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Summary of the influence of gadgets on child development - OSF

THE INFLUENCE OF GADGETS ON CHILD DEVELOPMENT ILHAN MANSIZ [email protected] Abstrak This descriptive qualitative research aims to find out the developmental conditions of today's children regarding gadgets and how the role of parents in responding to these problems. the data I use is a qualitative method with a case-specific type which is why I use the method because it is to be more thorough in this study. Meanwhile, research analysis will be carried out through presentation, and data verification until it can obtain a conclusion on the problem. and in this source, I will use informants (sources) for the informants I choose, namely children and parents. And the techniques that I use for data collection are interview and observation techniques, in this study, I still found many underage children who almost every day always play gadgets, play games, or others and also examine how much role parents play in supervising their children when playing gadgets. Keywords: parents, children, gadgets. INTRODUCTION Gadgets come from English and describe electronic devices with special features. In Indonesian gadgets are called Acting. And there is one difference. This is an element of novelty. This means that gadgets will be introduced every day to introduce the latest technologies that can make human life more practical and can be easier to convey egos and feelings. In the development of children today, different behaviors and traits. And the existence of gadgets can affect the growth of children's character in this day and age because one of the main things that are the basis or concern for kids is the important role of parentsin the ideal growth period for children. And most nowadays many parents give their children as free breadth as possible by buying gadgets from an early age. The cause they as parents are that they are more effective in supervising the development of the child. But they haven't thought about the sway how the media has on the development of excessive gadget-playing habits. Among them are negative impacts, namely: it will be difficult to socialize, slow in the development of a reason or motor, and very rapid changes in behavior. make parents play an important role so that the child can be more controlled and pay attention to all his activities, for example, parents must provide special assistance or have their way so that their child can be implant properly, must or often communicate to the child. Meanwhile, the positive impact of the use of gadgets includes being able to get information or news faster or easier to access a social media contained in the gadget and can provide ease of communication quickly. RESEARCH METHODS This research was carried out in Kebonagung village, Kajen District, Pekalongan Regency, using qualitative research with a case-type type. This type of case was chosen because it would be involved a more in-depth investigation and would thoroughly examine our behavior. The advantage of research is that we can do in-depth about the influence of gadgets on children's development. The qualitative method is a inside observation. Two definitions explain the qualitative oncoming, namely the approach by looking at the object of study from the point of view as it is and must be carried out thoroughly. S e the fruit of research after a case is in the form of qualitative which is based on understanding people's behavior based on human opinions. also uses information from sources, information that will be selected also from early childhood. In this research I used to interview and observation techniques. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION RESULT The results I got from the study succeeded in uncovering several existing problems. 1. The main thing is the lack of parental participation in a child's supervision in the use of a gadget. 2. The second is that children after early age can access free links easily, this is due to the child in a clear mindset 3. The third is that the behavior and nature of the child will be very influential if from an early age it has been gadget and not with good parental supervision. 4. To minimize the impacts that parents do not want in the use of gadget among today's children, negative and positive impacts. DISCUSSION Early childhood is a time when the child's attitudes and behaviors must be well supervised because it is at an early age that the child's pattern of deportment behavior and behavior are formed so that one day he can become a good person. The influence of excessive gadgets will bring various impacts, for example in society the child will become closed, becoming a behavior that is difficult to associate with in a wider circle. Therefore, the use of parents or the role in the supervision of the use of gadgets in children plays a very important role, because it is the parents who can organize and educate so that they do not be someone who behaves defiantly, basically the child cannot be arranged severely, ad certain events and techniques in educating and making the character of the child to be a good adult. Parents must cause the child become like their own friends the car is successful will be very influential in making the child's character, the child will be open to parents and parents will easily control the behavior of the child Gadget is an electronic medium or tool that is used almost all over the world, both among children and among adults. This gadget makes it easier for us to access various forms of social media and facilitate access to information, "if it is well used".  Positive impacts include  It is easier for children to find information freely  And it is also easy to communicate with friends  Make it easier in the field of buying and selling online  Access things easily  Negative impact  The child will become less social  Prefer to be indoors and play gadgets  Absorbing science is a bit sluggish  Being lazy and his other CONCLUSION from the results of this research, I got that the influence of gadgets among children is very much a cause for many pro contras, gadgets are indeed very useful for daily life. However, if it is used for people who do not understand ap situ gadgets is very dangerous because it can result in deviations in the use of gadgets. therefore, as a parent , it is very important to be able to supervise their children properly and effectively, not to use methods that curb or being abusive towards children at an early age can result in fatal children becoming more frontal in the use of gadgets. LIST OF PUSTAK Al-Ayouby. M. Hafiz. 2017. The Impact of Gadget Use In Early Childhood. Lampung: Bandar Lampung University. Anggraeni, A., & Hendrizal, H. (2018). The Effect of Gadget Use On The Social Life Of High School Students. Pelita Bangsa Pelestari Pancasila, 13(1), 64-76. CHUSNA, Puji Asmaul, et al. The influence of gadget media on the development of children's character. Research Dynamics: Communication Media Of Religious Social Research, 2017, 17.2: 315-330. Chusna, Praise Asmaul. "The influence of gadget media on the child's character development." 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