). ISBN-10: 0877843805 Recommended Reading: Alexander, Archibald 2004 Thoughts on Religious Experience. Kessinger Publishing Reprint. 400 pp. Baxter, Richard A Christian Directory, Volume One, Baxter’s Practical Works, Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria Publications in 1997. (Read J.I. Packer’s “Introduction” and especially “Part One: Christian Ethics”, 394 pages). ISBN-10: 1877611131 The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, Abridged by Benjamin Fawcett in 1758, American Tract. Republished by Regent College Publishing with John Thomas Wilkinson and J.I. Packer in 2004. 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Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] ame Name Course Title & Number Professor Date Title of Book Complete Bibliographic Reference Overview—Give a brief overview of the book, including its theme, perspective and approach. Critique—Offer a brief critique of the book, including elements of strength and weakness. Application—Offer some specific application to your own ministry— demonstrating the value and relevance of the material in this book. Best Quote—Be sure to include the page number where the quote can be found. Please limit your report to one single- spaced page. Write approximately one paragraph per topic (Overview, Critique, & Application). Reports are due on the first day of class. Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando 1231 Reformation Drive - Orlando, FL 32765 Doctor of Ministry 407-366-9493, Ext. 219, [email protected] Name Course Title & Number Professor Date Reading List Author Title # Pages Read Total Pages Read _________________ Signed __________________________ Date_____________________________