The Growth Mindset Journey

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Summary of The Growth Mindset Journey

Where are you on Your Growth Mindset Journey? Growth Mindset Gimmicks A Growth Mindset is broadly recognised as being important “for student learning”. Approaches consist largely of slogans, catch phrases and other low-level strategies with little consideration for how these align, or fail to align, with the broader teaching and learning process. There is little change to teacher practice or student learning outcomes. Misunderstandings about Mindsets are common. The Growth Mindset Teacher Teachers have a clear and accurate understanding of Mindsets, including the role of positive and negative Mindset Movers that contribute to a person’s Mindset over time. They understand that Mindset is a continuum, with change occurring in small steps that are influenced by these Mindset Movers. “Teacher Talk” is one of the most common positive Mindset Movers adopted by teachers. The Growth Mindset Student A Growth Mindset is seen as a teaching strategy. Benefits of a Growth Mindset are advocated. A Fixed Mindset is considered to be a problem, so students are encouraged to “adopt”a Growth Mindset. However, little, if any, consideration is given to the underlying causes of a student’s Mindset. Responsibility for Mindset lies with the student. In some cases, teachers may unknowingly have “False Mindsets”. The Growth Mindset Classroom Teachers have a deep understanding of Mindsets and are actively developing their own Growth Mindset. They have acquired a large repertoire of teaching and learning strategies tailored for students at different points along the Mindset Continuum. Emphasis is on building robust and enduring Growth Mindsets in students. Increasingly, focus is given to teaching and valuing the process of learning and the actions required for students to achieve growth, rather than simply understanding that growth is possible. The Growth Mindset School There is school-wide commitment to the importance of developing a Growth Mindset in students, teachers, leaders, parents and the wider school community. The development of a Growth Mindset is supported by school-wide systems and procedures; it’s not limited to the discretion of the classroom teacher. Therefore, it is an explicit goal of the school to develop a culture that fosters a Growth Mindset. Deeper Understandings Classroom Strategies School Culture © James Anderson 2017 |

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