Why do we need an Anti-Corruption Unit - Policing Authority

Why do we need an Anti-Corruption Unit - Policing Authority (PDF)

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Summary of Why do we need an Anti-Corruption Unit - Policing Authority

Briefing to Policing Authority 26th February 2020 Why do we need an Anti-Corruption Unit? Enhancing public confidence in An Garda Síochána Maintaining the reputation of An Garda Síochána Promoting the highest professional standards, ethical values and integrity in An Garda Síochána “Deterrence and prevention are better than detection” Deterrence and Prevention - better than Detection Focus of the Garda Anti-Corruption Unit - Workshops and Briefings - Training - Introduction of Integrity Network - Communications - Enquiries and investigation relating to allegations of corruption - It is as important to disprove false allegations as it is to prove true allegations Promotion of Integrity & Education: Enquiries & Investigation: Establishment of Garda Anti-Corruption Unit Strategic Threat and Risk Assessment (STRA) • Highlighting gaps in current policies, procedures and training to guide strategy • Identifies “Key Themes” to focus on during 2020 and provides recommendations • Identifies present/emerging corruption related categories in An Garda Síochána Policies and Procedures • Policies and procedure documents have been developed; • Anti-Corruption Policy (overarching), Business Interests and Secondary Occupations Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Notifiable Associations Policy, Substance Misuse Policy and Professional Boundaries Policy Garda Anti-Corruption Unit Framework • Details key elements of Garda Anti-Corruption Framework • Includes high level implementation plan • Culmination of significant scoping exercise Garda Anti-Corruption Strategy • Aims to support implementation of a streamlined Garda Anti-Corruption approach • Sets out milestones with respect to 5 core pillars • Aligned with the Organisational Strategy Statement 2019-2021, Policing Plan 2020 and goals/milestones from APSFF Anti-Corruption Strategy 2019-2021 Pillar 1 Establish Dedicated Anti-Corruption Unit Pillar 2 Ethical Standards, Integrity & Communications Pillar 3 Policies, Procedures & Processes Pillar 4 Intelligence & Investigation Pillar 5 Monitor, Review & Report Anti-Corruption Strategy Five Core Pillars Garda Anti-Corruption Unit Build integrity and embed a culture of professional conduct, ethical behavior and doing the right thing for the right reason Provide a confidential integrity line service that is in line with best international practice Provide secure and accessible advice and channels to report corrupt / dishonest behaviour Using communications and training to protect Garda personnel from pressure to compromise their professionalism Identify and communicate lessons learned from investigations, intelligence and international good practice Protect society from people/groups seeking to benefit from corruption of Garda personnel and enhance public confidence in the Organisation Ensure the tone from the top of the Organisation supports a culture of trust, ethical reporting and integrity Integrity Building Section Identify Strategic Threats Training / Briefings Develop & oversee Integrity Network Develop & Maintain Online Tools Advice & Guidance Develop / Publish Lessons Learned Increase Integrity Awareness & Eradicate Corruption RESPONSIBILITIES OF INTEGRITY BUILDING TEAM Activities Communication Behavioural Audits Tailored Educational Packages Acknowledge Good Integrity / Behaviours Address Poor Behaviours Ethical Standards Garda Anti-Corruption Unit Integrity Building Section Communications Approach • Organisational message “Doing the right thing for the right reason” • “Open, transparent, accountable” • Portal notices, infographics, screensavers • Engagement with Staff Associations/Unions • Engagement with our external stakeholders • Tender process for provision of specialist training ACU Liaison Officer & Integrity Network Anti-Corruption Unit Integrity Network ACU Liaison Officers Superintendent / Assistant Principal - Nominated for each Division/Section - Part of Performance Assurance Portfolio All Ranks / Grades - Nominated for each Division/Section - Support and champion the work of ACU and ACU Liaison Officer ANY QUESTIONS?